Feng Shui Lucky Directions 2021

Introduction to Feng Shui Lucky Directions in 2021

Feng Shui is an ancient holistic system that dates back more than 3000 years and focuses on balancing energies in the environment to create a harmonious atmosphere. Each year, feng shui practitioners analyze the qi (energy) of their space, known as their Wu Xing, to determine the lucky and unlucky directions. Lucky directions have beneficial energy that promotes health, harmony and prosperity, while unlucky directions can weaken positive energy and bring about negative circumstances or bad luck. The directions vary from one Feng Shui calendar year to another and slightly change with each new year, therefore it’s important for Feng Shui practitioners and amateurs alike to stay up-to-date on which are the best/luckiest directions for 2021.

Learning which 2021 Feng Shui lucky directions will increase your chances of having favorable events unfold throughout the new year. However, understanding how these energies work is essential in order to properly incorporate them into your everyday life. Knowing how to arrange furniture in the right direction can help capture positive energy, which increases the odds of enjoying a successful career path and financial growth. For example, according to this year’s calendar it would be beneficial to place large objects such as sofas or beds in the East direction as this will provide good health and protection against assailants or burglary. Additionally, sitting facing North or keeping items like TVs in Northwest should give you good news so you can easily avoid any potential roadblocks that could hinder progress throughout the year. Finally, an excellent way to make use of Feng Shui Lucky Directions for 2021 is by placing coins around your home – placing nine coins representing auspiciousness at certain locations is believed to bring wealth luck no matter what corner of your home they’re placed in.

The Benefits of Utilizing Lucky Directions in 2021

Feng Shui lucky directions can be a great tool for harnessing positive energy in 2021. By aligning oneself with these auspicious directions, one can establish better balance and harmony in their life. Lucky directions open the doorway to optimal circumstances for success, which will contribute to leading a more fortunate year.

By using feng shui lucky directions in 2021, one can enhance their relationships, career prospects, spiritual growth and personal development. Lucky directions will bring in fortune that allows you to take greater control over your life and achieve many of your aspirations for the year ahead. On an emotional level, it will help to establish inner peace and allow for clarity when making decisions throughout the year. Additionally, being aware of lucky directions will help you to create prosperity in all aspects of your life such as financial security, improved social status and good health. Therefore, creating and sustaining good luck by utilizing feng shui lucky directions can ultimately lead you down a more successful path in 2021.

Common Misconceptions about Lucky Directions in 2021

One common misconception people have about feng shui lucky directions in 2021 is that there is one single direction that will bring luck and success no matter what. The truth is, there are many different directions that can be considered lucky, depending on the individual, their circumstances, and the area. Additionally, not all directions will be beneficial for everyone; certain positions bring energy which might have a positive or negative impact on each person.

More specifically, it’s important to acknowledge that the “lucky” direction is typically determined by how far away someone stands from a specific area such as their home or workplace. Factors like the type of space and its overall spacial layout can also influence this decision. Additionally, luck isn’t simply determined by which direction an individual faces; rather, other aspects like their spiritual path, cultural background, preferences and lifestyle choices play an important role in determining what’s best for them. Ultimately, it takes an experienced feng shui practitioner to accurately assess someone’s needs and derive a personalised solution providing good energy fields for them to thrive and reach their full potential.

How to Determine Your Lucky Directions in 2021

When practicing Feng Shui, it’s important to consider the lucky directions for 2021 in order to maximize positive energy, or Chi. These directions are based on the Chinese lunar calendar and should be taken into consideration when arranging a space. To determine your lucky directions for 2021, you will first need to determine your personal Kua number. Your Kua number is determined by your year of birth and gender, which indicates how certain elements interact with one another to create balance in a home or business space. After you have calculated your Kua number, use the following chart to find your lucky directions:

Feng Shui Area Del Dinero

North ” Kua 8, 4 and people born the Year of Rat
East ” Kua 1, 5 and people born in the Year of Ox
South ” Kua 6, 2 and people born in the Year of Tiger
West” Kua 7, 3 and people born in the Year of Rabbit
Southwest” Kua 9 and people born in the Year of Dragon
Northeast” Kua 4 and people born in the Year of Snake
Southeast” Kua 2 and people born in the Year of Horse
Northwest”Kua 3 and people born in the Year of Sheep /Goat

Once you know your lucky direction for 2021 from this chart, orient furniture accordingly. For example, placing beds facing eastward can bring good fortune according to feng shui principles since east is associated with strong energy like health. Additionally, during meditation or spiritual practice one should face towards their most auspicious direction first as this will help them draw out optimal levels of positive energy from that area. Taking into account Feng Shui’s lucky direction rules can result in a stronger sense of balance within individual interiors thus creating an environment well suited for both professional advancement as well as living a more joy-filled life.

How to Implement Lucky Directions in Your Home and Office

The concept of Feng Shui Lucky Directions requires a bit of understanding, but the basic idea is that certain directions can bring luck and prosperity into your life. Depending on the type of energy that your home needs, you can use these fortune-accelerating tips to activate more good luck and success in 2021.

First, it’s important to know which directions are considered lucky for 2021 in Feng Shui. Generally speaking, it’s said that the East and South-East directions will provide for new beginnings, wealth luck, good health and fruitful relationships. North-East brings wisdom and spiritual understanding; South is suitable for career promotion; West helps with creativity; North-West attracts helpful people while South-West provides support in physical matters such as relationships or family disputes.

