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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used for centuries to balance and harmonize energy in the areas we inhabit. The principles behind Feng Shui are based on the belief that how we arrange our living spaces affects our innermost thoughts, emotions and wellbeing. By using the guidelines of this age-old practice and the help of a Feng Shui calculator, we can ensure environments which encourage the beneficial flow of Qi, or positive energy. By creating a balanced and healthy atmosphere with Feng Shui that has both spiritual and material aspects, one can harmonize themselves with their environment. Its origins date back to pre-historic times and it has been used as an effective tool for transformation ever since ancient China. Over time it spread throughout Asia, particularly in South East Asia where it flourished in temples while teachings were passed down from master to student. Philosophical thinking from Taoism such as Yin-Yang complement these principles to further complete this balanced traditional Chinese practice. The importance of Feng Shui lies in its ability to support harmony between our physical world, mental state and likewise the environment around us – all collectively impacting our life experience. To make efficient use of Feng Shui normally requires consultation from an expert practitioner; however nowadays there are also Feng Shui calculators available online which allow users to accurately measure their own space according to traditional practices.

How Does the 2014 Feng Shui Calculator Work?

The 2014 Feng Shui Calculator is a helpful tool that can be used to determine the best placements for objects around your home or workspace in order to maximize certain outcomes. It takes into consideration a person’s age, gender, birth year, and other elements that are believed to affect the delicate balance of energy flows.

When using the calculator online, one should focus on the shape and colour of different parts of their home or office (e.g. furniture, windows, doorways), as well as the placement of traditional Chinese cures like lucky charms (Coins), fountains, wind chimes and crystals. These Energy Centers are key indicators which allow us to benefit from Ch’i energy (Positive energy) in our environments.

For example:
• A feng shui coins to invite wealth should be placed at the health sector; typically this will mean placing them near left side of a door leading out of a room or front entrance for optimal results
• A crystal bowl with nine pieces placed next to it promotes new beginnings and long-lasting success in all areas; it should be placed at wealth sector, near any window facing east or southeast direction
• A wind chime can bring good luck but it should also be placed at an auspicious spot; usually this means hanging it outside on the right hand side of the front door

Feng Shui Cures Bathroom Middle House

Key Tips for Using the Calculator

Always Place:

• Plants with long curved stems (feng shui symbol of abundance)
• Objects that represent your aspirations in life
• A small water feature in the center of the room to promote positive energy
• Symbols or images of good fortune, such as a golden turtle, for example.

Never Place:
• Sharp or pointed objects, like swords or knives
• Mirrors facing each other or your bed
• Electronics near the entryway to your home
• Fireplaces directly in front of you when sitting

Improve Your Home with a Professional

Hiring a professional Feng Shui consultant is an important decision when attempting to improve your home. When looking for a Feng Shui Calculator 2014 specialist, it is important to select someone who has received proper training and certification in the practice of this ancient Chinese art form. Certified professionals will have spent many years studying and researching the tradition, philosophy and practice of feng shui. They will be able to provide the guidance needed on how certain elements within one’s home should be arranged in order to capitalize on good energy flow.

When selecting a professional Feng Shui consultant, check references and background, inquire about costs, licensing status, results of past projects, level of experience among other items before signing a contract or making any commitment. Check for membership with professional associations or organizations as well as verify that all necessary certifications have been achieved. All reputable consultants will have these things listed on their online profile or website.

It is also recommended to search online for reputable professional consultants from trusted sources such as the International Feng Shui Guild or The American Institute of Vedic Studies. These websites can help you find local certified professionals according to your geographic location and specialization needs. Additionally, most major cities may offer several practitioners offering feng shui services and consultations; perform a quick google search in your area if necessary. Good luck!

Examples of Good Feng Shui Practices

Example 1:
A house with a properly aligned entrance creates a feeling of welcome and good energy. Inset below is an image of a Feng Shui-aligned entrance, with a clear pathway, strong geometric lines, and correctly placed symbols:

[Image displays the entrance to a home, with two elephant statues flanking the doorway, two bonsai trees on either side of the steps leading up to the door, and prominent use of circular theming in the design.]

Example 2:
An intentional selection of personal items arranged artwork throughout one’s space leads to harmony. Take this video as an example, demonstrating how artfully placed items can draw upon life’s five elements — metal, wood, water, fire, and earth — for balance:[Link to a video demonstrating Feng Shui practices in action.]

Example 3:
Harmoniously arranging furniture using Feng Shui encourages positive flow of energy throughout one’s living space. Below is an example showing how proper Feng Shui placement takes into account not just the shape and material of each item but also its size compared with surrounding elements:[Link to an image displaying several pieces of furniture that have been arranged in accordance with Feng Shui tenets.]

Fan in Bedroom Feng Shui

Troubleshooting Tips for the Calculator

The Feng Shui Calculator 2014 is a powerful tool that allows users to measure the energy of their home, office, or place of business. This calculator utilizes a combination of questionnaires, calculations, and an in-depth analysis of the basic feng shui principles in order to generate an overall rating for the user’s space. It is important to note that the calculator does not provide an absolute evaluation for the space – rather it provides a relative rating based on the user’s responses.

In order to maximize use of the feng shui calculator, users need to understand how it works and what it is measuring. The calculator begins by asking users a series of questions about their environment such as location, orientation and layout. Then through these answers and calculations reflecting feng shui principles such as chi flow, balance and yin/yang energy distribution within a living or working space, the calculator provides an overall comprehensive score ranging from 1-100; this score indicates how optimal your space is according to ancient Chinese culture’s belief in energies influencing our everyday lives. The interpreting number can further be broken down into four key areas which affect your personal well being – Health & Wellness, Financial Success, Career & Study Progressions and Love & Relationships – each channel having itsown numerical value ranging between 0-100 so you can identify where action may be taken or improvement needed in your life’s journey journey with respect to each part represented by Feng Shui.


The Feng Shui Calculator 2014 is a powerful tool that can help you identify the best directions for important tasks and events in your life. It uses the principles of Chinese metaphysics to determine suitable points on the cosmic graph, known as the Ba-Gua, so that your goals have the greatest chance of success. Using the calculator can lead to creating a more balanced environment with stronger energies that are more conducive to achieving desired results.

Overall, using feng shui with the aid of a calculator has many potential benefits. It helps you find balance within your surroundings and environment, which can lead to better flowing energy in both your physical and mental spaces. In addition, applying these principles helps you focus your goals in ways that are supported by universal energies, setting yourself up for greater success in whatever areas of your life you wish to improve. By making use of this calculator or similar approaches, it’s possible to manifest many positive changes for yourself and others!

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