Best Directions For Feng Shui 2019

Introduction to Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy derived from Taoism, dating back to the third century B.C. The practice of Feng Shui focuses on maximizing both the physical and mental energy within an environment in order to maximize health, wealth and positivity. It operates under the idea that by staying in balance with both nature and understanding our personal needs, we can achieve a harmonious lifestyle.

In 2019, enthusiasts of this ancient art are recommended to focus their efforts on decluttering their space and infusing it with plants that best represent their spirit such as lucky bamboo or water features that create positive chi energies. Additionally, it’s important to let go of items that no longer serve you while taking measures to regulate air quality in your home such as crystals like fluorite, selenite or citrine. Importantly, according to Feng Shui practitioners, meditation remains a crucial component for overall wellbeing allowing one to establish peace from within their homes. Furthermore, it’s advised for practitioners to consult local experts or tutorials in order for them better understand the effects the chosen changes have on their space..

Determining the Energies of 2019

In 2019, the energies of fate, luck, wealth, and health will all have an important impact on our lives. To determine these energies in detail, Feng Shui practitioners use several methods: BaZi or the Four Pillars of Destiny; Xuan Kong Flying Star; and Liuren or Sixiang.

BaZi is a Chinese astrology system based on a person’s birthdate. It assesses how the elements within a year interact with each other and with human destiny. Xuankong Flying Star (XFK) is another Japanese astrological theory which assesses how nine stars affect Feng Shui in a given year. Lastly, Liuren or Sixiang is a method that measures fortunes over years associated with stars and elements.

These different systems are taken into consideration to arrive at changes and developments expected in 2019 in terms of Health, Wealth, Fame & Status and Relationships as it relates to Feng Shui principles. Qi Men Dun Jia also provides some added insights into assessing this yearly energy forecast for an individual’s life journey towards success. With the implementation of these determinations through accurate calculations and advice, people can expect much better results with regards to energy flow for their goals, be it career improvement prospects or relationship maintenance. It is beneficial if people use the proper cures depending on their theoretical calculations and interpretations before making any concrete plans for their own lives in 2019.

Optimizing Bedroom Feng Shui for a Good Night’s Sleep

Bedrooms are the most important rooms for optimising feng shui in 2019. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you retreat to when the world becomes too much and you need to recharge your energy after a long, hard day. If your bedroom is cluttered or chaotic it can interrupt proper sleep patterns, which will not only exhaust you during the day but can also eventually lead to fatigue and health issues.

To ensure a restful night’s sleep and make sure that your bedroom is empowered by good feng shui in 2019, start by using soothing colours like blues and greens; neutral tones such as beige and cream have proven to be very calming. Restrict electronics – phones and televisions should not be brought into the room if at all possible because they produce EMF radiation which affects our body’s natural energy flow whilst we sleep. Try incorporating airy elements such as plants, bamboo or soft fabrics into your decor to create a life-giving atmosphere. Finally, keep personal items out of sight – mess creates chaos so try and put things away or replace them with open storage solutions where possible so that everything has its own place. Having a regular nighttime routine will help ensure that your mind is free from stress prior to bedtime so make sure to set aside some time for self-care activities such as reading or light exercise before hitting the hay for the night!

Maximizing Successful Feng Shui in the Home

When utilizing Feng Shui in the home, it is important to remember that success with this ancient practice hinges on correctly understanding how to work with its elements. Begin by considering the placement of furniture in each room, looking at how it aligns with the energy directions of nature. Pay special attention to the location of your bed as well as modern remedies like power chargers and Wi-Fi routers. Make sure that both stored energy sources and natural support are being used to your advantage by placing positive energy areas such as plants near specific locations. When it comes to selecting decor for your home, use items that reflect “chi”, or vital energy found in harmony and balance. Rely on artwork depicting peaceful landscapes, Buddha figurines surrounded by good fortune objects, candles scattered about the house for fragrance and positive energy, items made from low toxic materials such as bamboo and silk pillows containing feathers or down. Finally keep carpets spotless since they absorb energies both good and bad before being released back into the atmosphere through vacuumed residues. Good luck symbols are also welcome additions when attempting successful Feng Shui 2019 measures in a residence!

