Where to Place Feng Shui Crystals

Introduction to Feng Shui Crystals

Feng Shui crystals, also known as cure stones, are a traditional symbol of protection and prosperous luck in Feng Shui. Historically, they were used to shield dwellings and sacred spaces from negative forces during times of upheaval and chaos. Today, however, feng shui crystals are still believed to create a positive vibration when placed in any area deemed auspicious by the home-dweller. Their crystal energy works to boost good vibes within a certain space as well as throughout an entire living environment.

But where exactly should these Feng Shui Crystals be placed? The most popular areas to install cure stones include strategic locations throughout the home such as entryways, windowsills and front porch thresholds. Because these are all transition points between the external and internal worlds, placing Feng Shui crystals here will help attract good fortune from the outside into your living space. It is also important to consider bedrooms when setting up cure stones for increased protection and strong vitality at night. Hang or place feng shui crystals over every bed in order to receive positive cosmic energy and amplify chi as you sleep. Additionally, if you choose specific gemstones attracting success and wealth like Pyrite or Aventurine, these should be placed on tables where money is handled (like desks) or near places where business decisions are made (such as conference tables).

While well considered placement helps maximize their effects on beneficial chi circulation within the space; it important to note that simply having Feng Shui Crystals present delivers spiritually calming energies while encouraging balance – no matter where they may reside!

Geomancy Considerations

When placing crystals within your home, it’s important to understand how their placement can affect the energy of a room. Placing crystals in the east, symbolizing nourishing energy, can restore peace and balance. On the other hand, you should never let sun exposure hit them directly; natural sunlight weakens the power of crystals and reduces the calming effect upon a space.

For more auspicious energies, aim to center all feng shui-related items between two anchors on opposing walls. This fusion of elements is what will bring an evenness in yin-yang principles. It creates harmonious flow throughout your residence so that every corner places a focus upon continuing to attract positive models within our lives.

Feng shui crystals don’t need to be placed just anywhere; it’s necessary to place them with intention, according to their symbolic patterns. Feng shui specialists refer to this process as geomancy because everything has meaning when placed in appropriate areas with purposeful consideration for achieving desired outcomes such as joy, clarity and prosperity. As time passes over several months or years after installation, you can evaluate progress accordingly as each crystal aligns with its particular region and takes into account both location and direction specified from its origin point.

Proper Placement Guidelines

Feng shui crystals bring positive energy into a space and serve as a catalyst for creating conducive, vibrant atmospheres. But obtaining them brings only half the benefit; it’s how you place them that counts. Following proper placement guidelines is essential to maximize the energy that each crystal holds.

When placing feng shui crystals in an indoor environment, it is important to know where the best placements are and what symbolic meanings they each have. Traditional Eastern philosophy believes that one should always place the crystal in its designated area in order to ensure maximum balance of energies. To begin, crystals should be placed in areas such as bedsides and desks, both of which are associated with restfulness and productivity respectively. In living rooms they can be put on coffee tables or shelves, while dining rooms may benefit from crystals placed on wall corners or ceilings.

It is just as important to establish protective measures when placing these objects in your home or office. Always avoid placing feng shui crystals on the floor and areas prone to crowds such as doorways or hallways. Pet curiosities may sometimes arise, so keeping them away from children and animals is also recommended for safety reasons. Additionally cleanse those crystals frequently to restore their powerful energy levels- use water (distilled preferably) with salt or quartz and rinse thoroughly before using again. Rotate their positions every now and then too lest their powerful effects go stale over time since same placements mean same vibrations!

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Delving Into Feng Shui Power Areas

Feng Shui crystals can be placed in the power areas known as the “Eight Trigrams” to maximize chi, or energy. These Trigrams are associated with particular directions, correspondences and symbols, which can help focus energy when placing a crystal. Each of the Eight Trigrams consists of three lines and represents a particular strength — such as wisdom, joy, reason, revenge, peace, vision and justice.

For example, one of the Eight Trigrams is Kan (Water). Its strength adds creativity and resourcefulness to one’s home. When combined with a crystal set in blue hues this strengthens this positive energy further. Other crystals that can be used include amethyst for healing; rose quartz for unconditional love; citrine for manifestation; jade for protection and clear quartz for power.

Choosing an appropriate location for your crystal is essential to gain its greatest benefit from it. The entryway of your home or office space is great place to start. Another effective spot is where two walls meet — think corners or edges of rooms — as these are considered “power spots” within feng shui principles. Placing your crystal in these areas will help to create balance and energize a specific area or direction within your abode or workspace according to one’s needs. Furthermore, crystals can also be placed near windowsills or doorways to create an “aura” protection barrier against negative energies coming in from outside elements such as electromagnetic stressors like electronic devices emitting radiation like Wi-Fi routers and cell phones uninterruptedly throughout the day. In addition, they may be placed near plants to positively affect their growth – just make sure not to over water!

