How to Calculate My Feng Shui Birth Element


Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy and system of geomancy, which involves making changes to one’s environment in order to influence the flow of energy and bring balance, harmony, and good luck. The five elements—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—are fundamental in feng shui practice. Each element has its own unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses that can be incorporated in your environment for the best possible results.

When calculating your Feng Shui Birth Element, you’ll need to know the year you were born according to the Chinese lunar calendar. This is different from the Gregorian calendar commonly used in the West. Each year has an assigned element based on a repeating twelve-year cycle of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water elements that have specific traits related to them:

The Year of Wood brings growth, expansion and opportunity;
The Year of Fire brings passion and kindness;
The Year of Earth brings stability and practicality;
The Year of Metal brings discipline and ambition;
The Year of Water brings wisdom and emotional intelligence.
Analyzing which element is associated with your birth year can give you insight into how these qualities will affect your life journey. Knowing your Feng Shui Birth Element can also help you understand where your strengths lie within this ancient system so you can use it as a beneficial guide in making decisions throughout your life. Additionally understanding why certain colors or symbols carry more meaning can help you channel their energies more intentionally for greater positive outcomes, whether concerning health or career choices or relationships.

What is a Birth Element

The five elements in Feng Shui are metal, water, earth, wood, and fire. A person’s Birth Element is determined by the year they were born, according to the Chinese calendar. For example, if you are born in the year 2015, your birth element would be Wood. Your birth element will have a direct influence on your luck and potential success over time and in various areas of your life.

Your birth element can be further calculated with reference to the two 12-year “cycles” of animal zodiac signs: The Rat/Monkey/Dragon cycle and the Tiger/Ox/Horse cycle. Each of these animal signs corresponds to one of the five elements: Rat/Dragon = Fire; Ox = Earth; Tiger = Wood; Horse = Fire; and Monkey = Metal. Therefore if you were born in 2015 (Wood), but you happen to be a Rat, then your birth element is actually Fire instead!

Every person has a unique combination of element related symbols that correspond to their date of birth (also known as Ba Zi). This combination is used to measure potential success and provide guidance on potential outcomes over time through periodic reviews during events such as wedding anniversaries and career changes. In addition to caluculating your Birth Element based on your year of birth, you may want to refer to four pillars charts (also known as Zi Wei Dou Shu charts) or an I Ching chart for additional analyses related to energies at play in specific periods throughout life.

Calculating Your Birth Element

The Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Calendar are ancient tools used to calculate your personal birth element with Feng Shui. Your birth element is believed to impact various aspects of your life including health, career, relationships and you overall well-being. To begin, you will need to know your year of birth using the Chinese calendar system; the twelve animal signs are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep (or goat), monkey, rooster (or chicken), dog and pig. Each sign has five elements associated with them: metal (golden), water (black), wood (green/blue) fire(red) and earth(yellow/brown).

Once you have determined your animal sign for your year of birth based on the Chinese calendar system then you should use a Feng Shui Birth Element calculator. This can be found online or via an app and will make it possible to determine whether your birth element is metal (golden), water (black), wood (green/blue) fire(red) or earth(yellow/brown). After this step you should consider how these elements balance with each other as well as other related symbols in order to maximize the effects of good luck they bring into your life. To properly do this there are charts that one can consult which reflect traditional Feng Shui calculations within a certain compass direction relative to each individual’s natal chart – ie their time of birth and where they were born. Depending on whether other elements are stronger or weaker than yours determines what colors should be used in order to achieve harmony and balance. Other aesthetic items associated with each element that one can use help create harmony in a space include plants for Woodfurniture for Waterpaintings for Firecollections for Metaland sculptures for Earth.

Feng Shui House Tips

Learning Your Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, the right balance of yin and yang, which are elements of Chinese feng shui, can be very beneficial. To calculate your feng shui birth element, the first step is to determine your year of birth according to the Chinese lunar calendar. This calculation takes into account the relationship between traditional Chinese years and western years. Once you know your year of birth according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the next step is to determine your primary element. Each year belongs to a particular animal sign according to the 12-year cycle system known as shengxiao (the numbering begins with Rat as 1). In addition, each animal sign is represented by an elemental quality such as water, fire, earth or metal. Your primary element will correspond with either one zodiac sign or/and one seasonal component. For example, if you were born in 2003 for example (which is represented by Sheep – an Earth Element) you would also likely have a secondary element associated with that sign – Water 0the complementary element).

The final step in calculating your feng shui birth element is looking at how those two elements interact with each other based on their respective qualities. The main idea behind calculating your feng shui birth elements is that by becoming aware of these strengths and weaknesses within yourself, you can strive to work towards creating lasting harmony and balance in all aspects of life. By developing this understanding of yourself through learning more about the fundamentals of feng shui concepts like Yin and Yang, you can make positive choices that promote good health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally!