Planning the Feng Shui Layout that is Right for You

When planning a Feng Shui layout for your home or office, you should consider the principles of balance and harmony. Start by assessing your space and keep these five core elements in mind when choosing a layout:

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1. Location: Where possible, place items to create an inviting entrance that encourages movement and creates an open atmosphere. It is best to avoid doorways or windows which could block energies from entering or leaving the area.

2. Colours: Consider warm and inviting colours such as earth tones, shades of green, blue, purple and yellow for the walls and floors in each room. Cooler hues like white can be used to provide contrast and balance within a space.

3. Orientation: As much as possible, use furniture to align with the four cardinal directions (North, South, East and West). This will create a balanced energy flow throughout the area while providing protection against negative energy or harmful influences from outside sources.

4. Symbols: Place meaningful items such as plants or artwork throughout your space to enhance Chi (positive life force) and support desired intentions; however, use caution when displaying symbolism according to location – placing character symbols on doorways may attract unwanted spirits whereas placing water fixtures close to fire sources could symbolize conflict energy within a relationship – so use symbols with intention but aware of their placement in general too!

5 Lighting: In order to promote positive energy within a space make sure you take into consideration its natural lighting source(s); position windows appropriately ensuring they do not obstruct pathways nor create shadows where possible; install some artificial lighting if necessary in order to stimulate activity in inactive areas but also remember that too much artificial light can overstimulate an environment – exactly how ‘bright’ any given space should be is ultimately up to you though!

Brightening your Home with the Color Red

In Feng Shui, the color red carries powerful symbolism. For instance, because it’s the color of fire, it stands for passion, action, and energy. Therefore, if you’re looking to add passion and energy to your home décor this year – or just want to give your space a new feel – introducing some red elements is one of the best directions for feng shui in 2019.

Red is also associated with success and luck. Incorporating red into certain parts of your home can bring you good fortune throughout 2019. A good starting point is adding accents like red rugs and curtains to areas in the Southeast (wealth corner) and East (health corner). According to ancient Chinese traditions, these two baguas are not only shaped by how we arrange furniture or objects here but also by choosing the correct colors! When done correctly, they can bring positive energy into our lives as well as opportunity for abundance. Additionally, splashes of red can also be used in other corners according to what areas of life you would like to focus on for 2019—whether it’s career goals or family relationships.

Finally, when using red for Feng Shui there are some important details to consider such as using shades that fit with each corner (warm vs cool colors) as well as the arrangement and balance of colors used overall within a living space. To make sure you have chosen correctly, it could be beneficial to work with an experienced professional who understands the principles behind classical feng shui design.

Combining the Power of Plants for a Balanced Home

Feng shui (Chinese for “wind-and-water”) is an ancient Chinese practice used to bring about balance, harmony, and positive energy. Applying Feng Shui principles to 2019 can help create a balanced home that shifts the energy in your living space. One great way to achieve this balance is with plants.

Plants bring life into a home and the colors, shapes, and textures of various plants can influence how we feel when we are at home. The placement of certain plants in your home can also greatly improve the flow of energy in that space and promote good health. In addition to simply making us feel better being around them, houseplants provide many other benefits such as helping clean our air by removing pollutants like carbon dioxide, reducing stress levels, boosting moods as well as purifying negative energies from unfinished tasks or anger created by heated arguments.

For the best directions for Feng Shui in 2019, it is recommended that you add greenery wherever possible by displaying lush plant arrangements throughout your home, especially near your entrance areas since those locations tend to have the most traffic and often signal first impressions. Additionally, careful placement of specific plants in your home can be beneficial for optimal rest or success depending on which direction they are placed in. Fiddle leaf figs represent good luck when placed near entryways or towards eastern corners while snake plants are known to help create long-term stability and success when placed towards southern corners. Plant selection depends on personal preference but should factor in both aesthetic design and spiritual intentions.

Utilizing Wind Chimes to Create a Balanced Environment

Wind chimes can be used to create a balanced environment with the help of Feng Shui. Used for centuries, wind chimes are thought to offer protection from negative energy and attract positive energy into your space. They also help promote a sense of balance and harmony within your environment. In Feng Shui, it is believed that the pitch of each bell or clapper correlates with different elemental energies or directions which help encourage alignment between the space and its surrounding environment. Placement is key when trying to maximize the potential effects wind chimes have in terms of achieving balance and peace in your home according to Feng Shui principles.

