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Flying Star Feng Shui is a Chinese geomancy system that provides direction and guidance for good energy, or “chi,” in spaces. This system dates back to the Han dynasty of 206 BCE and has been used by philosophers, scholars, monks, referees, and commoners alike for centuries. It is believed that following its teachings can bring success, wealth, health, and prosperity.

At its core, Flying Star Feng Shui focuses on the layout of a space in order to harness the flow of chi. It is based on an ancient understanding of the balance between yin and yang energies within an environment. The principles involve studying how different objects are arranged relative to each other and how the unseen flow of energy moves around them.

Each year brings different energetic influences from sun activity like solstice and equinoxes as well as cosmic alignments with stars and planets. During 2012 special attention needs to be paid to the South East corner of your home or office as this area will bring new beginnings and success especially regarding money matters if activated correctly with Flying Star Feng Shui equations based off calculations set by traditional masters related to seasonal movements versus current times. Therefore Flying Star Feng Shui offers an understanding into these cycles bringing insight into better times in which we can move forward towards growth while managing changes during these shifts brought about by natural forces beyond human control. Knowing this allows one to plan better timing related decisions that could gain you an edge not otherwise available through outside assistance or average wisdom imparting more favorable outcomes aiding inhabitants in achieving their best potentiality should they choose to accept Flying Star ‘yearly predictions’ thereby virtually guaranteeing improved spiritual enlightenment within ones life experience by making better choices then usually may occur using more common options for solutions regarding personal destiny endeavors unrelated to astrological associations almost always leading towards increased levels of peace & harmony within our lives at hand when applied properly & judiciously without infringement upon anothers chart affiliations garnering data alone related universally involving positive karma amongst aspirants likewise seeking answers within realms unavailable using current nouveau philosophical currents generally accepted when attempting solving age old inquiries several millennia past yet still sought upon today closer then ever before accurately handled considered from both esoteric & scientific standpoints combined enabling maximum flexibility when determining future scenarios while attempting acquisitions & successes situated furthest ahead causing numerous ramifications boundlessly bringing awareness into focus hopefully relating deeply embedded emotions until ultimate satisfaction is found destined go greater lengths heretofore unnamed thus offering unprecedented opportunities sparking creative fires conscious precursors inviting us on marvelous journeys together towards Total Bliss experiences en masse!

History of Flying Star Feng Shui

Feng Shui (Chinese for wind-water) is an ancient Chinese practice and system of geomancy that originated in China over 4,000 years ago. The practice is based on the premise that one can channel energy flow into their environment via the proper placement of objects, regulations, structure, and physical elements to increase harmony in the life of their occupants. Flying Star Feng Shui is a system within traditional feng shui and has been used for hundreds of years.

The use of Flying Star Feng Shui began in China during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD). During this time many Imperial Palaces were written about in great detail and how each Palace’s Flying Star would link with architecture to form a union between Heaven and Earth. From this period onwards it became almost standard for every palace or grand building to be built with its own special Flying Stars arrangement.

During the medieval period Feng Shui was adopted by wealthy aristocrats and emperors who used the practice to create spaces designed to protect them from bad luck, attract wealth and good fortune, love & relationships, health & happiness etc. It eventually became publicly available through teachings handed down from generation to generation via masters such as Wu Yu Xiang.

Feng Shui Examination Luck

Today Flying Star Feng Shui still plays a popular role within Feng Shui knowledge but often gets overlooked or overshadowed by other areas such as absolute 8 mansion/classical feng shui systems due to its complexity and highly mathematical approach. To understand what the stars represent you must know your date meter ‘dragon-phoenix’ direction which tells you your facing direction for your building before diagnosing any potential additional issues caused by those nine flying stars resting at each location around your sitting mountain position area.

Benefits of Flying Star Feng Shui

This ancient Chinese practice can offer a number of beneficial effects, such as enhancing positive energy in one’s environment. By understanding and applying the principles of Flying Star Feng Shui, you can create an optimal flow of energy to help balance your physical, mental, and emotional states within the home.

Through the research of this complex system, you can learn how to identify the type of energies that move through different areas of your house and surrounding environment annually. Having a full understanding allows you to take advantage of each location’s potential benefits—or better yet, prevent its negative influence on your health and well-being in 2012.

In practical terms, this means deciphering what colors or decorating elements should be used in each part of your house or workplace to enhance or quieten any particular element. You may also be advised to make adornment adjustments such as placing mirrors strategically throughout the home in order to block out negative external influences while accommodating its natural flow.In addition, you could be encouraged to move stagnated energies with plants and water features, hang wind chimes for good luck, use incense for calming purposes or crystals for higher vibrations.

