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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that studies the relationship between humans and their environment. It has been practiced for centuries to help identify potential sources of good luck and abundance in people’s lives. The practice emphasizes the importance of taking into account the individual needs one has in order to promote peace, harmony, health, and prosperity.

The art of Feng Shui began around 3000 BC in China when philosophers combined Astronomy, Geomancy and Taoism in order to create harmony within society. Historical applications initially involved burying objects along with human remains during funerals, but since then Feng Shui has evolved to include calculations of time, Qi (life energy), symbolic representations, as well as various corresponding rites and rituals.

In recent times Feng Shui has become increasingly popular in Singapore both among its citizens and expatriates alike. Singaporeans are said to have embraced this tradition due to the confluence of various cultures living together on a small island territory where land is limited but highly sought after; making it a perfect place for dwellers to practice Feng Shui while optimizing their space. In addition, the rise of technology means more people from all over Asia have access to modern interpretations of ancient teachings which were previously restricted or lost due to cultural repression under communism or other oppressive regimes.

Today you can find competent Feng Shui Masters throughout Singapore with many offering services such as remote consultations via video chat or home visits where they can guide individuals through customizations suited to their unique situation. For those curious about practices specific to this part of the world you can find Feng Shui masters who offer consultations for particular areas such as ‘Ba Gua’ (the Eight Trigrams). Additionally there are some specializing not only in providing guidance but also selling home decorations such astalisman charms as well as furnishings based on traditional beliefs and practices like ‘yin yang’ colour schemes or Chinese element placement methods.

Different Types of Feng Shui Practices in Singapore

Feng Shui is an ancient oriental philosophy that has been practiced in Singapore for centuries. Generally, Feng Shui focuses on the harmonious arrangement of elements and energies within a space to enhance positive life energy or qi. There are two main types of Feng Shui practices used in Singapore today by masters. The Classical Chinese Feng Shui, also known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing, emphasizes the importance of luck pillars, eight mansions analysis and flying stars analysis; whereas Modern Western Feng Shui uses Pyramidology, Form School, Energy Anatomy, Intuitive Schools and Space Clearing. Classical Chinese practitioners tend to place more emphasis on traditional practices such as cosmic trinity elements (water, fire and wood), use of number 9 and time factor analysis; while modern western followers look more at cultural diversity that could affect one’s energies and bring luck based on personal goals rather than conform strictly with traditional beliefs.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern Western Feng Shui masters in Singapore can help you achieve a better balance of energies within your environment. Masters also specialize in different aspects or applications- from advisory services to interior design-of which your preference may depend on your lifestyle needs and goals for improved lifestyle quality etc. It is paramount to find a qualified practitioner who does not solely rely on superstitions or folklore but puts moral values into consideration along with proper scientific knowledge for accuracy in results. The recommended professionals should provide professional assessments with sincere advice tailored according to each client’s needs for the best outcomes possible.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Feng Shui Master

Working with a professional Feng Shui Master in Singapore offers many advantages. In addition to understanding the cultural context of Singapore and its traditional feng shui practices, professionals have knowledge and experience with modern modifications which can help to improve the energy flow in your living or working space. Professional Feng Shui Masters may take into consideration external factors such as the location of neighbouring buildings and assess angles that are less easily seen but still have an impact on energies at home or work. They will also assess furniture placement, colours and the use of materials carefully sourced to enhance the environment’s “Chi”, or energy field.

A professional Feng Shui Master has a wealth of experience when it comes to customising plans according to individual needs and preferences – each floor plan will be unique to reflect particular dreams, goals and aspirations. Additionally, they can provide guidance on incorporating feng shui into home or office decorations by helping you select items which will bring out a vibrant atmosphere that is beneficial for wellbeing. Furthermore, these professionals may impart valuable knowledge on other forms of Eastern Wisdom including Chinese Astrology, Taoist Martial Arts, I Ching and Yin Yang Philosophy which could strengthen one’s understanding of this ancient tradition.