The best directions for Feng Shui when using wind chimes depend on which areas you would most like balanced and in what corner of your property the chimes are being placed. Generally speaking, it’s important to note that the best directions vary depending on how you want the energy directed within your home or garden space. For example, placing them on either side of an entrance door will repel bad luck and negative energy, whereas seating them near a bedroom window can help amplify positive vibes throughout the room. Many believe that placing them in corners facing away from any road leading up to your residence can also be beneficial as this helps keep good energy coming into your home while keeping bad out. Wind chimes should always be hung above head height so that their vibrations reach across different levels of your room or outdoor area such as beyond furniture pieces designed for sitting and below decorative objects on shelves near ceilings ideally at 35 cm away from walls in order to promote air flow according to Taoist tradition which links sound vibration with different five elements: Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth. Some believe if they hang too low they only absorb lower vibration causing chaotic energies while higher ones promote relaxation hence why they should not touch walls as this might stop their vibration all together due to lack of air-flow around them; instead leaving room for creative natural movements by allowing softer vibratory waves being emitted from its bells thus influencing positive moods when producing soothing sounds every time its touched by cool winds nurturing spiritual connection through activities like Tai Chi featuring longer holds with controlled inhalations helping further tune into energies entering body during meditation sessions towards balance restoration therapies thanks to powerful frequencies related soft music enjoyed through chains containing silver rods eventually encouraging gracefulness during long slow breaths optimally facilitating peace & joy all year round!

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Enhancing the Living Room With Feng Shui Decorating Tips

When it comes to applying Feng Shui principles in the home, the living room is an ideal place to start. It is a gathering place for family and friends and its purpose is to create a balanced and comfortable environment. Here are some helpful Feng Shui decorating tips for improving the energy flow of your living room:

1. Begin by decluttering and cleaning the space to create clarity.

2. Bring in natural light as much as possible. Open blinds, replace heavy curtains with lighter options, consider skylights or sun tunnels, and add mirrors to reflect available light throughout the space.

3. Place furniture in groups that support conversation and connection between people in the room. Use a rug to define areas of furniture grouping while adding warmth and texture to the room’s design.

4. Add plants or flowers as they bring life energy into any living space while softening harsh elements like corners or sharp edges on walls or furniture pieces.

5. Work with colors thoughtfully as different hues activate various areas associated with health, wealth, relationships, creativity, etc., for example choose blues for promoting deep relaxation and reds for stimulating conversations during entertaining.

6. Incorporate inspiring artwork into your living room decor to set a calming tone or evoke emotion from those enjoying it –– either way art adds personality and style to any room setting!

7. Finally, experiment with accessories like scented candles or diffusers that burn essential oils which purify the air naturally adding an element of luxury at home with aromatherapy!

Concluding with Thoughts on the Significance of Feng Shui

Feng shui is an important element in creating harmony and balance in the home. As such, it is a worthwhile investment of time to learn about the best directions for feng shui 2019. Knowing and understanding which rooms should be facing which direction, what type of furniture should be used, as well as the color of paint and furnishings are all part of a successful Feng Shui design plan. The key to success lies in understanding your needs, budget and lifestyle, so that your home can be designed to reflect the true essence of who you are on an emotional level.

Another thing to consider when determining the best directions for feng shui 2019 is the energy flow in each area. A qualified feng shui expert can help with this by looking at how energy is being channeled between different zones throughout your environment. Upon determining where energy should move freely or be directed away from certain locations, recommendations can be made accordingly as to what objects, items or colors could be used to create a sense of balance within each sector. With these guidelines, it’s possible to enhance particular areas where more health and prosperity might be needed.

In addition to helping create balance, proper use of feng shui helps people find connection and purpose within their own environments–something that cannot documented or measured with quantifiable data but rather felt on a deep emotional level. As such, it can offer great stability by unlocking unknown potentials and possibilities in people’s lives that would otherwise remain un-discovered without it. It serves as an invaluable tool with life-enriching properties – one that allows individuals’ spirit and soul to bring tranquility and wholeness into reality through thoughtful placement within their dwellings.

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