Crystal Selection

When selecting feng shui crystals, their colors and shapes should be taken into consideration. Different colors and shapes of crystals can invoke positive energy, depending on the area of the home or office in which they are placed. Most commonly used colors for invoking positive energy are clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst. Depending on where you wish to place them, different colors may be more suitable.

For example, when choosing a crystal to place in the front entrance of your house or office space, you may want to choose a clear quartz or rose quartz crystal due to their ability to draw in good qi. A clear quartz crystal is known to attract abundance while a rose quartz crystal brings love and compassion. On the other hand, if you would like to place a crystal in your bedroom for peaceful sleep, an amethyst might be the best choice due it its calming effects and ability to relax energies that are not conducive for relaxation such as stress and anxiety. Other popular crystals for calming bedrooms include selenite and celestite as well as moonstone for couples who want more romantic energy in their bedroom.

In addition to color and shape considerations of feng shui crystals, size is important too! Smaller-sized crystals tend to be excellent choices for areas where there is not much space available such as on windowsills or smaller shelves. Larger pieces are great if you have enough room or table tops because they usually carry a greater impact with most people feeling its presence when they walk into a room – even just by standing in its vicinity!

Balancing the 5 Elements of Feng Shui

Placing Feng Shui crystals in a space can create a unique energy that radiates through the environment. This is due to the energetic properties of these crystals, which harness natural vibrations and offer protection as well. To begin, one should identify the five elements of Feng Shui: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Crystals with an affinity to each element should be placed strategically within the space in order to promote balance.

One of the most important principles of feng shui is using items with strong connections to their respective element. For example, stones connected with water (such as turquoise) should be placed in areas that correspond to wealth or other personal objectives (such as near furniture facing outwards). On the other hand, red jasper for fire associated spaces such as your kitchen stove area can protect against negative energy radiating from electronic devices in your home. Lastly, placing clear quartz crystal in family rooms or dining areas can focus on neutralizing chaotic energy from arguments or comfort stimulation of joyous moments during meals.

Candles And Feng Shui

Crystals can also be used for affirming intentions when placed in specific areas throughout your home or office. A great method for manifesting goals is activating crystals designed specifically for that purpose, like fluorescent quartz and chrysanthemum stone set around windowsill mirrors where they catch direct sunlight and easily shine cosmic wishes into reality. Remembering to keep all stones safely away from small children and animals so they can’t be ingested or break due to unfortunate circumstances will ensure you are keeping a clean line of feng shui vibrations without any external hindrance or other factors impacting its efficiency!

Utilizing the Ba-Gua System

The Ba-Gua, or the Eight Trigrams of Feng Shui energy, is an essential part of the practice. These 8 trigrams are used to calculate the wealth and direction of energy in any given space. By understanding how to use Fang Shui crystals in each area of the Ba-Gua, practitioners can seek to create areas of abundance symbolically within their own home.

The eight trigrams each represent a different area of life and fortune, and depending on where one’s property or main entrance door lies in relation to them will give valuable insight into where these stones should be strategically placed for maximum benefits. To start, if facing your front door from inside your house it will fall in either the North East, South East, South West or North West sector. This will determine which part of the baguacorresponds with that area of you home – for example if a person’s main entrance faced the North West then the Water trigram would correspond with that section of the home.

By understanding how these place together feng shui practitioners can place crystals within these energies to achieve maximum benefits such as invoking health luck (Health & Family), wealth luck (Wealth & Wealth), career luck (Career & Knowledge), love luck/relationship luck (Relationships & Love) and overall good fortune (Fame & Reputation). Depending on where they are placed they can maximize their properties such as amplifying energies itself by having facing mirroring stones placed across each other making a connection between them at an energetic level; having larger clusters in one spot representative various energies mixing together; or when hung with strings connecting them together creating patchways for higher frequencies down through space at lower levels below. There are many ways this ancient Chinese practice is utilized today for spiritual growth and manifesting a preferred lifestyle full abundant blessings!


When placing feng shui crystals, you should keep in mind the shape and size of the crystal. To understand which type to choose and where to place it in the home, you should consider which area of life is being addressed. Knowing this helps you to select a crystal that is compatible with the goal of balancing chi energy in the space. The first step is to identify the main purpose for placing feng shui crystals in your home or office space; whether for health, wealth, relationships, etc. Common areas to place feng shui crystals are near entryways such as doors and gateways, windows where energy can flow easily, focal points like fireplaces or mantels, inside kitchen cabinets and bedrooms, and even in bathrooms or shower areas. It is important to cleanse your crystals before placing them around living areas – this helps to remove negative energy associated with their use elsewhere or their journey from the store. Additionally, if certain feelings or emotions accompany particular locations within your environment it can become useful in guiding placement decisions as well. Remember proper placement will help amplify their energies throughout your home allowing you to experience more good fortune and balance powerful chi flows more effectively.

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