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Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant Coolangatta, located in Queensland, has been serving tantalizing dishes since 2006. It offers a wide variety of classic Chinese cuisine including dim sum and noodles. The owners are two siblings, Jane and John, who take inspiration from their family’s traditional recipes and inject them with modern flavors. As a result, the restaurant has built a reputation for its unique taste combinations that bring the exotic hints of traditional Sichuan cooking together with distinctly coolangatta ingredients. It is their goal to make sure that customers experience exceptional food and an atmosphere they will never forget. Customers can also enjoy a beautiful view from the comfortable indoor dining area or al fresco in the terrace where they can appreciate breathtaking views of the Gold Coast skyline while indulging in tasty morsels. With up to 80 seats indoors and 36 outside, Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant Coolangatta provides an unforgettable meal for guests visiting from all over the world. It was featured on national television for its innovative dishes which have earned it several awards including “Best Dining Experience” by Timeout Magazine Australia in 2017. From its humble beginnings to its remarkable success today, Feng Shui remains committed to providing top-notch quality cuisine combined with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that guests keep coming back for.

Location and Ambience

Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant, located in the beach-side city of Coolangatta on Queensland’s Gold Coast, stands out amongst its rivals as an authentic experience of both Chinese cuisine and decor. The restaurant itself is perched atop a hill, with a birds eye view overlooking the shoreline. Passing through the doors of Feng Shui brings customers into a buzzing and inviting atmosphere full of vibrant Chinese decor – from hanging paper lanterns and rich red carpets to traditional green painted walls depicting iconic Chinese characters. Guests are further immersed in this experience through access to private rooms adorned with intricate statues, vibrant paintings and even koi fish in ponds for that continued calming feeling of zen throughout their visit.

The main attractions at Feng Shui lie on the plates adorning guests’ tables. Each dish comes from centuries old recipes, steeped in tradition and authenticity; fried spareribs with chilli base pepper wrapped in betel leaves to Szechuan noodles with smoked pork and vegetable stir fry – delicacies that can only be found here. The chefs pay homage to their roots by achieving perfect balance when presenting each dish, with sweet aromas wafting throughout the restaurant and spicing up every taste bud. Indeed, it’s no wonder why Feng Shui has been nominated for multiple awards over the years due to its masterful combination of flavour, decoration and ambience at such an unbeatable location; as if one were inside a real temple enjoying food from spirits from generations past!

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Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant Coolangatta Qld is an exciting and vibrant dining experience. Located on the Gold Coast, they offer a wide range of authentic Chinese cuisine. Highlights of their menu include appetizers such as potstickers and spring rolls, classic mains like sweet and sour pork and Kung Pao chicken, vegetarian dishes including eggplant stir fry with garlic sauce and Kung Pao vegetable medley, plus Combos for two or more to share, as well as a selection of daily Specials. They provide dine-in options, however if you’re feeling really hungry you can also order online for delivery or collection using their handy app. With friendly service coupled with excellent food, there’s something to satisfy everyone at Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant Coolangatta Qld!

Dining Experience

Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant Coolangatta Qld is a modern restaurant that offers a unique take on classic Chinese cuisine. Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll feel an inviting atmosphere created by the warm and inviting decor. The staff will be friendly, attentive and willing to help you find what you want. The menu selection is extensive and varied, featuring all sorts of delightful dishes such as delectable dim sum, sizzling stir fry dishes with vegetables and spices, delicate Cantonese noodle dishes, and flavourful seafood items. There are also several vegan-friendly options available. In addition to the main courses, they offer a wide variety of delicious Chinese desserts such as tangy sweet sesame balls or rich deep fried ice cream. To provide a truly authentic dining experience, the chef has curated a wine list that contains some of China’s finest wines from renowned vineyards around the country. Before your meal finishes up, be sure to sample their fine selection of Asia’s countless delicacies such as fresh tropical fruit or light green tea infused cakes – these alone make for a memorable experience! They strive for excellence in every aspect of the dining experience which includes excellent customer service standards both inside and outside the restaurant so you can truly have an exceptional time each time you visit!

Bonus Benefits

Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant Coolangatta Qld is much more than just a place to get delicious authentic Chinese food in Coolangatta. It offers multiple bonus benefits that make it stand out from the crowd and make it an unforgettable outing for anyone visiting this area of Australia.

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One of the points of difference that Feng Shui has over other restaurants in Coolangatta is its promotional and deals – be sure to check their website if you’re planning on doing take-out, or just dining in. They also have a dedicated kids area where they can play while their parents relax, as well as cultural celebrations and events happening throughout the year, keeping customers entertained and informed about Chinese culture and traditions. And if you don’t feel like eating in, there are always take-out options at Feng Shui, so you can enjoy your meal anywhere.


Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant has become a favourite spot for locals in Coolangatta and beyond. People are praising the restaurant for its delicious food, offering a wide assortment of popular Chinese dishes all made with fresh ingredients. The friendly staff is another highlight of the eatery that customers rave about, as they go out of their way to make sure every customer leaves satisfied. The atmosphere of Feng Shui is also extremely inviting, with minimalist yet modern decor and an array of delightful ornamental accents that add to the overall ambiance. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder why Feng Shui has become so popular in such a short amount of time – people are thankful to have a place like this on their doorstep!


Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant Coolangatta Qld provided a truly unforgettable experience! From the moment we stepped inside, we knew we were in for an amazing night. The friendly staff welcomed us and made sure our every need was met. Throughout the night, we sampled dishes from the Chinese cuisine that were flavourful and cooked to perfection. Every dish was brought out with great presentation and a smile from the service. To top it all off, the restaurant offered a stunning venue with incredible ocean views and plenty of seating opportunities for guests of all sizes. Our overall experience at Feng Shui Chinese Restaurant Coolangatta Qld went far above and beyond anything we could have expected. We certainly left wanting more as our visits here are always filled with enjoyable memories worth remembering for years to come!

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