2019 Feng Shui Pictures Of Saints


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, believed to use the energy of the surrounding environment to help bring balance and prosperity into life. This is done by creating a harmonious flow of energy via the placement of items within homes and other settings. Feng shui pictures of saints are believed to add harmony and positive chi (energy) to any home or workspace. Additionally, it is said that having religious images in your home can protect against negative energy such as evil spirits and misfortune. Feng shui pictures may help bring good luck and fortune in all aspects of life including health, finances, relationships and career opportunities. Additionally, when arranged properly these images can even aid with success in exams or job interviews. In order for a picture to be considered feng shui compliant it must fulfill certain criteria such as emotion represented, symbolism depicted and size of article relative to the surroundings.

The History and Origins of Feng Shui Pictures of Saints

Feng Shui pictures of saints have been part of Chinese culture for centuries, with it being first mentioned in the Huangdi Neijing, an ancient text on traditional medicine and cosmology written during the Han Dynasty. According to the Huainanzi, a 2nd century BCE book discussing natural philosophy and divination Chinese royals would consult with holy men known as feng shui gurus in order to ensure their environment was free from harmful energy. As a result, pictures of both gods and saints became popular for placement in homes, businesses and spiritual sites to bring about fortune, balance, safety and good luck.

In addition to artwork depicting gods or powerful historical figures, feng shui pictures of saints also originated in China, often featuring Taoist priests or Buddha figures wearing celestial robes and accompanied by auspicious animals. These images were believed to protect the home against danger while providing positive energy that could improve luck and combat negative forces such as illness or bad luck. Furthering this belief is the use of secret symbols associated with various saints which are thought to possess great power when placed inside the home. For example, one popular symbol is an eight-sided star which is said to protect buildings from fire. Similarly, symbols featuring dragons represent strength and protection against ill-fortune while images of bats signify wealth and prosperity.

Where to Find Authentic Fend Shui Pictures of Saints

The best place to find authentic feng shui pictures of saints is from a reputable dealer specialized in rare or antique artwork. As feng shui art has become increasingly popular, there are now many companies offering reproductions and counterfeit artwork. Therefore, it is important to buy only from a trusted source and look for any indications of authenticity on the piece. Inspect the artwork closely for any signatures, stamps or other markings that can verify its genuineness. Talk to the dealer about their shipping and returns policies as well as payment methods prior to making your purchase. Additionally, ask for provenance if possible: records showing where each artwork came from and who owned it in the past, indicating that it is of good quality and originates from a reliable source.

The Meaning and Symbolism Behind 2019 Feng Shui Pictures of Saints

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used for centuries to attract positive energy and ward off bad luck. A popular item used as part of this practice is the feng shui picture of saints. Keeping such a picture in the home not only creates a pleasant environment but also has strong spiritual and symbolic meaning.

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In many religions, saints are regarded as holy individuals who are believed to have benefited humanity in some way. When it comes to Feng Shui, some believe that such figures can help protect the home and bring luck, fortune, and love into the space. 2019 Feng Shui pictures of saints not only share this meaning but also represent certain numerical vibrations connected with a particular year in the Chinese calendar.


Decorating and Using 2019 Feng Shui Pictures of Saints

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is believed to be based on the positioning and arrangement of structures as well as elements of nature like water, earth, and plants. This practice can improve physical and mental health, as well as create good luck and prosperity in life. Using 2019 Feng Shui pictures of saints and other spiritual figures is a great way to bring positive energy into one’s home or office. The placement of these images in the right sectors can help build strong relationships, increase wealth and success, attract love, and generate other auspicious results. Hanging pictures of Buddha, Guan Yin (the goddess of mercy), and other spiritual figures in the right places throughout the home or office can have powerful effects on energies if done correctly. It is important to ensure that alignment remains correct by using a compass; this tool will enable you to accurately place pictures according to Feng Shui principles. Additionally, activating each image when placed by offering appreciation to the divine being enshrined in it can further help bring luck and success into one’s life.

Different Types of 2019 Feng Shui Pictures of Saints

One type of 2019 Feng Shui Picture of Saints is the Dragon Saint. The Dragon Saint symbolizes bravery, power and strength. It is thought to bring good luck and success to its owner as long as it is placed correctly in the right spot. Other types of 2019 Feng Shui Pictures of Saints include the Fu-Lun Patriarch or Godfather, who represents justice, protection, progress and safety; Lord Guan of Justice, who provides defense from negative energy; Li Bing Matriarch, a female saint that symbolizes fertility; Guan Di Matriarch, who can help bring good fortune; and Lao Tsu Matriarch for mental growth and spiritual wisdom. Depending on the placement of these pictures in one’s home or office can influence different aspects of a person’s life such as relationships or career success. Therefore, it is important to do your research before choosing which saint picture should be hung up according to traditional Feng Shui beliefs.

