What is Good for Feng Shui Over Door


Feng Shui is a Chinese system of geomancy that originated over 5000 years ago during the Shang Dynasty. An ancient practice for achieving harmony between humans, their environment and the cosmic energies, Feng Shui is based on the belief that everything in nature has an energy and a purpose. Through proper alignment of these energies, it is believed that health, happiness and prosperity can all be achieved. Within the realm of Feng Shui, “over door” refers to items placed above doors, windows and other large openings which are believed to have a profound effect on the energy flow within the home.

In general, good Feng Shui over door includes any item that brings in positive energy. These items include natural elements such as plants or wind-chimes, crystals and colorful ribbons or lanterns. The type of item used will depend on what type of energy you wish to draw in, such as wealth or love. Other suggestions include placing mirrors above entryways to promote prosperous opportunities; lucky symbols such as coins hung close to an entrance; and displaying images of people or landscapes near an entryway for insight into emotions and motivations. In general, it is important to choose items that bring good vibes since bad luck can be blocked by these objects too!

Principles of Feng Shui Over Doors

When it comes to Feng Shui over doors, there are certain principles that should be taken into consideration. Firstly, it is essential to choose door designs that encourage the flow of Chi or energy; sharp edges and designs could disrupt the positive energies so rounded edges and simple designs are usually preferable. Additionally, try to avoid any type of metal door hardware, as too many metals concentrated in one space could also disrupt Chi. Additionally, ensure that a door does not swing towards another source of energy as this will have a negative impact on your overall energy flow. Finally, make sure that the doorknob is situated at less than shoulder-height whilst being easy to reach; this will help increase the amount of good fortune that can enter the home and diminish any bad luck entering through the door.

The Five Elements in Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy-based system of positivity and harmonies in a space. One aspect central to feng shui is the use of the five elements — Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood — throughout the home. When correctly applied to the door location, each of these elements can create an energy which leads to prosperity and good fortune.

Fire – As a source of divine energy and transformation, fire symbolizes protection from negative influences in Feng Shui. To welcome this element’s positive energy, place a bowl with red or orange decorations near the entranceway—this helps draw good luck into your space.

Earth – Representing safety and nurturing in Feng Shui, earth encourages stability—an ideal atmosphere for relaxation. To bring this element into your doorway positioning consider hanging wind chimes with shades of yellow and brown or placing a standing mirror near the door frame.

Metal – Glittering metal objects carry with them financial riches when it comes to their application in Feng Shui. Metal enhances communication between family members while also creating abundance in other areas such as health and relationships. Place small pieces of curved metal nearby the entranceway—such as shells or artwork featuring elaborate designs made from metaltextures—to attract positive energy to your home.

Water – Water signifies purity and flow in feng shui; its presence helps remove stagnant energies within a space that can negatively affect wellbeing overall.. To introduce water positive vibes at your front door area hang pictures related to oceans scenes or place small indoor fountain accents close by.

Wood – The symbolism behind wood relates to growth and progress; it prompts harmony between individuals living within the same space while providing strength necessary for success . Hang mirrors adorned with wood frames on either side of entryway to bring richness associated with this substance into your environment for greater good fortune outcomes overall..

What Factors to Consider When Placing Doors For Good Feng Shui

The placement of doors in a room, building, or home is an important factor when considering proper Feng Shui. Having the proper placement of doors can balance the energy of the space, bring in good luck, and create an inviting atmosphere. There are several factors to consider when placing doors for good Feng Shui.

One main consideration is the cardinal directions that must be respected. Doors should be placed to correspond with specific compass points. They also should not be obstructed or face walls or other structures that could keep positive energy out of a space. Additionally, having multiple entry points will help facilitate qi (energy) around a room, while having only one door can create a stale atmosphere. For example, if the front entrance is south-facing, it should be supported by another entrance preferably to the east or northeast so that qi can circulate freely within the space.

Feng Shui Front Door Color Facing East

Finally, color choice and material selection are important aspects of choosing doors for Feng Shui. Opting for rich colors partakes to a feeling of warmth and welcome and stimulates conversation within a space. Natural materials like wood will create a more harmonious environment as opposed to metallic materials which may conduct too much energy at once into a single spot leading unfavorable results.

Design Ideas to Increase Positive Energies Through Doors

Good feng shui design ideas for doors can include adding flora, such as a pot of flowers, a mini rock garden, or even luscious plants in ornate pots. These plants will act as air filters, bringing in fresh and vibrant energy while filtering out negative energy. Placing statuary near any door will add a harmonic vibration to the home. This can be anything from an animal spirit statue to a Dragon representation. Symbols like an infinity Ancient Chinese good luck charms are believed to protect from bad omens and misfortune. Mirrors located around exterior doors or entranceways will also reflect positivity into the environment in which it resides. By using these different elements of feng shui you can make inviting entrances that excite, comfort and encourage positive energies within your home. Having artwork symbolizing success mounted near the door is said to draw success into your life and amplifies entryways with positive energies responsible for transforming all aspects of one’s life for the better. Other great ideas include placing wind chimes near your entrances to release negative energy that could enter through open windows, or adding a small water feature near an entrance to stimulate wealth into your home while calming the atmosphere with tranquil sounds of flowing water. Last but not least, one should never forget the importance of lighting when attempting any kind of feng shui project; by installing ambient lighting near your doors you create welcoming entry points producing more harmonious energized areas within yourself and throughout your living space!

