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Feng Shui (or Chinese geomancy) is the traditional Chinese practice of harmonizing individuals with the surrounding environment. According to Feng Shui, the placement of objects in our space can impact characteristics such as fortune, health, luck and relationships. By incorporating art into a bedroom, an individual may be able to use this ancient practice to create an atmosphere that is both aesthetically pleasing and brings positive chi into their life. Art work over bed Feng Shui may involve the strategic placement of artwork in order to bring balance and promote harmony in a room. Feng Shui practitioner believes that placing artwork over the head of a bed helps bring positive energy into this area of the room and aids restful sleep.

The direction that artwork faces can also be crucial when considering Feng Shui. Traditional theories stipulate that pieces should face towards the door or entrance point of a room – which is interpreted as bringing good ‘orientations’ into it. Artwork can stimulate different feelings depending on how it is placed in accordance with whether or not it points towards restorative or stimulating energetic fields; it might take some trial and error until you find what works best for your bedroom space. Additionally, certain colours are believed to carry different energies; these vary from culture to culture so be sure to do some research specific to your circumstance before purchasing any paintings!

What Art Work is Best for Bedroom Feng Shui?

When choosing art work to hang over your bed in feng shui, it is important to be mindful of the energy that the piece exudes. The artwork should not be too stimulating or aggressive, as this could disrupt the balance of energy and keep you from getting a restful night’s sleep. Avoid paintings of cities, nighttime scenes and war-related images.

Instead, opt for artistic pieces that evoke peace, calm, and contentment. Look for images of tranquil scenes with beautiful landscapes and woodland settings; art featuring animals like birds or butterflies; and abstract or modern works of art depicting shapes and geometric patterns. All these will bring a harmonious energy into your bedroom space. Other visuals that are good for peaceful beds include reflective surfaces – such as mirrors – celestial symbols like stars or a moon; circular designs or colorful flowers that are uplifting but calming. Consider taking the time to choose art work that perfectly fits your needs and style in order to benefit from the positive energy they bring into your living space.

Benefits of Using Artwork Over Bed Feng Shui

Using artwork over bed Feng Shui can have some wonderful benefits! This practice can help to create a calm energy in the bedroom that encourages restful sleep, since Feng Shui is all about balancing and harmonizing a space’s energies. Whether you choose to hang a large piece of art above your bed or multiple smaller pieces, they often act as points of focus within a room and help to break up blank wall space.

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The type of artwork you choose is also important when using art work over bed Feng Shui. It’s best to opt for a calming image, such as nature scenes, abstract designs, calming colors, etc. That way it can helps cultivate more tranquil vibes which support peaceful sleep and relaxation. In addition to serving an aesthetic purpose in the bedroom, artwork also encourages positive energy flow throughout the home by stimulating different areas and elements. Whether you choose simplistic or intricate pieces, that beautiful presence in the bedroom will always be appreciated and promote prosperity no matter what kind of design you have!

Tips for Selecting the Right Artwork for Bedroom Feng Shui

When utilizing Feng Shui principles for selecting artwork over a bed, start by thinking about how the art choice should connect with the emotions and goals of you and your partner. To create a very personal display, opt for pieces that tangibly express emotions such as love, kindness, joy or appreciation like an abstract of two figures becoming one or wildflowers displaying heartfelt longing. If vanity or intimacy is the aim, choose creations that emphasize nudity like bronze statues of embrace or landscapes featuring mountain peaks in the background.

Additionally, consider using artwork to symbolically enhance any relationshiprelated goals you’ve set together like strengthening trust or creating security. Select items that represent cycles such as blossoming trees to visibly illustrate perseverance despite uncertainties in life or canvases decorated with smiling couples laughing together to reflect on a budding love. And if self-worth has been in decline lately, look for works depicting dragons hunting mighty beasts which are symbolic of personal triumphs even when faced with daunting odds. Artwork chosen carefully can be beneficial in conjuring meaningful messages while boosting romance or self-love as well as heightening moods overall throughout the bedroom.

Placement and Artwork Recommendations for the Bedroom

When considering artwork to hang over the bed, it is important to consider Feng Shui principles. According to this ancient practice, placing specific artwork over the bed can provide a good balance of energy in the bedroom and aid in relaxation. Some suggested artworks for hanging over the bed include calming landscapes such as beach scenes or serene nature scenes, images of yin and yang symbols, art that symbolizes love such as lovers embracing or hearts, photos of family and friends to surround you with feelings of comfort and protection, artwork featuring positive affirmations or messages of gratitude life’s abundance – anything that encourages positivity. Placement should be centered above and slightly higher than the middle of your mattress while avoiding images that represent danger, hostility or violence. Additionally, experts suggest that clusters of framed photographs should be avoided above beds as it can cause clutter that disrupt peaceful energy.

How to Enhance Feng Shui with the Right Art Choices

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of optimizing energy flows in a space for the well-being of its occupants. Artwork plays an important role in Feng Shui as it helps to create a calming and harmonious atmosphere. Here are several suggestions on how to choose art over your bed that will enhance Feng Shui:

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1. Choose artwork that evokes feelings of relaxation and peace. Art with tranquil scenes such as oceans, landscapes or nature can invoke feelings of tranquility and connection with the world around you while relieving stress and worry.

2. Look for artwork that follows the five elements of Feng Shui – earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. By incorporating these natural elements into your design, you can bring harmony to your room by creating a balanced energy flow.

3. Choose colors wisely– While any color can be used for Feng Shui purposes, certain colors are associated with specific qualities like red which stands for love and passion or green which symbolizes nature and growth courage and success. Choosing colors wisely will help balance the energy of the space.

4. Avoid displaying artwork depicting violence or distress such as war scenes or people arguing; instead choose art pieces with uplifting, inspiring messages . Also steer away from displaying anything with political undertones that could incitate negative emotions in a bedroom setting

5. Incorporate personal meaning into your art selection; selecting artwork or prints which remind you of positive memories or have motivational messages can improve your mood when spending time in your bedroom . These little touches make all the difference!


The practice of feng shui, originating from ancient Chinese culture, has been used for thousands of years to bring luck and good fortune into a person’s home and life. In particular, art work hung over a bed is said to lend the most beneficial energy. This type of feng shui can improve relationships and enliven creativity in the home.

In addition to the traditional Chinese visual aesthetic being pleasing to the eye, hanging an artwork or print over your bed encourages more harmony between partners in romantic relationships. Furthermore, having artwork over your bed symbolises dreams that you can pursue in life. Having artwork on your wall also brings prosperity and positive vibes into your space. Moreover, displaying motivational images or quotes encourages focus and clarity when making decisions in life. All these elements contribute to aiding one’s success by providing comfort and inspiration when needed. The artwork should be appropriate to one’s personal aesthetics while still conveying messages that are meaningful and inspiring – which may include images related to nature or abstract objects. Finally, art work hung over a bed can remind you not to take life too seriously but rather embrace it with enthusiasm every day as every moment is precious.

In conclusion, having art work hung over a bed is another form of feng shui that holds many benefits for its practitioners such as improved relationships, increased wealth and prosperity, motivation for pursuing goals, greater clarity when making decisions in life, as well as overall happiness and peace of mind.

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