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Top Recommended Feng Shui Masters in Singapore

1. Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui

Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui is a highly experienced and certified master of classical Chinese feng shui in Singapore. He provides professional consulting services to individuals and organizations where he advises them on how to use the attractive powers of geomancy, the science of placement and orientation, to create lucky and favourable conditions for success and good health. Kenny’s expertise lies in the application of traditional Chinese feng shui principles to modern spaces, which means that his clients can be sure they are getting expert advice on how to orient and arrange their private or public properties in harmony with nature. With more than 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial projects, he can expertly help his clients turn any space into a comfortable haven that promotes peace and wellbeing.

2. Raymond Lo at RGL

Raymond Lo at RGL is another highly experienced master of classical Chinese feng shui who offers professional consulting services throughout Singapore. Raymond has over 40 years’ practice as an expert in Chinese Astrology and has worked on real estate projects since 1985. He is a renowned author, writing books on topics related to astrology as well as appearing on several national broadcast programmes talking about his work. In terms of feng shui consultation, Raymond specialises in revealing the fourpillars astrological bazi profiles for individuals or establishments followed by providing advice on remedies or enhancements according to ancient cosmological formulas . Additionally he offers consultancies ranging from advice on property selection, development plans including site clearance works leading up to going through interior design details of new construction projects which includes landscaping advice too!

3. Master Jefflen Teo at GMT Masters

Master Jefflen Teo at GMT Masters is an acclaimed certified master withover 15 years’ experience helping individuals maximize their opportunities through effective feng shui practices such as Qi Men Dun Jia (Mysterious Gate AND Door Stratagem), Xuan Kong Da Gua (flying star) and Four Pillars Of Destiny Astrology analysis. As a principal consultant at GMT Masters , Jefflen delivers accurate educational tools powered by oriental numerology forecasting which include weekly forecasts enables people to uncover hidden fortune luck cycles which provides additional methods for preparing barriers against probable misfortune creating opportunity for improvement beyond expectations no matter difficult stages or blocked passageways along the journey will arise . Additionally Master Teo also provides personal coaching programmes giving individual instructions thus assisting them understand operating procedure enabling proper projection ahead while unveiling capabilities capable within oneself when needed most!

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Feng Shui Master

When choosing a Feng Shui master, you should consider the individual’s qualifications and experience. It is important to find a practitioner who has a solid understanding of the principles of Feng Shui, as well as being able to apply them. Check references, if possible, and read reviews. Inquire about their current clients and what specific style or school of Feng Shui they use. Consider the costs associated with working with the master: consultations and services can vary in price depending on the type of expertise needed. Determine how comfortable you are with the techniques suggested by the master as different approaches may be better suited for certain individuals or properties. Ask questions about any courses, certificates, or certifications from accredited organizations that verify qualifications; this will give you more confidence in selecting an experienced practitioner for your needs.

What to Expect from Professional Feng Shui Service in Singapore

A professional Feng Shui service in Singapore should provide an individualized, comprehensive assessment of your home or workplace. They may use several approaches to feng shui, such as the Eight Mansion school, the Flying Star system, or the BTB (Black Hat Tibetan) system. Depending on which system is used, the items to be taken into consideration include the condition of your furniture and furnishings, the layout of your home or office space, and even directions to access points that provide favorable energy.

Professional Feng Shui service advisors should also provide advice on how you can make energetic adjustments within your living environment in order to maximize healthy energy flow and minimize unhealthy ones. This includes suggesting colors for walls and furniture that promote relaxation and productivity. Additionally, experts in Feng Shui may offer suggestions for enhancements outside of the building such as exterior structures or plants that will support calmness throughout entire spaces. They may also recommend auspicious dates for taking certain actions like signing contracts or establishing new businesses. Finally, they should provide various protection remedies against negative influences such as EMF radiation from power lines or other sources.

Different Classifications of Feng Shui Services and Prices

Feng shui services in Singapore can generally be categorized into three main levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Basic Feng Shui services often cost around $200 to $300 for consultations and remedial work. This type of service is suitable if you want a general overview of your home/office, as well as some minor improvements. Generally this would include an analysis of the floor plan and energy flow, an assessment of 4-pillar birthdata chart for each occupant, and simple feng shui remedies such as introducing plants or mirrors to improve the energy of a space.

