Feng Shui Forest

Introduction to Feng Shui Forest

Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is an ancient Chinese practice rooted in the belief that activating positive energy, “qi”, in your environment can promote prosperity, good health and wellbeing. This positive energy is said to be linked to natural elements that govern the flow of energy through space, such as furniture arrangement, colour selection and décor placement. Feng shui strives to create a calm and nurturing living or work space through consciously combining these elements.

The idea behind feng shui forest is to arrange your home or office items according to these principles. The energy-enhancing activities that are mentioned above contribute to creating a haven of serenity and an environment that encourages self-development and improves life.

This concept has been proven effective for many centuries and can still be relevant today regardless of modern twists and turns. The underlying principles remain unchanged: by connecting with nature – which includes plants, trees but also sea views or mountain scapes – you gain access to Life’s promise, abundance in all its forms: joyous relationships, success at work, a healthy body and mind, taking care of the family’s needs; inner peace etc. In addition, Feng Shui Forest helps maintain balance between outer elements (material things), whether physical or metaphysical – like luck – which positively affects our daily lives.

Benefits of a Feng Shui Forest

A Feng Shui forest in your home provides unique and varied benefits. By strategically placing plants according to Taoist principles, manipulating the yin and yang energy within the room and increasing Chi throughout the house can be beneficial.

Having a Feng Shui forest helps create a calming atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and mental clarity. It can bring about balance between the five essential elements – earth, water, metal, wood, and fire – in order to develop an environment of harmony. The strong influence of plants in a space will also open up a vibrant energy flow for attracting wealth, health and success.

Feng Shui forests are known to be powerful purifiers that naturally release negative ions into the air, purifying it of allergens, dust mites and other impurities. The therapeutic effects of these forests extend to improving moods while reducing stress levels.

Finally, Feng Shui forests can bring an element of beauty into whatever space they occupy with its lush foliage – whether indoors or outdoors – creating a more inviting space for happiness to thrive.

Designing a Feng Shui Forest

When designing a Feng Shui forest, it is important to be mindful of the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each Element is associated with certain colors and plants. Begin by choosing a spot for your forest that has good energy flow – this may involve using compass and landform tools to select a space with suitable chi (energy). Ensure the area receives adequate sunlight during the day, but also has some shade from trees or buildings in order to create a balanced environment.

Feng Shui House Color Facing North

The next step is to decide which plants to include in your forest. There should be an even mix of vibrant colors and hues such as greens, blues, purples, yellows and reds – each color will represent an Element and will bring its own special energy. Choose plants that are easy to maintain while providing enough visual interest. Additionally, consider incorporating some edible plants such as herbs or fruits so you can benefit from their fresh produce! Plant trees such as pine or cherry blossom according to their elemental affinity; some interpretations suggest planting evergreen species near the entrance for protection.

Finally, it’s time to arrange your plants into an attractive design. Consider creating pathways with stepping stones surrounded by colorful blooms – this encourages a slow stroll through the blissful landscape within your garden where every element serves its own purpose in energizing your living space. Place water features in areas that associate with Wealth or Career pursuits according to Feng Shui principles (Water dominated areas promote career advancement). Revealing these secrets of nature can create a relaxing hub nestled between you and the natural world!

Practical Uses of Feng Shui Forest

Practical Uses of Feng Shui Forest:

1. Adding indoor plants that naturally remove excessive carbon dioxide, such as Areca Palms and Heart Leaf Philodendron, to help increase air quality.

2. Introduce water elements into the space, such as fountains or a fish tank, to create a calming atmosphere.

3. Create a spot in the home dedicated for practicing mindfulness by displaying items such as crystals and positive affirmations cards and adding natural incense for aromatherapy.

4. Display art works that include scenes from nature or beautiful landscape painting on your walls to bring in positivity into the space.

5. Make sure you have enough light to create a cheerful ambiance by utilizing large windows and strategically placed lighting fixtures like table lamps or wall scones throughout the home.

Harnessing these elements is important as they can help reduce stress and create an inviting atmosphere that promotes good health by improving air quality and creating a sense of calm and zen within one’s home.

Maintenance of a Feng Shui Forest

General Care & Maintenance Tips:

• Ensure that your Feng Shui forest is planted in an area with plenty of direct sunlight and indirect wind.

• Provide the plants with a regular watering schedule to ensure optimal health and growth.

• Prune trees and shrubs to open up the canopy for light penetration and reduce disease pressure.

Feng Shui Bedroom Compass Points

• Mulch around your feng shui forest to ensure nutrient retention, weed control, and moisture retention.

Pest Control:

• Release beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewing larvae, and predatory mites into your feng shui forest as natural pest control options.

• Plant companion plants to attract ladybugs and other beneficial insects which helps both pollination and pest control.

• Treat any weeds or pests with natural solutions like horticultural oils or neem oil before resorting to chemical compounds.

Over-Watering Protection:
• Encourage good drainage around your feng shui forest by laying down a layer of gravel or stones on the soil surface prior to planting it.

• Take measurements of the soil moisture around your garden as well as nearby grassy areas twice a week; this will allow you to monitor water levels.

• If necessary, apply an absorbent polymer granule soil additive that retains moisture when there’s too much rain or water is applied too frequently. This can help prevent root rot from developing due to overwatering in certain areas of the garden.

Trimming Plants:
• Install tall stakes or trellises among some of the taller plants in order to support their height as they grow taller than expected; trims are then needed less often if at all during maintenance visits.

• Single-stemmed woody ornamental plants that grow too tall need periodic trimming usually every two years; however, flowering shrubs may require pruning annually after blooming has finished each season.

• Limit trimming foliage during seasonal changes when possible since cutting too much might affect the appearance of the entire feng shui forest negatively


Feng Shui Forest is a unique practice of placing natural elements such as plants and rocks in your home or other space to create harmony and balance. The presence of Feng Shui forest in your home creates an aura of calmness and serenity, helping you relax and providing mental clarity. It can also help draw positive energy into the room, which promotes health and wellbeing. Additionally, it introduces beautiful colors, shapes, light, and energy that give life to any room or setting. Ultimately, having a Feng Shui forest in your home can bring multiple benefits including improved physical and mental health as well as overall wellbeing. This beneficial practice has been around for centuries now so one must take advantage of its fully-fledged potential to experience its remarkable advantages.

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