Blue Mountain Feng Shui

Introduction to Blue Mountain Feng Shui

Blue Mountain Feng Shui is an ancient system of practice focused on the harmonious relationship between an individual and their environment. Its core principles involve elements of traditional Chinese medicine, astronomy, astrology and divination. The goal of Blue Mountain Feng Shui is to help individuals create a sense of balance in their lives, transforming the energetic fields around them through the use of specific symbols and arrangements.

The origins of Blue Mountain Feng Shui date back over 3,000 years and it was believed to be used by ancient Chinese Emperors during times of war. It pinpoints negative energies that can block prosperity, harmony, happiness and peace in homes or places of business. To address these areas it prescribes the use of symbols such as wind-horse charms and nine-dragon mirrors which can have a powerful effect when properly placed in locations where negative energy is suspected to exist.

To pronounce Blue Mountain Feng Shui correctly, one should first learn the tones for each word: ‘Feng’ rhymes with ‘Beng’, ‘Shui’ – ‘shway’. Then emphasis all three words equally in length as phased below – ‘Bluue Mounntain Feng Shui’.

Overview of Techniques & Benefits

Blue Mountain Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy-based system of geomancy and spiritual practices. It empowers individuals by helping them to reach balance within their environment and promote harmony with the universe around them. The belief behind Blue Mountain Feng Shui is that through awareness and rearrangement of furniture, decorations and architecture, any space can become energized with life, luck and positivity.

The three primary benefits of Blue Mountain Feng Shui are improving physical health, mental clarity, and economic prosperity. In terms of physical health: the intention behind opening windows in a home or office is to allow the chi energy (life force) to circulate throughout the rooms – which helps you to stay relaxed by breathing in fresh air while retaining a sense of letting go of negative, stagnant energy stored in the body or space. With improved mental clarity: the practice involves understanding how the elemental energies function together in correlation with Yin Yang balance to best assess any particular location’s existing energy field. As for economic prosperity: concentrating on specific colors associated with wealth such as red or blue can be used alongside other objects like metal wind chimes to attract abundance from all directions.

Examples: To use Feng Shui for physical health we would assess which direction your main door opens (the East entrance is ideal) along with making sure all lights around windows are turned off before sleeping so that chi flows freely through your home/office during restful times. For mental clarity, it’s important to understand how the Five Elements interact over time moves you toward greater insight into yourself and others. Finally if aiming for improvements in prosperity try placing mirrors within a room so it increases outwards wealth potential and fills the area with vibrant positive energy!

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Tips for Utilizing Blue Mountain Feng Shui in Your Home

Blue Mountain Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice for bringing balance, harmony, and energy into our living spaces. It is based upon the theories of Yin and Yang, which relate the five fundamental elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—to nature’s cycle and their effects on people.

To incorporate Blue Mountain Feng Shui into your home there are some key steps that need to be taken.

1. Identification – Identify which aspects of your home you would like to improve using Blue Mountain Feng Shui.

2. Preparation – Clear any obstacles which might inhibit positive energy flow in your home such as removing clutter or rearranging furniture to increase open space.

3. Activation – Choose items in line with the five fundamental elements that activate the areas where changes are desired such as placing a green plant in a northeast corner for fertility or hanging crystals by windows to draw energy outside.

4. Organization– Establish a designated area for each element such as putting a small water fountain in East-facing window for increased clarity and wisdom or displaying pebbles by door/window to provide protection from outside sources of disruption defined by ‘sha chi’ (hostile energy).

5. Balance– Establish balance through placing objects at evenly spaced intervals so as not overwhelm selected sections; this also facilitates ease when harmonizing Yin (passive) and Yang (active) entities within the same environment.

6. Maintenance– Monitor the level of success achieved via regular maintenance – keep a check on arranged objects to ensure they are still making progress towards original goals set; if not then make necessary adjustments until desired effects take place.

Benefits of Consulting a Professional

The traditional practice of Blue Mountain Feng Shui has many benefits. By consulting a professional, individuals can gain the knowledge and expertise to improve their lives and the energy in their environment. Professional help can provide insight on the best way to implement Feng Shui principles, pinpoint areas of imbalance within a home or workspace, offer customized upgrades, and give advice for making informed decisions about any concerns or issues related to Feng Shui.

A professional consultant in Blue Mountain Feng Shui can also provide added benefit to those interested in this tradition. A consultant will be able to evaluate a space from an esoteric perspective and identify certain key elements that influence its energy flow. The consultant will then have the expertise to create custom recommendations that fit with the particular space and individual’s lifestyle preferences and needs. Examples of professional services may include: careful placement of furniture, artwork, crystals, plants; guidance on energy clearing ritual practices; personalized data collections such as birthdates; positioning of mirrors/located light sources/air-flow evaluation; selection/placement assistance for Buddha statues/deities/icons; Yin Yang readings; activation of dormant energy channels through rituals and intention setting; selecting interior colors; selecting support stones based on numerology; incorporating symbols into a space (i.e dragon designs); practical advice on decluttering for positive energies ; analysis for blocked chi flows due to clutter or disruptive shapes present in a room . Ultimately, each transformation is unique and tailored specifically according to the requirements of an individual’s case.

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DIY Solutions & Ideas

Blue Mountain Feng Shui is a great way to add a touch of harmony and balance to your home, but it can often be expensive. Thankfully, there are simple, budget-friendly ways to incorporate Blue Mountain Feng Shui into a home or office. To start, use soft muted colors that evoke peacefulness and serenity, such as sage green or sky blue throughout the room. Use plants or flowers like bamboo or white lilies to spread positive energy throughout the space. This can be placed strategically around the room or throughout windowsills and tabletops to create an inviting environment. To further enhance the area with Blue Mountain Feng Shui on a budget, hang mirrors in places of energy imbalance and burn incense such as sandalwood or jasmine. Also try scattering gemstones such as rose quartz along doorways as many believe that this draws in positive energy. Finally, adding aromatherapy candles around the house will help relax any feelings of tension and anxiety and provide additional harmony to the space. With these simple tricks, any homeowner can create a calming atmosphere infused with Blue Mountain Feng Shui without breaking the bank!



Blue Mountain Feng Shui has become an increasingly popular form of interior design because of its philosophy and benefits. It is a holistic, life-supporting system approach to creating harmony in one’s living or working space. With the right positioning of furniture, colors, and images it is possible to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance in a given environment that is based on the principles of Yin and Yang.

Summary & Takeaways
Blue Mountain Feng Shui applies principles of Yin and Yang to create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance within our living or working spaces. Its practice involves using colors, furniture placement and images strategically in order to create this sense of balance. This thorough approach can benefit individuals feeling overwhelmed with chaos around them!

Benefits of Practicing Blue Mountain Feng Shui
Practicing Blue Mountain Feng Shui allows an individual to restore a sense of order in their life. This can lead to increased productivity and creativity as well as overall wellbeing. Additionally, it can bring clarity into a space filled with clutter; transforming chaos into peace which leads to enhanced experiences of well being!

Next Steps
Start learning more about Blue Mountain Feng Shui by examining the basic principles associated with the practice (Yin/Yang). Additionally researching space clearing methods as well studying feng shui cures can help further enhance your knowledge base on how to properly apply these methods within your space including ways to integrate it into your own personal life experiences!

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