What Is The Feng Shui Color For 2020


Feng Shui is a system of arranging an environment in a manner that encourages the flow of positive energy, or Chi, in order to bring balance to individuals and their homes or businesses. By creating areas and introducing objects that generate and attract energy, Feng Shui seeks to bring luck, health and wealth. Typically characterized by five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) with associated colors—black, green, red/pink, brown/yellow/orange, white/gray—the color used each year evolves according to the Chinese New Year’s animal sign.

For 2020—which is the year of the Rat—the recommended Feng Shui color is white. The use of white represents clarity, purity and a fresh start for cultivating success during the year. White-colored items can be used throughout the home or business in order to create a calming atmosphere that radiates good fortune in all areas. Objects such as furniture made from light wood; bright white-colored pillows; plants with light gray leaves or stems; artwork or paintings featuring monochromatic color hues; and white frames for photos can successfully capture this powerful color. Decorative objects such as statues or sculptures with silver or light gray accents are also suitable for achieving this desired effect.

An Explanation Of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most important traditional Chinese holiday and marks the first day of the Lunar calendar. It is that time of year where families come together to celebrate and honor their ancestors. Red is traditionally used for decorations at Chinese New Year, as it is said to bring good luck. It has also been used to scare away evil spirits with its strong, vibrant color.

The year’s Feng Shui color dictates how energies will be in balance during the next 12 months. Therefore, what is believed to be the optimal color choice in 2020 is White (Metal Element). This pastel shade will symbolize clarity, energy renewal and protection against external energy that could potentially hinder your personal development during 2020. Using white in the home environment will allow for a more peaceful flow of these positive energies that can promote physical, mental and emotional health throughout this new year. Other colors associated with white are metallic tones such silver, grey, or platinum which can also be used for decoration purposes as a way to optimize feng shui potential in 2020.

The Meaning of Colors

Feng Shui is an ancient Asian philosophy that uses the energy of the environment to promote positive health, wealth and good luck. Colors are believed to have a powerful effect on the energy of a space, allowing us to create harmony and balance in our homes and workplaces. The color selection for a particular space should be based on the intended purpose of that area.

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For 2020, Feng Shui masters believe the lucky color associated with growth and prosperity is white. White is believed to attract positive energy and harmony, while promoting focus and clarity. It has also been known to help diminish stress levels in the home & work place by creating an atmosphere of serenity and purity. Pastel shades such as pink, baby blue or light green can be used for softer tones which still promote relaxation. On occasions bold, vibrant colors such as yellow or orange may be appropriate as these are thought to increase ambition & confidence levels in those present.

The Meaning Behind The 2020 Feng Shui Colors

The main colors associated with the Feng Shui of 2020 are blue, white, and gray. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, these colors all have a strong influence on the flow of positive chi (energy) in a space. Blue stands for harmony, white for clarity, and gray for flexibility – qualities that will be beneficial heading into the new year.

In addition to these core colors, green and pink are also associated with the Feng shui of 2020; each with their own special properties. Green is known as the color of growth and renewal, representation for prosperity, abundance and good fortune; while pink represents emotion and compassion. Both rose quartz – which is seen as a symbol of love – along with jade – promoting balance in one’s life – are also important elements that should be included in any feng shui-inspired decor this year.

Finally, onyx is believed to create greater protection amid challenging times, so having some objects made out of this material is highly recommended too. Taking care to infuse these various components into our day-to-day lives can bring us closer to achieving an increased sense of balance and self-enlightenment throughout 2020’s unique set of circumstances.

Feng Shui Color-Based Activities

In 2020, the Feng Shui color of the year is white. White symbolizes cleanliness and new beginnings. With this in mind, one way to incorporate Feng Shui colors into the home or office space is to choose items or paint colors with a white tone. When introducing any furniture or decor, consider adding pieces that are predominantly white in color with small accents of another color. Utilize natural elements and materials like wood, stone, and metal to add contrast, depth and texture while still following a white-based color scheme.

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When it comes to rearranging furniture in order to create a more harmonious living space, remember that lighter colors will give any room a feeling of openness yet remain in tune with the “new beginning” feeling associated with the Feng Shui color for 2020. Add pops of brightness around the home where possible but always find ways of keeping it tied back to a white based look.

For decorative items such as frames, vases, figurines or candles — focus on whites and off-whites rather than choosing bold colors which draw too much attention away from the positive energy created through incorporating this color into the environment. If you are wanting an accent item with a bit of contrast try items that have hints of other colors within an overall white hue. You may also bring in additional textures such as wood grain or faux fur for an added layer to your design complexity without taking away from your mostly white functional visual palette!


Feng Shui is a system of principles used to arrange elements of your home and life in order to create a more harmonious and balanced atmosphere. In 2020, using Feng Shui principles can be especially helpful in times of uncertainty as it can help bring peace, stability, and joy into our lives. The main color associated with Feng Shui in 2020 is white, which encourages clarity of thoughts and emotions and brings pure energy into the space. Other colors recommended for this year are blue, green and yellow – blue brings strength and confidence while green promotes good health; yellow fosters wisdom. Additionally, pink provides a feeling of romance and warmth while purple allows us to tap into our intuition. Finally, grey helps us focus on self-improvement and reflects inner peace. Whether it be through rearranging furniture or changing the color palette in your home – by applying these Feng Shui colors will prove beneficial for 2020 and beyond!

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