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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice originating from a philosophy that the way in which objects are placed affects the energy or “qi”, of a space. Through manipulating and harmonizing this energy, practitioners believe people can choose to attract positive and abundant Qi. 9 Oranges Feng Shui incorporates traditional principles of yin-yang balance and five-element theory, as well as modern home design ideas, to create aesthetically pleasing and inspiring living spaces with improved organization, comfortability and efficiency.

It involves designing your home’s interior with an understanding of how the environment influences one’s physical and emotional wellbeing. The aim is to create harmony between these elements by positioning furniture or other features in certain areas within the space; this allows for natural energies coming from outside sources such as sunlight and wind to be better absorbed by living spaces, making them more calming and inviting overall. Additionally, by strategically placing items like rugs or plants, you can draw from the positive energy brought forth by the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – in order to counteract any potential negative forces within the space. Finally, organizing clutter into proper storage solutions eliminates distracting chaos that could potentially cause stress or anxiety. In essence, Feng Shui will leave you with a beautiful, organized home that encourages relaxation while allowing for an improved overall quality of life!

Evolution of 9 Oranges Feng Shui

Nine Oranges has been offering its traditional Feng Shui services since 2000. They originated from China, where their philosophy and practices were formed to create harmony and good luck within spaces. Their services incorporate the fundamental basis of traditional Chinese Feng Shui with modern internal energy dynamics.

At first, their Feng Shui consisted of general guidelines for concepts like direction, colors and material form. As users became more aware of the power of these techniques, Nine Oranges advanced their services to include examining a space’s energy patterns in greater detail using tools such as the elemental direction and home sector mapping tools. They have now added interior design consulting to their repertoire in order to help clients choose colors and features that are both calming and empowering.

One of Nine Oranges’ strengths is taking the ancient Chinese domino theory into contemporary living environments – they are always evolving while still remaining rooted in cultural traditions. Over time, they have become an international organization, with consultants all over the world who host seminars and lectures that specialized on feng shui processes for modern applications ranging from personal work spaces to corporate offices.

Nine Oranges also offers digital applications on their website whereby clients can input their details digitally in order to access personalized feng shui information specific to their needs along with other add-on services such as monthly newsletters regarding latest tips on how to further optimize a client’s environment using Feng Shui principles and elements. In addition, they provide recommendations on renovations or restructuring which aim at creating a better flow of energy inside a space while increasing health benefits like improved sleep quality or reduced stress levels in people’s lives. As feng shui begins to influence our culture more deeply, Nine Oranges continues to innovate, expand its services, educate others about its vast resources and provide powerful customized solutions for those seeking personal serenity through feng shui practices in different parts of the world.

The 9 Oranges Application

The 9 Oranges Feng Shui application is a convenient and easy-to-use app that helps users achieve the best possible feng shui in their home. With its simple yet intuitive interface, the 9 Oranges Feng Shui app guides users through the steps to effectively determine their own unique feng shui methods. From selecting appropriate colors and energy sources to finding specific objects and furnishing pieces, the app guides its users every step of the way.

Once an individual’s configuration is diagnosed by the 9 Oranges Feng Shui application, it will then provide personalized tips and advice on how best to optimize the energy present within a home or work space. Furthermore, detailed explanations and visual aides accompany each tip so that anyone can understand meticulously how to ensure good feng shui within their setting.

The app also provides more than just tips though – it also offers many additional benefits such as housewarming gifts and suggestions for themed décor items like sculptures or wind chimes that are said to bring luck. Additionally, users can easily get in touch with 9 Oranges’ professional consultants for even deeper insights into perfecting your environment according to Feng Shui principles.

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Benefits of 9 Oranges Feng Shui

9 Oranges Feng Shui is a popular application used to enhance your living space through the spiritual energies of Yin and Yang. By incorporating classic principles of Chinese metaphysical wisdom, 9 Oranges Feng Shui helps bring balance to your home and restore harmony in your life. With its unique features, users have a variety of ways to enhance their environments according to their individual needs.

Using the right combination of things such as placement and symbolism, users can create a space that elicits feelings of joy, contentment, peace and prosperity. These feelings then resonate throughout the home creating an environment that fosters greater happiness and well-being. Additionally, 9 Oranges Feng Shui can help maintain energy flow within the home which leads to improved health by encouraging relaxation and restorative sleep patterns. Furthermore, using this application can even help promote career advancement by improving productivity at work or assistance with financial matters such as debt repayment or increased abundance. All in all, 9 Oranges Feng Shui has numerous benefits that range from spirituality to mental health and physical security making it immensely valuable for any lifestyle!

Examples and Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Martha and Robert were looking for ways to bring more peace and balance into their home. After using 9 Oranges Feng Shui, they reported a noticeable increase in harmony in the house. They placed “wealth” elements in the southeast corner of their living room and this brought positive energy to that area. In addition, they rearranged the furniture pieces in the north section of their home to promote better health and vitality. They noticed that during dinner time everyone felt calmer, more relaxed, and less quarrelsome.

Case Study 2:

Sam was looking for ways to make his office more productive and energizing. After he used 9 Oranges Feng Shui to arrange his desk, he noticed an improvement in his concentration as well as an increased focus on his projects. He used colors strategically to ensure that each section of the office supported different types of energy flow. For example, he used red in the south corner “fire” area of his workplace that symbolizes abundance, wealth, and good luck; blue on the east side “wood” area which invokes wisdom; and green on the center “water” area that provides a calming effect when faced with challenging tasks. Since Sam started using 9 Oranges Feng Shui at work, he has been able to complete projects faster without feeling fatigued or overwhelmed by difficult tasks.


Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of harnessing the energy of a space to promote balance and well-being. 9 Oranges Feng Shui offers a tool to identify areas in a home where changes can be made to improve energy flow and create positive vibes.

The application has been developed and tested by energy healing experts with years of experience in using feng shui principles. Studies have shown that making changes based on feng shui can have wide ranging beneficial effects, including feeling more relaxed, reducing stress levels, improving sleep quality and creativity, promoting relationships and reducing conflicts between family members. The application analyses a user’s environment based on traditional feng shui practices, such as directional placements of furniture or décor items, color selection for fabrics or walls, and offerings for an altar space. Once complete, users receive detailed recommendations for potential changes they can make to improve the energy flow within their living or work space.

9 Oranges Feng Shui also offers a unique approach to analyzing when making modifications might be most conducive to a user’s energetic needs; advisers offer deep reflection questions tailored to each user’s personal journey through life. A holistic perspective is taken into consideration when interpreting results and offering suggestions; this includes taking into account one’s purpose in life, physical health challenges and astrological influences if desired. Such individualized advice works toward empowering users by allowing them to creatively influence their own destinies after learning how the universe’s forces are interacting with their homespace.

How to Use 9 Oranges Feng Shui

Step 1: Install 9 Oranges Feng Shui. This software is available for purchase or free download on multiple websites.

Step 2: Gather the necessary measurements of your space. You will need to measure the length and width of each wall, doorways, windows and furniture pieces in order to create your feng shui plan.

Step 3: Enter all the information into 9 Oranges Feng Shui program so that it can generate a layout of your space. The program allows you to input detailed information such as room orientation, wall colors, furniture types and sizes, as well as other information specific to your space.

Step 4: Once all your data is entered, the 9 Oranges Feng Shui program will generate a detailed diagram of your space with recommended feng shui adjustments. This diagram will include arrows pointing towards optimal locations for both positive and negative energy flow; identify any obstacles or challenges the environment may pose; and offer suggestions for ways to improve the balance of energy in order to achieve harmony.

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Step 5: Consider implementing some of the suggestions made by 9 Oranges Feng Shui. Based on their analysis, you can add certain objects like plants, mirrors, or artwork; rearrange furniture; or modify existing features in an effort to create a more balanced environment conducive to increased fortune and emotional wellbeing²⁻³⁻

9 Oranges Feng Shui Tips

1. Keep a harmonious balance in your home with gentle lighting. Candles, fairy lights and other soft lights are great choices since they promote a sense of tranquility and peace.

2. Aim for uniformity of colors within the home. Each room should have its own specific color palette that contributes to a unified look throughout the dwelling. Sticking to lighter shades helps create a soothing atmosphere, while strong jewel tones provide energy and vibrancy to rooms like living rooms or kitchens.

3. Acknowledge the five elements – wood, water, fire, metal, and earth – as an integral part of any Feng Shui home set-up. Incorporate these elements by adding appropriate artifacts or decor that resonates with each element’s characteristics.

4. Capitalize on plant life to breathe life into your home by adding potted shrubs, flowers and plants in areas where their beauty will be seen and appreciated most such as bathrooms, entrances, hallways etc.

5 . Curtains with bold prints placed at strategic points transform the flow of energy throughout your home, while pastel or earthy toned curtains help increase positive energy circulation in rooms where its essential (bedrooms being one example).

6 . Utilizing mirrors strategically is an excellent wayof amplifying positive energy in any space as well as reflectingit through various directions/corners accordingly. Place largermirrors centrally on walls opposite doorways for best effect..

7 . Take note of how furniture is placed within each roomof your house; keep furniture away from corners if possibleand leave space around pieces so they can measure periodicallyinstead of stagnating energy between them which resultsin an overall sense of stagnant aura inside any given roomor area of the house respectively.

8 . Work with symmetry when designing any interior spaceof your dwelling by creating visual points either sideof rooms (eith statement art pieces/bold patterns) assymmegy ensures maximum good chi flow throughoutyour house ultimately allowing for improved harmonizationinside each nook & cranny respectively; providing abalanced equilibrium internally & externally without fail!

9 . Finally, implement balanced doses of Feng Shui remediesinto spaces within your dwelling; these may include windchimes hung outside near doors/windows along withdecorative touches like incense burners inside homeetc., which allow for full energization around premisesaccordingly – providing optimal comfort & relaxationfor all occupants from time to time!

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The 9 Oranges Feng Shui application can bring a range of benefits to its users. It makes the practice of Feng Shui simple and accessible by providing real-time updates and custom design options to create balance and harmony in any living space. With its intuitive interface, it is easier than ever to utilize this ancient art form when rearranging furniture or decorating your home. Additionally, the 9 Oranges app offers educational opportunities which provide deeper insight into the principles of Feng Shui. Utilizing tools such as ‘The Nine Oranges Compass’, those new to Feng Shui can gain a greater understanding of this traditional philosophy. In all, the 9 Oranges Feng Shui application provides users with an efficient way to improve their homes and daily lives; creating balance, wellbeing, and peace for everyone involved.

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