Chinese Feng Shui 5 Coin Hanger


The Chinese Feng Shui 5 Coin Hanger is an ancient practice used since the Han Dynasty period in China to harness the power of luck and good fortune. It is believed that when coins are hung together using the traditional five coin hanger, the powerful properties of the coins will accumulate and bring luck and good health to those who hang it. The conception comes from representing each of the five elements or energies: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. This intricate balance between these elements creates harmony within a person’s home or business.

The Chinese Feng Shui 5 Coin Hanger has many other symbolic meanings as well. It is a representation of prosperity, abundance and money flowing through one’s life, while also acting as a totem against bad luck. Ancient Chinese culture found this to be an effective way to ward off any type of ill-fated energy in their homes or businesses. Furthermore, it can also be used as a prayer for harmony within oneself and their surroundings.

In modern times, people still use these coins today for decorations as it holds great meaning for them as an object that brings success and wealth into their lives according to Feng Shui principles. Moreover, hanging different coins on the hanger will activate individual elements accordingly depending on what kind of element is represented by the coin being hung up – promoting overall balance and protection in one’s home or business environment!

History of the Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger

The Chinese Feng Shui coin hanger is believed to have originated in the Han Dynasty of China, more than 2000 years ago, as a way for people to invite wealth and luck into their lives. The coins were each crafted from bronze and hung from red-braided cords; this was traditionally thought to work as a link between Heaven and Earth. They included characters that stood for five different elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. This combination of coins was believed to attract positive cosmic energy or ‘chi’ which in turn would bring good fortune and health.

It was also used as a means of warding off evil spirits or harmful vibes. Over time it eventually evolved into a popular symbol of prosperity, with the original meaning applying more so on a spiritual level than physical one. Coins hang from the entrance door knob of many Chinese homes even today; this not only serves as an auspicious charm but is also viewed by some as another form of protection against bad luck. For example if someone is feeling stifled at work or stuck in a creative lull they may hang Chinese feng shui coins inside their workspace as yet another way to bring forth fresh ideas and renewed energy. It’s quite fascinating how this ancient symbol still finds relevance and positivity in modern day times!

Benefits of the Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger

The Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger is an easy way to bring the tradition of Feng Shui into your home or office. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging and balancing the energy in a space to create harmony and promote positive energy flow. The coin hanger is typically hung at the front door of a home or business, and it serves as both a decorative element, as well as something that can bring good luck and fortune to those within its reach.

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Beyond its aesthetic appeal, there are many practical benefits to be found in using the Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger. For starters, it can serve as an impediment to negative energies from entering your living or work space – because it has five coins which symbolize wealth and abundance, these coins act as a barrier between you and any potential ill-fortune coming your way. In addition, the coins are said to attract positive energy into an area, with their combined power working together to draw luck and wellbeing into the lives of those nearby. Finally, when placed at the entrance of your property or building, visitors will experience feelings of joyfulness just by being greeted by this pleasant symbol. As such, anyone who passes through your door may benefit from your Feng Shui practices!

Hanging the Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger

1. Start by measuring the space where you’d like to hang the Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger and cut a piece of red thread that will fit into your space comfortably with some extra slack.

2. Tie each coin separately onto the string, making sure that it is positioned the same distance away from each other. It is best to tie in an anticlockwise direction since this symbolizes removing negative energy and welcoming positive energy.

3. Once your coins are tied on, you should insert a tassel into the top-most part of the thread, making sure that it hangs equally from each side. This tassel symbolizes good luck and helps to protect against evil spirits as well as brings prosperity into your home or workspace environment.

4. Finally, hang your Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger in a doorway or window where you feel it will best benefit from the Chi Energy (section 303 of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui by Christopher Aburn offers more detailed instructions on this!). Make sure to keep it secure and out of reach of children or pets for safety purposes!

Finding the Right Location for the Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger

Choosing the perfect location for a Chinese Feng Shui 5 Coin Hanger is an important decision. Taking into consideration the energy of a space and its environment are essential. It is believed that these coins, which symbolize the generative power of wealth and prosperity, must be placed in positions that harness their beneficial chi. Any location where a coin hanger can capture positive energy will be auspicious for prosperity. Therefore, one should consider where to display this item with careful thought and consideration.

When selecting a spot to hang the coins, there are several factors to consider such as height, accessibility, and distance from other items in the room. The Feng Shui Coin Hanger should be hung up high enough so it captures good qi without blocking or being blocked by any windows or doors in the space. Keeping it close to positive energy sources is also important; hanging it directly in front of an indoor plant or water feature can provide the greatest benefit. Additionally, one should take distances into account: make sure the coins are far enough away from other objects like furniture and electronics to avoid chi overflow yet close enough to still catch good qi. Following these guidelines ensures that all necessary qi can be captured and channeled correctly.

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Common Misconceptions about the Chinese Feng Shui Coin Hanger

The Chinese Feng Shui five-coin hanger is often believed to bring good luck, attract wealth, and ward off any negative energies. Many people assume that the coin hangers will instantly fill the home with positive energy and provide a long-lasting benefit. Unfortunately, these are all common misconceptions about the Chinese Feng Shui coin hanger; here’s what you should understand about it before placing it in your house:

1. The coins themselves do not create auspicious energy – While the five coins are an important part of this symbol, their presence does not create good luck or fortune on its own. Instead, they are meant to remind each person to act in harmony with others during their daily lives.

2. The power of visualization – One of the main benefits of Feng Shui is learning how to visualize the desired outcome of situations in your mind. By visualizing success more often, individuals can begin to manifest their desires and attract more of what they want into their lives. Therefore the coin hanger encourages visualization rather than immediate magical results.

3. Not a substitute for hard work – One important value in traditional Chinese culture is self-reliance and hard work. Contrary to belief, good fortune does not come “out of thin air”; rather it is only achievable through making honest effort and taking proactive steps towards achieving one’s goals – even when there may be seemingly insurmountable obstacles blocking them from reaching where they want to be fast enough. Therefore, this tool should not be seen as a replacement for working hard but instead provides encouragement and motivation when tackling difficult tasks or circumstances.


Investing in a Chinese Feng Shui coin hanger is a great way to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity into your life. Through its symbolism, the coins can attract good fortune into your home. To make sure you get the best use out of your Feng Shui 5 Coin Hanger, hang it by your front door or near the entryway of any room; this will act as a symbol for visitors and those living in the home that money should be respected and welcomed. Also, be sure to regularly clean the coins with a damp cloth or jewelry cleaner to preserve its lustrous shine. Once cleaned, say a positive affirmation over each coin before hanging them to invite positive energy into your home. Finally, remember to remain grateful for all that you receive as having an attitude of gratitude leads to more abundance in life. With these tips in mind, you can maximize your investment and make the most out of Chinese Feng Shui 5 Coin hanger!

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