West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui

The principles of West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui can help bring balance and order into your life to improve your living environment. The goal is to promote positive energy flow, enabling its occupant to maximize their potential. Classically, feng shui suggests arranging the furniture and objects in the bedroom based on the eight trigrams of the ancient Chinese Book of Changes I-Ching.

When it comes to a west facing bedroom, there are two primary areas to consider when configuring the space – Balance & Furniture Placement and Color Choices. According to feng shui practitioners, correctly arranged, these can create a harmonious atmosphere that facilitates restful sleep and invites positive energy into your life.

Balance & Furniture Placement recommend creating an inviting and open atmosphere where one can relax in both comfort and privacy. It’s important that furniture pieces be placed and balanced symmetrically around the room – rooms with furniture clustered at one end clutter up free energy flow more than those with more evenly distributed pieces throughout the space.

Items such as photo frames or trinkets should also be located on small shelves rather than on top of dressers or nightstands which can block free flowing energy from passing by unobstructed.

Color Choices – Colors are a key part of any room including a west facing bedroom – it’s highly recommended choosing warm shades like yellows and blues as they represent relaxation and stand for calmness. Keeping walls clean white is another option; since west facing windows let in considerable light during sunsets afternoons, this color gives off a very pleasing effect while providing protection against too much brightness entering into the room due to direct sun exposure.

Avoiding harsh colors such as reds or purples is especially important in this direction as they often mingle negatively with other aspects already present in nature surprising them adversely energizing them instead.

Benefits of West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui

West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui is said to be a viable way to reduce stress and improve sleep. This holistic practice uses elements of space and energy to create an atmosphere that encourages peace, balance, and a natural state of mindfulness. Implementing this type of design can have beneficial effects on one’s personal wellbeing.

The principles underlying West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui dictate that the position of the bed in the bedroom should not be opposite of any doors or windows, as this could symbolize an unbalanced flow of energy into the room. Additionally, all décor should be kept neutral, organized, and non-chaotic in appearance to promote positive serenity in the environment.

Organic textures can be incorporated throughout the space to help channel good energy into it. These materials include plants such as bamboo or ficus as well as soft curtains or linens like cotton or linen blankets. Additionally, introducing items such as relaxing lights or calming artwork in order to fill the room with comforting background noise helps foster an ambiance that encourages restfulness.

Beneficial Practices

  • Position bed away from any doors or windows
  • Keep décor non-chaotic and organized
  • Incorporate organic textures found in plants and fabrics
  • Introduce relaxing lights or calming artwork
  • Use color psychology when selecting hues for walls/decor

Setting Up the Ideal West Facing Bedroom Layout

  • Position your bed away from the window to encourage better sleep quality.
  • Place a piece of art on the west wall to activate creative thinking.
  • Hang a crystal ball or windchime off of your bedside tables/shelving for extra energy
  • Avoid sitting too close to the front window in order to reduce exposure to harmful radiation and unbalanced energies.
  • Do not place any sharp objects like an old photo frames or antique furniture on the West side as they will act as ‘poison arrows’ which attract negative energy.
  • Do not have any kind of plants near your bed as this can cause stagnant energy.

Feng Shui has been used for centuries by many people all over the world, and one particular room in the house can benefit greatly from these ancient practices – the bedroom. In this article we will be looking at Feng Shui for a west facing bedroom, outlining some very important tips and information that one should bear in mind when designing their personal sanctuary.

A few key strategies that should be implemented include making sure that you keep your bed away from direct shafts of sunlight, hang a crystal ball or wind chime off of a side table to increase energy, and do not include any kind of plants near your bed. It is also important that any artwork placed on the walls should be those which focus on themes related to creativity.

For optimum benefits with a west-facing bedroom, it is best if you use earth colors such as greys, blues and browns as these tones are deeply representative of both clarity and dependability – two pillars essential for relaxation and proper restful nights sleep. Light candles before sleeping if appropriate elements are installed around the area – just be sure never to light up any plant-based oils near your sleeping spot.

Plants Feng Shui Bedroom Snake Plant

An element popularly used within Feng Shui is metal – images surrounding metal feature heavily when discussing finding balance within different living spaces so bringing metallic calendars or lanterns into room interiors could be something worth considering if you want balance renewal yearly or more often than that.

Colours and Decorations to Incorporate

In order to achieve perfect West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui, it is important to choose the right colours and décor. Choosing colours that are balanced and complimentary can help create an environment that promotes positive energy to flow through your bedroom. Here are some recommended colours for a West Facing Bedroom:

  • Earth tones: earth tones promote grounding and provide a sense of stability and balance
  • Soft blues and lavenders: create a calming environment in the bedroom
  • Grays: this colour is great for promoting concentration
  • Ocean shades like turquoise or aquamarine: stimulate creativity and intuition

The décor of the room should also take into account West Facing Feng Shui principles. In particular, any type of clutter should be kept to a minimum to promote the flow of positive energy throughout the space. Mirrors should also be used sparingly as large amounts can encourage disruption of energy patterns in the bedroom.

Instead of using mirrors, symbols such as fountains or artwork reflecting natural elements can be used instead. Natural light should also be taken advantage of by keeping blackout curtains open during daylight hours. A salt lamp or artificial lighting such as table lamps can be used for evening lightings needs.

It is equally important not to ignore any decorative accents when selecting an appropriate ambiance for your West Facing Bedroom. Aromatherapy candles with scents like lavender or jasmine can help infuse relaxing vibes into the room while crystals and plants are excellent for boosting vitality within the space.