The Top 5 Feng Shui Pictures of Saints for 2019

1. St. Michael the Archangel – St. Michael is known as the warrior of Heaven; his image offers protection and courage in times of struggle or transition. His striking presence inspires courage, strength and a willingness to embrace challenges with faith and wisdom.

2. St. Francis Xavier – St. Francis Xavier was a Spanish priest known as the “Apostle of the East” for his propagating the teachings of Christianity to the Far East. His picture symbolizes purity, dedication and sacrifice for the greater good.

3. The Sacred Heart of Jesus – The Sacred Heart of Jesus represents unconditional love, mercy, understanding and acceptance — all qualities everyone should embody at least once in their life. It is said that this representation brings healing power to persons whom it directly relates it too, ultimately rekindling their spirit and soul from within.

4. The Immaculate Heart of Mary – Since Mary was Jesus’s mother by custom her images represent motherly love, nurturing energy and compassion towards one’s self and those around them while also symbolizing hope in difficult circumstances such as sinfulness or despairing spiritual states brought on by earthly troubles or temptations; all feelings she endured herself in her life..

5. Saint Jude Thaddeus – Instead of focusing on his miracles or accomplishments, many admirers see him for his skills at interceding on behalf a person during their time of need or distress no matter how insurmountable perceived obstacles might be at first glance up until resolution comes into view—proving yet again his loyalty by bringing success even when no outcome seemed possible prior to divine intervention happenings along our journey here on Earth

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Benefits of Placing 2019 Feng Shui Pictures of Saints in Your Home

In 2019, placing Feng Shui pictures of saints in your home can bring a host of benefits. These types of pictures will create a sense of peace and harmony throughout your home. They are believed to help protect you from any negative energies that could otherwise have an adverse effect on your well-being and health. Furthermore, they can raise the vibrations and energy of the space to bring feelings of positivity and happiness. Additionally, Feng Shui pictures of saints are believed to draw positive relationships into your life; inviting opinions others as well as new friendships and opportunities for growth. Finally, having them placed strategically around the home can foster increased communication among family members or flatmates which in turn strengthens family bonds and overall harmony at home. With all these potential benefits, adorning your home with 2019 Feng Shui pictures of saints might just be one of the best investments you make this year!

Tips on Keeping 2019 Feng Shui Pictures of Saints Looking Their Best

1. Avoid placing the pictures in direct sunlight. Sunlight can quickly fade or discolor the image, diminishing its beauty and impact on your home.

2. Dust the frame and picture regularly with a soft brush. This will keep it looking vibrant and new, while trapping any dust or dirt that may have accumulated otherwise.

3. Ensure that you maintain the picture in an area where there is minimal moisture buildup, as excess humidity can damage it over time.

4. Store it carefully if you’re not using it, as rough handling or too much pressure on the glass can cause the image to become smudged or distorted. Consider wrapping it carefully with acid-free paper or a special cloth preservative before setting it aside for storage purposes.

5. A little bit of additional shine may also be added by periodically wiping down the frame and glass carefully with a vinegar / water solution or non-abrasive polishing product specifically designed for frames and mirrors – following directions closely in order to achieve optimum results without sacrificing quality of life of your feng shui art piece!

Summary and Conclusion

2019 has been an interesting year in terms of feng shui pictures of saints. Feng Shui, meaning “wind-water”, is an ancient Chinese art form associated with balance and harmony between people and their environment. Through the use of various traditional items and chosen images of certain figures, it is believed that a person’s life energy can be positively enhanced or improved. This year, many people have adopted the practice of using pictures of saints in their feng shui routines in order to welcome peace and serenity into their home or office space. Not only are these images aesthetically pleasing, but they are believed to provide spiritual guidance and protection to those displaying them.

In conclusion, 2019 has seen a significant surge in the adoption of feng shui pictures of saints as part of design aesthetics in homes and offices. The visuals offer both beauty and spiritual sustenance; providing a sense peace and harmony to all who view them. As more individuals become mindful of the energies present within their environment, incorporating such figures puts one on the path towards enlightenment while helping bring abundance into everyday lives. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people to consider implementing these figures into their own spaces for an overall uplifting experience!

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