Nature Elements to Balance Good Feng Shui Over Doors

Good Feng Shui over doors involves infusing the space with nature elements to balance chi. Plants in particular have the unique ability to act as a natural air filter, improves air circulation and absorb excessive energy, helping to create a calming atmosphere around the entrance. Placing a pair of potted plants symmetrical on either side of the front door is ideal for promoting positive flow of chi. To add an extra layer of protection and vitality, hang an auspicious wind chime above the doorway or try hanging dreamcatchers with crystal strings for enhanced good luck and prosperity. For a more robust approach, use bamboo flutes tied together with red ribbons for wealth-wealthy décor that can protect against negative energy. Also placing serene fountains near entrances is important since water flows downward from higher ground and brings peace, good luck and fortune into your home or business entrance. Lastly, consider lighting up entry points with candles in colors like red or gold which represent love, wealth and joy as well as providing additional illumination during dark hours.

Specific Feng Shui Enhancements For Doors

There are a few specific enhancements that can be made to doors for good Feng Shui. One of the most important things to consider with doors is that the entrance must be easily seen and accessible. If a door is blocked by plants, furniture, or any other obstacles, it needs to be cleared so the energy can flow through unimpeded. The front door should also be free from clutter or nick-nacks so that chi does not become stagnant in this area.

Feng Shui colors are also important for over door décor. Red is especially auspicious as it brings in wealth and luck; yellow, blue and green colors have positive Qi as well. Greenery such as flowering plants or bamboo flutes also add positive energy outside of the home. Hanging a mirror in front of an entryway helps deflect any negative energy, while wind chimes add a heavenly note to the Feng Shui décor of the home. Other features to consider when applying Feng Shui over door decorations are lucky symbols; these could include dragons or Chinese coins. Adding bells bring joy and happiness into the home and affixing a “Fu” symbol knocks out negative influences from entering into your house . A horseshoe shape placed above the doorway adds protection against misfortune while images of rolling water create flow of positive energy throughout the house.

Door Types and their Connection to Good Feng Shui Flow

The type of door one chooses to have in the home is important when it comes to promoting positive feng shui energy flow. Different types of doors can either encourage the flow of positive chi, or obstruct it and create a stagnant energy that can impede other areas of life. It is important to consider door type when looking at how to make good feng shui over a doorway.

Feng Shui Apartment Entrance

Sliding doors usually work well for connecting two rooms together or separating one room from another, as these types of doors don’t take up much space. They also promote good chi flow due to their accessibility and minimal obstruction. It should be noted however, that if these doors lead out of a home, you may want to add something extra for security as sliding door locks are not always reliable.

Double-door entrances offer protection and allow chi to enter collective spaces such as a living room or kitchen in an orderly way. Double entryways also help establish boundaries between different rooms and prevent negative energy from entering your home depending on the material used; solid wood doors are best for this purpose while heavy double glass doors should be avoided because they do not prevent any obstruction of energy flow between interiors and exteriors.

Blinds, curtains or shutters are great options if doors need additional coverage without doing away with natural light circulation – although heavy designs may be too overwhelming and block harmony in the home instead! Lastly, door handles should be checked routinely as knobs broken off can inhibit chi from flowing freely through an interior space and create disharmony in the environment.

Overview of Common Feng Shui Mistakes To Avoid Over Doors

Feng shui is a system of energy flow which believes that Chi energy traveling through your home can both positively and negatively affect your life in various ways. To cultivate the positive chi energy, there are specific do’s and don’ts when it comes to doors. Here’s an overview of some common mistakes to avoid over doors:

1. Don’t Overcrowd a Doorway: Any kind of too much clutter or movement (such as artificial plants, decorations etc.) close to a door can inhibit the healthy flow of chi energy entering or exiting the interior space. Instead, strive for clothes storage or other organizational solutions that help keep clutter out of sight from around door frames.

2. Avoid Unsightly Items: If possible, try to hide any unsightly objects like garbage cans or laundry hampers away from view in back hallways or behind curtains if positioned near a doorway. This will help maintain the balance and harmony at the entrance way and create a better space for allowing good luck and positive vibes into your home.

3. Limit Door Knockers or Wind Chimes: You may want to limit what decorates the entrance way to just one small element such as one medium-sized wind chime or metal hand knocker because having too many could disturb the good flow of chi energy coming into and going out of your home. Also avoid items which have jagged edges – like mirrors – as they’re seen as a type of weapon associated with harm coming your way if placed incorrectly near a door frame, according to feng shui principles.

4. Turn Away From Protection Talismans: Though spiritual symbols like dragon statues are believed by some to protect homes from bad luck, using them in this manner goes against basic feng shui principles who believe those items should be facing outward, away from the home instead towards it – so you must carefully consider the tone any decorative item brings before attaching it near an entrance way either inside or outside your house altogether


The best way to maximize the positive feng shui of a doorway is to give it a good “first impression”. Make sure the door and its frames look inviting, with no dents ormarks that could lead to bad feng shui. Additionally, it is important to align the door in line with the building or house, as opposed to at an angle. The entrance should also be properly framed both above and below – this could mean flower pots, colorful plants, lamps and other decorations above or below the doorway. Furthermore, try placing symbols of prosperity above the door such as red ribbon or a Chinese coin – done correctly these should attract wealth and success into your home. Finally, if possible add wind chimes in order for positive energy to enter your home and swirl around it to bring luck and fortune.

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