Astrological Significance

Feng shui birth element calculation is a tool used by some to help gain insight regarding one’s personality and individual characteristics. By calculating the element based on a person’s date of birth, they can identify if their energies are associated with wood, fire, earth, metal or water. For example a person born in November may possess an abundance of Metal energy.

Each element has its own group of stars within the Chinese astrological system that are believed to affect the elements properties. These Stars are known as Lucky Stars and offer insight into how each element should be balanced in order to create harmony and balance within oneself and one’s environment. Generally there will be 4 lucky stars associated with each element; 2 positive stars and 2 negative stars. Knowledge of these Stars can allow an individual to reflect on their personality and take action accordingly to bring more balance into their lives. For instance, metal signs associated with wisdom and innovation contain characteristics related to overthinking or difficulty making decisions; knowledge of this can provide metal-types insight into areas of their life where improvement may be beneficial for personal growth. Understanding the relationship between yourself and your lucky star can unlock valuable insight that could not have been accessed without Feng Shui Element calculation

Tips for Utilizing Your Element

Calculating your Feng Shui birth element is a great way to get to know yourself better. All elements are associated with certain qualities, such as Wood being associated with growth and Fire being connected to passion. The simplest way to calculate your Feng Shui birth element is by using the Chinese Lunar Calendar. To begin, find your date of birth on the calendar and look at the animal associated with the date: Rat (Water), Ox (Earth), Tiger (Wood), Rabbit (Wood), Dragon (Earth), Snake (Fire), Horse (Fire), Sheep (Earth), Monkey (Metal), Rooster (Metal), Dog (Earth) or Pig (Water). Once you have identified which animal corresponds to your birthdate, you can determine which element it belongs to by referring back to the above list.

Once you have determined your primary birth element, there are many ways that you can play off of this knowledge in order to create a happier and more balanced lifestyle for yourself. For example, if your primary element is Wood, you might want to go for long nature walks on a regular basis, or incorporate more green into your wardrobe so that it reflects this energy. Fire elements may choose instead to wear brighter colors, or get involved with stimulating conversations with friends or family members in order to cultivate their fiery passion in life. If Earth is your primary element, you might want to keep an eye out for any small areas in need of some love and begin taking action on it–whether this means starting an herb garden in the backyard or volunteering somewhere close by, these actions can help bring about a positive balance in life for those who possess powerful Earth energies within themselves. Finally, Metal types should be mindful when incorporating their ideology into their lives as metal tends evoke strong intellectuality from its users; try reading up on different philosophies or participating in dancing classes if Metal is indeed one of your main elements!

How Do I Know What Feng Shui Element I Am

Creative Inspirations

Calculating your Feng Shui birth element is a great way to help identify sources of creative inspiration for yourself. To do so, find the hour (or Chinese Solar Time) of your birth on a local list then assign it an element from the five elements system: water, wood, earth, fire, or metal. It is easy to associate these elements with traits that can inform your creative process: water corresponds with sensitivity and understanding; wood symbolizes growth and renewal; earth facilitates exploratory problem solving; fire symbolizes passion and drive; and metal serves to support clarity of purpose.

Once you have determined your birth element, consider how it might be incorporated into facets of your creative practice. For instance, drawing on the deliberate sensitivity associated with the water element may lead you to explore methods like mindfulness meditation in order to access empathy when creating engaging characters. Alternatively, someone with a strong affiliation to the wood element might use trigger objects such as plants or flowers within their workspace in order to continuously ground them in their pursuits of self-realization. The possibilities are endless! As such, be sure try out different practices while allowing yourself room to develop new approaches until you settle into an ideal arrangement which expresses both natural tendencies and allows for growth. Understanding where your power lies within this ancient system can provide immense insight into what inspires and motivates you most as you strive towards artistic expression.


Figuring out your Feng Shui Birth Element can be an incredibly useful tool for understanding how to maintain balance in your life and create opportunities for prosperity. Taking the time to explore your embedded luck and harnessing these resources into your every day will help add structure and flow to your life. Now that you have determined what Feng Shui element you are, use it to further understand yourself and the environment around you. Embrace this powerful knowledge!

When taking this new insight into account, think of how you can make meaningful changes in your home or workspace with colors, patterns, plants, shapes, music and scents that best reflect the strengths of your birth element. This may lead to improved communication with those around you or greater clarity on life’s purpose. Similarly, being mindful of which directions may bring blockages along with which ones promote positive energy can go a long way in promoting personal growth and development. Be sure to recognize the energies of others whose elements you interact with on a daily basis as well as situational factors outside of our control that affect the energy we experience.
By doing so, it is possible to build a strong foundation focused on harmony and well-being while also tapping into any advantage one may have due to their unique elemental makeup. With time and dedication, it is possible to master the art of channeling energies from all five elements with grace!

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