Intermediate Feng Shui services usually cost between $550-$1000 depending on the complexity of the task. This includes a more in-depth examination of your house/office layout combined with detailed information on the occupants’ personality, elements and wealth opportunities. Generating customized cures could also be recommended such as symbol placement, chi ritual objects or directional symbols to enhance specific areas or sectors that require strengthening within your home or office.

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Advanced Feng Shui services are typically priced upwards of $2000 depending on the complexity of your space or problem area that requires attention. This level includes more high level techniques based on one’s individual situation such as Xuan Kong Da Gua (flying stars) assessment; compiling San He Luo Pan (3 Harmony compass); tracking if there are special formations in landforms and geographical structures; Feudal Lord Placement; application of complex talisman represented by various combinations from 8 trigrams which will require monthly update; and timely adjustments based on annual forecasts for life events so that precautions and preventive measures can be taken beforehand.

The Benefits of On-Site Feng Shui Consultations

On-site Feng Shui consultations can provide significant benefits for any Singaporean home or business. Working with a professional Feng Shui master in Singapore who comes to your space is the best way to access the most up-to-date techniques and natural inclinations that are specific to one’s current surroundings. These experts possess knowledge of the history, culture and customs associated with Asian design and regional elements – areas that traditional books may not be able to explore fully. With an on-site consultation, you’ll receive personalized advice designed specifically for your location, based on a comprehensive survey of the surrounding environment, immediate topography, orientation and air currents – factors overlooked by general guides whose instructions may lead to disharmonious results. Additionally, working directly with a practitioner will enable you to gain understanding of and experience specific solutions that can potentialize unrealised potentials while creating balance within areas that haven’t been functioning optimally. On-site consultations provide long-term solutions from which one will benefit exponentially as progress is made over time towards optimizing their space in alignment with desired goals and wellbeing.

Questions to Ask Before Making a Final Decision

1. How many years of experience does the Feng Shui Master have?

2. What schools and training did the Feng Shui Master receive?

3. Has the Feng Shui Master practiced in other countries or continents, and if so, where?

4. What kind of consultation services does the Feng Shui Master offer?

5. Does the Feng Shui Master provide a written report or summary after an appointment?

6. Are there case studies on success stories to review?

7. Is it possible to speak with references before committing to services?

8. How much do consultations cost, and is there a payment plan option available?
9. Is continuing maintenance offered after the initial assessment has taken place?
10. Can you explain why certain elements are incorporated into my home as opposed to others?


Feng Shui is an ancient practice of creating balance and harmony between the environment and humans. For many in Singapore, seeking the counsel of a professional Feng Shui Master is a smart way to ensure that their homes and businesses are conducive for luck and prosperity. Here are some reasons to work with a professional Feng Shui Master in Singapore:

1. Expert Advice – Feng Shui Masters have been extensively trained in traditional Chinese philosophy, symbolic systems, as well as knowledge about energy flow; all of which are essential components of successful Feng Shui practices. A knowledgeable expert can provide advice tailored specifically to the home or business to bring out its maximum potential when it comes to health, wealth, and success.

2. Comprehensive Solutions – Working with a trusted Advisor gives clients the chance to address all their requirements comprehensively – from interior design options like furniture arrangements and decoration schemes, to lifestyle choices that can optimize outcomes with specific goals they strive for. With this holistic approach, clients are able to maximize their chances at finding prosperity easier through simple changes prescribed by the Feng Shui master.

3. Timely Results – Experienced Masters who understand the various cycles of time associated with various aspects of life can implement solutions at optimal times for best results. This increases the chances that initiatives put into place would deliver quickly visible effects within days or weeks after implementation instead of months or years later due to incorrect timing.

4. Holistic Ability -Clients benefit tremendously from working closely with someone who knows how different factors in their lives intertwine with one another – all while keeping their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing in consideration too! A masterful eye can spot small details that would otherwise be overlooked by those less experienced or less aware; providing clarity on matters before any changes take effect within the home or office space occupied by the client.

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