Feng Shui Charms and Crystals Meaning


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses the art of placement of objects to create harmonious energy in one’s environment. It has been used for thousands of years by practitioners to balance and improve one’s life through different means. Part of this practice involves using certain charms and crystals that are believed to have special powers and meanings to help create desired elements of a space.

Feng Shui charms come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from Chinese symbols like coins or dragons; Tibetan symbols such as windhorses; bell-like structures called ‘Tingsha’; and many more. Symbols often represent love, protection, comfort, luck, abundance and spiritual strength. Crystals also feature prominently in Feng Shui practices. Certain stones are believed to bring balance, harmony and wellbeing when placed carefully in your home. They harness the natural energies contained within crystals such as quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, jade and many others.

The origins of Feng Shui date back thousands of years to dynasties in China who used it for design purposes as well as for spiritual healing practices. Today it is practiced all over the world by believers because it is thought to offer a connection between mind body, soul and environment that no other system can provide. Through use of charms and crystals, Feng Shui practitioners work to balance Chi (the life force energy) by focusing on health & prosperity elements in order to attract good fortune into one’s life. By paying attention to small details such as length/placement/orientation/colour; positive outcomes will follow as a result – creating improved physical and emotional health – leading ultimately towards improved fortune & happiness!

The Meaning Behind Different Types of Charms and Crystals

Feng Shui charms and crystals can be used to attract positive energy into a space, as well as create an atmosphere that is conducive to self-reflection, relaxation and self-growth. In the practice of Feng Shui, each charm or crystal is believed to have its own meaning, from being associated with protection from negative energy or luck to enhancing relationships or even career success.

The most popular Feng Shui charms and crystals include chimes, flowers and stones. Chime bells are often used to attract good luck and prosperity. The bells create a gentle sound which brings in positive vibes. Flowers bring in physical beauty in addition to the uplifting scent they carry which helps one feel more harmonious; the arrangement of these flowers also helps direct the flow of energies throughout your environment. Stones such as jade and amethyst have long been recognised for their calming and peaceful benefits which help create balance within your space by diffusing overwhelming or chaotic energies. Crystals such as quartz, ruby, and citrine are believed to bring in positivity while providing emotional grounding when needed most.

Furthermore, many people choose coins and Chinese knots when using Feng Shui charm techniques believing they will help draw wealth into their lives while protecting them from danger. Coins symbolise the flow of money while Chinese knots are believed to ward off bad luck while bringing good luck at the same time. Other Feng Shui charm items like dream catchers are said to provide emotional clarity during meditation due their soothing effect; it has been known that dreams will become clearer during this process allowing for deeper understanding about what life may have in store for one’s future path. Additionally decorative items such as wind chimes increase one’s awareness of spiritual protection when placed overhead near main entries providing an opening for abundance and wealth into our lives. Therefore all these objects can serve different purposes depending on how they are incorporated into your surrounding environment, helping you manifest peace and wellness both emotionally and financially amongst other goals you could desire to accomplish further along on your journey.

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Choosing the Right Charm or Crystal For You

Finding the right charms and crystals to bring into your home or workspace for Feng Shui can be quite an overwhelming task. With so many different types out there, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you and your particular situation. However, the best way to select a charm or crystal that is a good fit for you is to follow your intuition. This can be done in a few different ways.

First, take some time to browse through the many options of charms or crystals available while keeping in mind what it is you are looking to achieve with them (moods, environment, goals). Clear your mind and focus on how each object makes you feel – do any of them feel particularly calming or energizing? Allow yourself to get drawn towards the ones that draw out an emotional reaction of some kind—whether positive or even negative—because this means they have a strong power over you. Once you have identified a few candidates, go back and look at why each one calls out to you and allows yourself to be guided by the emotions associated with them.

Another method for selecting the perfect charm or crystal for your needs is simply by sitting down quietly in a comfortable space and opening up yourself up to being receptive of any messages from spirit guides related to your goals. An intuitive process like this enables you to ask questions about what it is that you really need as well as receive answers from unknown source beyond yourself. In addition, make sure that both during this quiet time and while browsing through potential pieces that you trust yourself in terms of knowing what feels positive or negative throughout the process; think of these sensations as cues from higher wisdom meant just for you. Ultimately following this approach should lead you not only find an appropriate piece but also gain insight into how utilizing items such as these may benefit on a deeper level spiritually, emotionally and more.

Benefits of Feng Shui Charms and Crystals in the Home

The use of Feng Shui charms and crystals in a home can have a positive impact on the atmosphere. Whether it is for inviting luck, protection, or abundance into your life and space, the power of crystals and Feng Shui charm can bring about positive energy to your environment. Below are ways that the powers of these representations promote positive energy:

1. Radiating Positive Energy – The placement of crystals around the house helps to absorb negative energies from around you while radiating positive energy which spreads throughout the environment. This balance in energy will help create a peaceful feeling in the home.

2. Increasing Luck – Different shapes and colors of Feng Shui charms represent different components associated with increasing wealth, good fortune, health, protection and career success as these items absorbs or deflects energies in your surroundings. Some examples such as Ba Gua mirrors can be beneficial when hung outside your front door to redirect negativity away from home while Flowing coins placed inside your wallet helps bring good luck come wherever you go.

3. Abundance – Feng shui symbols such as abundance cranes are known for promoting material wealth enter into one’s life. These charms serve as powerful reminders that an abundant future is attainable with faith and earned through hard work if placed in areas such as home office to remind one’s ambitions and successes

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4. Protection – Dragon objects are known for their protective qualities especially when placed over the door way facing outward where it is believed that protect from any external negative forces coming into the home .

Placement, Cleaning and Caring for Charms and Crystals

Feng Shui charms are items that have been used for centuries to bring good luck, health, and well-being into one’s home or business. Crystals are among the most common Feng Shui charms and have a wide range of meanings depending on their color and shape. The proper placement of these charms is key; as it is believed that placing certain objects—whether crystals or other items—in certain areas will attract positive energy.

Cleaning and caring for these charms is essential: most should be cleaned once every few months with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime. Metal-based items like coins or wind chimes may require an occasional polishing with metal polish to keep them shining. The stones within the crystals may need to be oiled occasionally in order to protect them from harsh sunlight or humidity.

When positioning Feng Shui charms, it is important that they be placed at eye level in order to help focus positive energy in areas where needed. Charms can also be grouped together in order to attract more powerful positive energy while larger pieces, such as fountains, can be used to disperse energy more evenly throughout a space. Finally, if possible, all Feng Shui figures should face eastwardly in order to receive the most beneficial Chi energy from this direction.


Feng Shui has been practiced in China for centuries, and it is believed that certain objects have the power to bring good luck and fortune. Feng shui charms, also known as Chinese lucky charms, can be used to create balance and harmony. Additionally, crystals – such as jade, quartz, amethyst and tourmaline – are believed to have special healing properties that can help improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, they can also be used to simplify complex chi flows in a home in order to create balance and harmony.

Ultimately, incorporating feng shui charms and crystals into your home is essential if you’re looking to attract more happiness and abundance into it. Depending on your personal circumstances these charms or crystals can help you cultivate greater prosperity as well as stability in both love life or professional career. Their purpose is not only to energise every room with positive energy but also attract good luck money opportunities or better relationships. By analysing their placement within the house according to Chinese astrology principles one can achieve a greater sense of abundance which in turn helps creating balance between the energies of Yin (female) and Yang (male). Thus placing the appropriate crystals at different areas of the house will down look at different aspects of one’s life such as health, wealth finances or love life. As a result incorporating feng shui charms and crystal into the home could be an essential tool when improving one’s lifestyle quality.

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