2012 Feng Shui Forecast


Feng Shui refers to an ancient Chinese practice that uses energy forces to bring balance and harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. It has been used in Chinese culture for centuries for health, success, and spiritual enlightenment. The main principles of Feng Shui recognize the importance of using the five elements- fire, earth, metal, water and wood to create harmony with the natural environment. It also emphasizes respect for nature and the use of yin/yang dualities such as balance and balancing between yin (passive) and yang (active).

The first recorded use of Feng Shui was during the Han Dynasty around 25 CE by a man named Lu Ban who studied geomancy (divination by interpreting observed phenomena related to geographical sites). He soon became known as “the Godfather of Feng Shui” due to his impressive work on creating a successful balance between nature and humans. In modern days, the principles of this practice focus on obtaining peace, health and happiness by creating aesthetically pleasing interior design schemes while simultaneously enhancing natural energy within the home or office space. Contemporary Feng Shui practitioners determine which element needs to be balanced in order to create ideal living conditions such as life challenges, marriage compatibility or overall success for an individual or family.

The 2012 forecast is based on traditional Chinese astrology methodologies combined with yearly updates from professional feng shui masters who analyze global events plus personal occurrences in light of cosmic development changes over time. This year will be filled with both positive and negative aspects depending on each zodiac sign’s respective areas. Overall it looks like 2012 will have an increased focus on establishing better communication among people in order to reduce misunderstandings that may lead to conflicts at home or in business relationships. Financial opportunities may arise but expansive plans need considered thought before investments can yield long lasting benefits

Benefits of Using Feng Shui Principles in Home Design

Using Feng Shui principles in home design can offer many benefits, including improved energy flow, healthier living conditions, and better relationships with family and friends. By understanding the five elements of nature—wood, fire, earth, metal and water—Feng Shui can help create an environment for optimal living. This means creating a balance of these five elements to bring harmony to our home. Not only does it affect us mentally and emotionally, but Feng Shui can have a physical impact too—better circulation of air and light throughout the home, creating clear pathways for foot traffic, and so on. A well-implemented Feng Shui plan can lead to more productivity in work or relaxation in leisure time pursuits. Furthermore, by designing each room according to its purpose—for example making the kitchen invigorating or the bedroom calming—you will be able to stay in tune with your emotions and those of others around you. Finally, if done correctly it can increase the luck factor helping bring success into your life.

Breaking Down the Details of the 2012 Feng Shui Forecast

2012 is here, and the predictions for how the feng shui energies will affect us are already starting to roll in. Each year, Master David Kai looks at the date and time of Chinese New Year as an indicator for what kind of year lies ahead. Through his years of experience examining these yearly shifts in energy, he’s developed a set of observations about how we can expect feng shui to manifest in our lives over the next twelve months.

Some of his key points suggest that this coming year is going to be a tough one but also holds potential for large strides forward. Firstly, he believes there will be great potential for people to improve their financial situation through improved focus and commitment. While businesses may struggle under the shifting fortunes brought on by fiery energies, Master David expects wealth and abundance to come to those who actively seek it out with dedication and determination.

Additionally, he also states that relationships will be put under pressure this coming year due to increased tensions between compassion and perfectionism. Those looking for love must approach it with sensitivity instead of strutting forth with unrealistic expectations because any aggressive advances or attempts at control will tear apart those hopeful marriages even before they start from their foundations up. The same principle should apply equally to current relationships as well if couples wish not only to stay together but possibly strengthen them even further just like in nature water cannot flow unless it remains flexible and open enough. He does however offer hope in that “true love” relationships can still form provided both parties remain open-minded about each other’s motives.

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Important Areas of Your Home Where Feng Shui Can Help

The 2012 Feng Shui Forecast outlines how those who practice Feng Shui can use the ancient Chinese belief to improve their life. The 2012 Feng Shui forecast suggests that important areas of your home that could benefit most from Feng Shui are:

1. Entryway – An open, welcoming and well-lit front door is said to be one of the best ways to draw wealth and prosperity into a house.

2. Dining Area – This area should be located in a part of the house where communication, family relationships and entertaining can be enhanced by creating an inviting and attractive atmosphere.

3. Kitchen – A well-equipped kitchen is essential for great luck in finance and health according to Feng Shui principles; plus the color green is known to prevent financial losses, so incorporating this shade into kitchen appliances or decorating is highly recommended.

4. Bedroom – Restful sleep is essential for good health, so a bedroom that is clutter-free with comfortable furniture and soft lighting will help ensure peaceful nights rest. Placing mirrors across from beds (so as not to reflect on sleeping occupants) creates a calming environment which promotes productivity in waking hours.

5. Work Areas – Due to modern technology most people are now working remotely or using laptops at home – therefore keeping office space and desks organized will increase focus while enhancing mental clarity; placing plants in these areas increases oxygen circulation and introduces refreshing energy which helps stimulate creative flow. Additionally, positioning chairs away from walls encourages increased networking opportunities and adds an element of surprise into their work day.