By using Flying Star Feng Shui practices regularly throughout 2012 you can create special energy centers which help promote physical harmony by generating life force (chi) in important places like bedrooms and living areas where families gather together every day. This can be done by integrating candles with special arrangements for specific purposes such as attracting romance or improving communication between parties who differ in their opinions.

Using Flying Star Feng Shui in Your Home/Garden

1. Choose furniture, wall colors, artwork and accessories as per the theory of 5 Element to create balance in your home. For example, green represents wood element and is associated with health and wellness; therefore painting a room walls green will help to promote positive well being.

2. Place furniture in positions that will achieve the desired flow of energy throughout your home. A good example of this could be positioning the bed away from any windows in order to allow uninterrupted flow of energy that is conducive to restful sleep and improved health.

3. Hang mirrors strategically around your home or garden in order to attract good luck, wealth, love and fortune into your living environment according to Flying Star mathematical formulas.

4. Check for any existing Feng Shui/energy imbalances within each room as some elements can cause blockages resulting in negative impacts such as bad luck or lawsuits etc; where necessary introduce a strong cure or remedy such as specific Chinese symbols e.g The Beetle (which means “bringing luck of 10-hundredfold”).

5 .Decorate with certain motifs that are believed to carry special meanings beneficial for the family living there for example hanging a calabash at the entrance door will bring longevity, prosperity and safety for everyone living inside it; or planting 8 pieces of bamboo near windows for harmonious relationships between all housemates!

Strategic Placement of Your Objects

Feng shui believes in a balanced flow of energy within any given living or working space. To maximize the flow of positive energy in 2012, the Flying Star Feng Shui system requires strategic placement of objects. For example, furniture like sofas, chairs, and tables should be placed away from walls and entryways to make space for chi energy to move freely around the room. Additionally, all bedrooms should have their beds with headboards against a solid wall—thereby avoiding placing the bed too close to windows or doors to promote good restful sleep.

When positioning personal items such as plants and artwork, it is important that they’re placed towards the northeast or southwest portions of the house. Place heavier items on the left side of rooms and lighter ones on the right side for balanced chi energy in both areas. Mirrors can be used to quickly liven up spaces; however, pay attention to where these mirrors reflect as this can also increase energetic movement through different areas of your home. Finally, you may introduce elements like native flagstones or candles for more focused energy at specified spots in your home .

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Specific Elements of Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui uses nine directional palaces to look at the changes in how energy is flowing through any given space. By examining the flying star chart, practitioners can interpret where the best and worst chi energy is located. Each of the nine palaces will be assigned a “star,” a number which tells you what type of chi energy each palace holds. In addition to these stars, practitioners will also use indicators such as element, mountain/water/wind location, five elements as well as lucky and unlucky directions depending on your zodiac sign. To make use of Flying Star Feng Shui in calculating for Feng Shui remedies (such as selecting the best possible bed placement or optimal stocking of shelves) one can take existing natural features of a property into consideration such as the building’s orientation with respect to the property or particular nature features like water bodies or nearby trees. Taking into consideration additions or renovations during design or renovation projects gives seekers an edge up on what could be good and bad locations for certain areas within their environment. The proper selection of colors for rooms likewise takes into account directionality within this practice in order to generate auspicious flow of chi energy throughout a room or dwelling.

Finishing Touch

Flying Star Feng Shui 2012 is a tool for achieving balance and harmony in our homes. It emphasizes the use of elements from nature, such as water, trees, rocks, wind, sunlight, and more to bring out the best qualities in our surroundings. The use of specific placement of furniture and art can bring luck and prosperity. In addition, there are personal recommendations for each individual house depending on the year the star is influenced by. For instance, for 2012 the optimal placements include keeping Yang activities (those associated with growth) above North-West and Feng Shui cures at South-East. A key element to remember when doing this is to remove or replace overcrowded furniture that attracts negative or conflicting energy. De-cluttering rooms will help create open movement within your home and also promote opportunities in life. Lastly it’s important to be mindful of feng shui colors when picking artwork or introducing new pieces into any room; this will help bring forth the right energy into your living space or work area. By implementing these suggestions you can expect a balanced outcome in your home’s Feng Shui design and ultimately achieve ultimate balance.


In conclusion, Flying Star Feng Shui is a powerful tool for creating optimal living environments. It can help bring good luck and prosperity, reduce negative energy, and promote healthy relationships and successful business endeavours.

This review advises applying the 9-Star Ki system to the interior space that encompasses your home or workspace to further explore these theories. Incorporating flying star feng shui into your living environment requires an open mind, a commitment to learning more about Chinese culture and the principles of yin-yang balance and the five elements, as well as exploring reliable sources for expert interpretation of its formulas.

By doing this, it is possible to ensure that you live in an environment which affords everyone comfort and joy without facing obstacles from conflict in the outside world. This holistic approach should be embraced with optimism and confidence so that you can create the ideal atmosphere at home or in your workplace.

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