To implement the fortunate directions into your home or office space, begin by analyzing how each room could be improved according to accruing benefits from lending energy to the right sectors of your abode. First determine which type of energies you need in each space according to its intended use (e.g., concentration/creativity/money). Once this is established, introduce symbols and colors that attract those energies by placing them at cardinal points inside the house. Finally open a window facing a favorable direction so that positive energy can flow freely inside your premises. Mirrors can also be placed in entrance areas to expand Chi energy and encourage growth potential within those spaces. Additionally, if you have an aquarium or wishing pond outside your office or living environment place it towards any thriving direction as mentioned above so as to maintain balance within your residence or workspace. It’s very important not to forget about keeping all corners tidy and clean: as per usual cleaning practices employing metallic tools in key zones may help disperse negative influences away from the home or working environment

Step-By-Step Guide to Practicing Lucky Directions in 2021

1. Find Your Home’s Good Directions: Start by finding out which directions are good for your home. Consult a Feng Shui practitioner or use traditional techniques like the bagua map to determine if your home is best oriented facing east, west, north, south, southeast, southwest, northeast or northwest.

2. Understand Your Personal Best Directions: Each of us has our own personal best direction in 2021 depending on our date of birth and elements. Knowing these lucky directions will help you determine where to place symbols and objects that align with current trends and your own energy.

3. Introduce Symbols That Represent Good Luck: Introducing symbols that represent good luck such as Chinese coins hung from a red string or flower vases with auspicious flowers or plants like jasmine and bamboo could bring helpful energy into your home in 2021. These should be placed in locations based on the good directions determined above for maximum benefit throughout the year.

4. Use Auspicious Colours To Fortify The Home: Feng Shui believes in fortifying the home with beautiful colours that represent prosperity and luck like gold and red. Choose items such as furniture, décor pieces, curtains etc., as well as artwork which contain combinations of these hues to add a feeling of harmony within each room of the house in order to absorb more positive energy currents during 2021.

Feng Shui Bell Wind Chimes

5. Activate River Of Wealth With Crystals: Place a few activated wealth crystal clusters in specific corners in order to generate unique vibrations associated with greatness and lots of money flowing into your home this year! Try activation exercises like introducing coins consciously placed under the clusters for attracting bright energy sources into your living space all through 2021!

Which Materials Can be Used for Practicing Lucky Directions?

In 2021, there are a variety of materials that can be used for practicing Feng Shui lucky directions. These materials range from plants and crystals to water features and coins. Plants such as bamboo or potted ficus can draw positive energy into the home while providing decoration, while clear quartz crystals or tigers eye stones can bring in good luck and fortune. Water features, such as a fountain or pool, are believed to activate the energy in any given room, allowing it to flow in a positive direction. Coins can also be placed around the house or at entry points to increase wealth and prosperity in one’s home.

Best Practices for Maximizing Your Feng Shui Experiences in 2021

Feng shui is an ancient practice of assessing and improving energy flow in a person’s environment to promote health, happiness, and good fortune. In 2021, there are some best practices for maximizing your experiences with Feng Shui. To start, it’s important to align yourself with the “lucky directions” of the year based on your local compass direction. Facing the Eastern direction this year will bring most luck when it comes to matters related to career opportunities and prosperity. South is especially beneficial for family relationships as well as helping you obtain personal goals. The Western sector can help boost creativity and self-knowledge while facing North brings wisdom and knowledge.

When considering placement of elements within your living space, be sure to utilize colors that enhance your luck for the year; reds for energy, blues for calming as well as warm lighting to increase energy flow. Curated items should display stability and balance such as crystals or simple trinkets like fishbowls and wind chimes that evenly distributed through the area being remedied. Additionally, activating wealth corners such as wearing the color green or including plants in the specific areas can also help harness positive energy throughout your home or workspace. With these techniques implemented in addition with other areas of spirit connection (i.e., meditation) you will be able further optimize positive outcomes this year through feng shui practices

2018 Feng Shui Lucky Directions Recap

In 2018, according to the traditional Chinese Feng Shui system, the most auspicious directions of the year were North-East, South-West and North-West. Furthermore, the annual sector of wealth was located in the Southeast direction which suggests that many people experienced success or improvements in their finances this past year due to its powerful energies. Meanwhile, the sectors for career growth and knowledge were positioned at South-West and West respectively; indicating that these were two especially important directions for advancement and furthering one’s education in 2018. Finally, although not a particularly strong energy point this past year, family luck could be found in the North direction.

In addition to these four key directions, it is also important to note that North-east was considered especially lucky due to its dynamic energies related to spiritual nourishment and self-promotion. It is believed that tapping into this power brought about numerous opportunities for new beginnings or reinvention during 2018 for those who paid attention to its presences throughout the year. Furthermore it is important to remember that East sector has traditionally been known for providing individuals with a good luck charm when forming relationships during any given time period as well.


The right direction chosen based on Feng Shui can give you a chance to improve your luck in 2021 and bring the best life possible. However, it is important to remember that ultimately our attitude and outlook will be the most important factors determining our success. Too much dependence on luck from an external source can hinder our true growth and potential. It’s crucial to remain adaptive and open-minded, learning from each experience to adjust your actions for the betterment of yourself and those around you. This will ensure success regardless of any fortune we may receive; this is when we are truly able to reach our greatest heights!

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