Wood Element Feng Shui 2021


Wood element Feng Shui is a vital part of understanding and integrating Chinese philosophy into one’s modern life. It is a compilation of ideas that date back to the time of Confucius, when balance was sought through different elements; wood, water, fire, earth, and metal. To gain balance in today’s overly materialistic society and stress-filled environment wood element feng shui needs to be incorporated into our way of life to bring forth health, happiness and prosperity.

For 2021, it is especially important to understand how this ancient technique can help us achieve well-being in an everchanging world. Incorporating wood element feng shui not only brings balance within the home or office but also in our own lives with its transformative qualities that bring prosperity throughout the year ahead. This can be done through simple steps such as decluttering and arranging furniture strategically. By adding colours used by nature such as green plants and wooden elements like tables or bookshelves we create energy flow within the space promoting good luck that comes from within ourselves. Other tips include introducing harmonious scents like lavender or eucalyptus which naturally calms down negative emotions but also enhances positive thinking along with positive energy manifesting abundance as a result. Lastly, use essential oil diffusers or potted plants with round leaved plants succeeding in slowing down any progressing negative energy in the atmosphere while bringing out courage or joyfulness befitting for anyone looking for personal growth in 2021 alongside numerous other benefits the wood element has brought forth since its initiation thousands of years ago.

Benefits of Wood Element Feng Shui for 2021

The wood element of Feng Shui—which is associated with growth, development, creativity, new beginnings, and hope—is a great choice to use in 2021. By working with the natural energy of the Wood Element this year, you can find stability and renewal in your physical and emotional life. You will also be better able to draw on your natural inner strength and express yourself freely.

By utilizing the power of the Wood Element for 2021, you can expect to experience increased vitality throughout the year. This greater vitality can help keep your emotions balanced which in turn will help foster better relationships with others. All of this leads to more spiritual awareness and greater productivity in all areas of life.

Creativity will also be amplified under the cosmic vibrations of the wood element for 2021. Each day presents an opportunity for fresh starts, greener pastures, and new ideas; making it ideal for anyone wanting to bring forth more meaningful work from their fingertips or push boundaries forward in any other creative ventures they may have a hand in.

Enhancing your space with elements that nourish your soul such as plants, wind chimes or simply rearranging furniture according to feng shui principles are all wonderful ways to make full use of this energy-giving cycle!

Elemental Balance

Balancing the five Feng Shui elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) is important for creating harmony in your home. Each element should be represented in some way in order to create a healthy level of energy within the home.

Wood element encourages growth and progress. Introducing plants or wall decorations with organic shapes can help nourish the wood element. Place these items near windows where natural light can reach them for best effect. Additionally, blue and green tones can be beneficial for activating wood Feng Shui energies.

Feng Shui Flowers Around Our House

Fire element brings passion, energy, creativity and goal achievement to your environment. Hang art depicting flames or add candles to activate this powerful element. Brighter hues such as oranges, reds and pinks add to its potency.

Earth element embodies grounding stability that supports physical well-being. You can bring it into your space by adding pottery dishes painted with earthy colors or decorative objects made of tiles or stones. Warming tones such as yellow or pink are ideal for bringing forth positive vibrations of the earth element.

Metal element inspires clarity and refinement while purifying the energies present in your surroundings. To benefit from its energy the most use mirrors made of shiny surfaces like stainless steel or silver and hang them on opposite walls of rooms – this will bring more “focus” into them according to Feng Shui tradition . Incorporate shades such as white, grey, black and metallic blue for decoration too for best results when balancing this element.

Finally, Water element brings prosperity, abundance and relaxation atmosphere at home through rainbows reflections which purify energies , introducing paintings with ocean waves or lighting up a beautiful elevated fountain can help connect you with their power gracefully . Shades of purple promote water energy vibes while blues work great too when accentuating this particular Feng Shui Element at home .

Prioritizing the Wood Element

When prioritizing which parts of the home to receive the most attention for incorporating wood element feng shui, it’s important to consider specific areas of energy.