Choosing Appropriate Decorations to Enhance Your Feng Shui

One of the most important aspects of an effective Feng Shui practice is the choice of the appropriate decorations. These items can include anything from basic decorations such as mirrors, coins, and plants to more elaborate pieces like fountains, artwork, and sculptures. The colors chosen for these decorations are also important; as each color holds its own energetic meaning within the context of Feng Shui. Red, for example, is a color that many Feng Shui experts use to promote vitality and invigorate a room’s energy. On the other hand, yellow is often used to bring focus and clarity into a room. Furthermore, when decorating for Feng Shui it is crucial to ensure there are balanced energies throughout the spaces – this means that when selecting artworks or accessories one should take in account their own five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth Metal , Water). Having all five elements present in your home can help nourish fertility in all areas of your life. To mark 2012 – the year of ‘water dragon’ – consider including water-related elements such as seashells or an aquarium in your home décor; as this will promote harmony and emotional well-being throughout this 12-year cycle. Additionally, saltwater cures are common Feng Shui cures that purify energy; making them useful additions to your décor scheme this upcoming year. Ultimately, classical Feng shui recommends certain materials be used according to individual’s needs and particular circumstances; so make sure you enlist a professionalhelp before deciding which decorations will best suit your tastes and intentions!

Tips on Crafting Your Own Feng Shui Strategies

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice for bringing balance and positive energy into the home, has gained considerable popularity in modern times. Employing simple strategies to encourage prosperity, good fortune, and well-being in the home is easier than ever before with this 2012 Feng Shui Forecast. Here are some tips on crafting your own Feng Shui strategies:

First, identify your personal goals. With this knowledge, you can then seek out a trustworthy feng shui consultant who will provide invaluable insight into how best to make your living space reflect these goals. Start by cleaning up clutter in every room of your home—letting go of possessions that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy makes room for new opportunities and energy flows into areas that were stagnant before. Rearrange existing furniture or invest in items to create more accessible pathways throughout your rooms and be aware of where the “command position” is located within each room—this spot promotes self-confidence and encourages well-being if used properly. When selecting décor pieces for each room focus on maintaining balance between yin and yang energies depicted commonly through found objects such as fireplaces (yang), plants (yin) paired with mirrors (yang). Finally, the placement of objects matters; artwork should be hung at higher elevations to promote positivity while never situate a bed directly beneath a window as this blocks abundance from entering.

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Common Misconceptions About Feng Shui That Can Lead to Mistakes

Feng Shui has become a popular trend in recent years, but unfortunately many people have certain misconceptions that can lead to mistakes. One common misconception is that Feng Shui is simply about the placement of furniture within a space. While furniture placement certainly plays an important role, it is just one component of Feng Shui. Rather, it is an entire complex system that also considers other elements such as a building’s external orientation, the flow of energy (known as qi), yin and yang, the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), and how these elements interact with each other.

Another misconception about Feng Shui is that any aesthetic changes will immediately bring about positive results. In reality the results may not be immediately seen or felt and could take weeks or months to really take effect. This means it’s important to trust in the principles of Feng Shui even before any visible results are noticeable.

Finally understanding the correspondence between qi and one’s destiny (known as ba zi) can be complicated since there are different interpretations between various schools of thought related to this principle. Ultimately knowledge in this area can give additional insight into cultivating beneficial qi but should be approached with caution due to the complexity involved.

Benefits of Working With a Feng Shui Expert

Feng Shui is an ancient, proven practice of harmonizing energy and spatial arrangement in home, office and commercial settings. Working with a qualified Feng Shui expert provides a number of benefits to those wishing to shift the energy in their environment, implement lifestyle changes and better align themselves with the forces of nature.

A Feng Shui expert has extensive knowledge about the practice and can work to maximize the positive chi (energy) within an environment for prosperity, abundance, good health and emotional well-being. A skilled practitioner can identify areas of excessive or blocked energies that are adversely impacting your space and make recommendations for realigning these areas through design elements or objects. Objects used may include items such as mirrors, wind chimes, crystals, water fountains and other decorations that work together to balance the energy within an area. By taking into account the individual’s needs as well as their existing living conditions, a Feng Shui professional can consult on designing plans that are respectful yet powerful to create harmony in one’s life. Working with a qualified expert also allows individuals to become informed of auspicious dates they may take advantage of during planning activities such as moving days, housewarming parties or remodelling projects. Finally, personal consultations with a Feng Shui professional provide clients with techniques on how they may be able to maintain greater stability in their lives by making gradual changes over time according to the seasons.


The 2012 Feng Shui forecast shows us that we have the potential to make great progress in our lives this year. While there are various important activations, it is essential for us to make mindful decisions about how we use our energies and resources, in order to ensure that any projections and successes will be lasting ones. We should strive to live in harmony with nature and its many cycles, seeking the balance between natural forces and human action.

In addition, throughout this year we need to focus on self-care; grounding ourselves in our own histories, practices and values while practicing greater compassion and cultivating gentleness towards our inner beings. As part of a global community we should aim to open our hearts and minds even further, responding with kindness, grace and understanding towards others throughout all our interactions. By treading lightly upon the Earth while also surrounding ourselves with loving energy and supportive relationships, we shall be able to achieve a great sense of wellbeing during this exciting time period. Ultimately, with these ingredients in place it can truly be said that 2012 is set to be a very auspicious year indeed!

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