Maximizing the Energy Flow

When it comes to creating a positive energy flow within the home, West facing bedroom feng shui plays an important role. Feng Shui can be used to increase the energy in a room as well as harmonize its elements in order to help create a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Arrangement of Furniture

The first step to maximizing this energy is to properly arrange the furniture in the room. It is recommended that you place furniture along the walls for balance and stability. Make sure that all pieces face outward towards an open space and are not blocking any of the corners or sides of the room. This will allow for easy movement of energy and proper distribution throughout the entire area.

Use Soft Colours

Using soft, light colors such as white, yellow or pastels may also help promote a feeling of tranquillity within the West facing bedroom feng shui setup. Darker colors should be avoided since they may reflect negativity or stagnation into the space. Pay special attention to lighting in this side of the house as too little will make it seem dark and oppressive while too much could overwhelm it with brightness which can also lead to feelings of uneasiness or instability.

Creating Positive Aromas

Creating positive aromas can also be achieved through appropriate use of essential oils and incense sticks. The scents should be gentle yet soothing, focusing on pleasant fragrances such as lavender or chamomile which may help induce feelings of peace, comfort, and serenity by altering both our emotional and physical states drastically due to their aromatherapeutic properties. Additionally, burning sage is another great way to purify negative energies from any given space with its aroma helping us relax even further.

Potential Hazards

West facing bedrooms can be quite unlucky in terms of their Feng Shui, as the energy from West is known to flow outward and promote restlessness. This energy direction may cause issues such as a lack of focus and difficulty concentrating for inhabitants of such rooms. Additionally, due to the fact that East-facing rooms generally obtain the most vibrant energy at sunrise, it may be difficult to wake up feeling refreshed in a west room.

Luckily, there are many practical steps one can take to control this type of ‘outward’ energy and turn it into something more balanced. The following is a list outlining some simple tips for preventing negative energy from accumulating in a West facing bedroom:

  • Ensure Proper Placement of Furniture: Furniture should preferably be placed along the walls, away from the centre of the room. Furthermore, furniture should not cover any doors leading into the bedroom since this traps both positive and negative energies inside.
  • Put Up Mirrors Strategically: A large full-length mirror should be hung on an opposing wall to the west side window, helping to block out and distribute any excess energy escaping via it.
  • Install Wind Chimes Outside:Wind chimes have long been used throughout history for their powerful effects on chi flow. Installing wind chimes outside near a West window will allow them to catch breezes that carry vibrations that can diffuse challenging energy before entering the home.
  • BringIn More Light Sources:Using light fixtures strategically around a West facing room will brighten and warm up its atmosphere. Make sure all lamps utilize natural light bulbs or alternatively LED light bulbs with a temperature of 2700K or less; this creates a softer lighting effect.
Window Feng Shui Bedroom

Guidelines for Integration

Bedrooms with a West facing orientation are particularly ideal for sleep if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. As the sun sets in the West, this orientation is said to be associated with happiness and communication, and can even activate those traits for its dwellers.

Incorporating West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui when decorating is one way of maximizing these attributes. When making changes to a room’s design that faces West, there are a few points that must first be taken into consideration.

The most important thing to consider is the color scheme of the bedroom. Earthy or warm colors such as reds, oranges, and yellow should be present in order to balance out the energy of the space-as Well as drawn out any potential negativity that may be exuding from its cardinal direction.

A great way to accomplish this is by adding accents like pillows, throws, artwork and wall art depicting scenes or colors of similar hues. Additionally, lighting can also help enhance any desired vibes; natural sunlight can be utilized through well-placed windows or sheer curtains while artificial lights should serve more as functional fixtures than decorative ones so as not to overwhelm the space with too much brightness or flicker on and off while someone sleeps.

To increase positive energies within a west-facing bedroom it’s recommended to place items like windchimes near a window or incorporate wood furniture pieces to emulate nature elements. If there’s room in your space come aspect should point directly towards other portions of it-this includes mirrors which can act as portals for unwanted Chi reflecting back at a person who sleeps within it so they’re best placed elsewhere (or just hung high).

Lastly plants like succulents offer purifying qualities which makes them ideal for almost any environment; purposely position these on nightstands, dressers and shelves for an extra layer of protection against negative influences coming from what lies outside of our boundaries.


West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui is a great way to encourage relaxation, comfort and love in the home. According to tradition, West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui should be applied when decorating or renovating a bedroom that faces west. Applying this ancient practice can bring you not only financial and physical prosperity but also mental well-being.

One of the most beneficial effects of applying West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui in your home is the serenity it can create. It is said that a person’s energy flows better when the direction of their bedroom is from the south-west towards north-east – the direction of tranquility and peace. Placing soothing hues of blues, greens and purples will help to reinforce this calming intention.

The West facing bed should be placed on the west wall as close as possible for greatest results. Additionally, it is recommended that there not be any other clutter near your bed, like a desk or even an armchair which could distract your energy flow while sleeping.

Water elements are especially important when positioning your bed according to traditional West Facing Bedroom Feng Shui principles. Introducing water elements such as an aquarium in the southwest corner, elaborate mirror frame or soft flowing curtains can stimulate creativity while promoting restful sleep.

A wind chime hanging in front of a window in the west area can add to this tranquil energy by producing calming tones with each wind gust that’s experienced throughout the home; our eardrums automatically relax whenever we hear these low tones reverberate around us which helps lull us into a peaceful sleep during nighttime hours.

Further benefits may include improved family relationships and overall happiness within the household by following these basic Feng Shui principles for West Facing Bedrooms. Applying this practice also decreases interruptions from guests, uninvited bothers or siblings because everyone feels so relaxed it’s unlikely anyone would want to intrude upon another’s serenity during precious slumber time.

When we adopt West Facing principles into our sleep space we invite constructive qi energy into our lives inviting wealth, health & happiness with each passing evening.

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