Begin by energizing the money and career area of your home, as this space is associated with the wood element in a traditional Chinese Bagua map – found in the southeastern area of your home. Placing images of plants, such as bamboo or Chinese symbols like a dragon, in this area can bring in good health, wealth and fortune into your life.

Focus on enhancing your creativity corner next; it also resides within the Southeast (Wood) sector – which focuses on self-expression, inspiration and building relationships with others. Displaying pieces that symbolize growth and development (in both tangible and intangible forms) is a great start.

The next step would be to introduce natural elements into other feng shui bagua areas such as wood furniture, wood sculptures or stone artwork throughout all directions to stimulate overall health, wealth and relationship opportunities. This can take many forms; whether it’s simply placing wooden furniture in each room or if you’re feeling more creative you can add interesting accents such as wind chimes near doorways or hanging plants from the ceiling.

Finally, refresh any stagnant energy by diffusing essential oils (such as bergamot or patchouli) throughout your home and by instilling positive affirmations through art frames featuring inspiring messages.

Wood Element Colors and Decorating Tips

The Wood Element helps to bring a calm, peaceful and prosperous vibe into our home and into our lives. In Feng Shui for 2021, it is important to use the colors associated with the wood element. Light greens and cool blues are considered to be the colors that represent the wood element. When using these colors in our design, we should focus on soft textures along with smooth finishes that do not detract from its natural feel. Natural elements such as plants, mineral stones, and organic decorative items also work great with this element.

Since the wood element encourages growth, it is wise to incorporate plenty of plants into your home decor as they bring life energy with them. Use trees or bushes to create privacy in your garden or balcony and make sure there are plenty of foliage around your windowsills. If you can create something like a miniature forest in your backyard, that would be ideal for bringing natural energy into your space.

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Feng Shui followers also recommend incorporating wooden furniture into your room designs when working with the Wood Element energy. Solid woods such as oak or maple work best due to their strength and timelessness. For flooring materials make sure you choose ones made out of sustainable materials; bamboo works great here! Furniture pieces made out of rattan or wicker also provide more texture and calming feeling but these experienced more pricey than their solid wood counterparts.

Essential Feng Shui Cures for 2021

• Investing in attractive, natural wooden furniture and transforming your home’s interior design themes with light wooden colors.

• Place a living plant in each corner of your house for a natural energy booster.

• Incorporate a water feature such as a fountain or aquarium to bring the needed wealth, prosperity and luck energies inside.

• Surround yourself with bamboo structures to add vitality throughout your space. Strings of lucky coins hung around the house will create soft new energy in the area.

• Invoking the five elements (wood, fire, Earth, metal and water) into your space can help ground you and make you feel safe.

• Place Buddha statues in the northeast direction to invite compassionate energy into your home. This is known as ‘koufu’ feng shui which represents a mental awakening and abundance of spiritual power when combined together in an appropriate way.

• Display images of green pines, successful people or inspiring Phrases on wall hangings around the house or use various crystals that specifically focus on bringing positive energy into the surrounding environment is also an important Feng Shui practice that activate good luck throughout 2021.


Wood element feng shui can be a powerful tool for bringing balance and prosperity into people’s homes and lives. With 2021 being the year of the Metal Ox, it’s important to maintain harmony within our spaces and use wood element feng shui to generate more positive energy. To make sure that one is using the principles of this ancient art in an efficient way, it is recommended to use soft colors like green or blue, add wooden accents such as plants, chairs and tables, hang mirrors at entry points, hang wind chimes in the east portion of your house for career luck, and get rid of any oversized furniture. It is also a great idea to put water fountains in east-facing spots for good luck. It is important to remember that every home has its own energy map which should be assessed carefully by a professional feng shui consultant as they are knowledgeable about how elements interact with each other. By utilizing these tips and consulting with a professional if needed, one will have positive vibes that they need to carry them through the year!

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