Location Of Master Bedroom In Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy and practice of creating harmonious environments to bring balance and luck into one’s life. The main idea behind Feng Shui is that the layout of our home can provide beneficial energy flow which, in turn, influences our well-being. This affects everything from our relationship with others to our financial outlook. With this in mind, location of the master bedroom is extremely important in order to achieve optimal Feng Shui energy.

Positive Effects Of Locating Master Bedroom In The Right Place When it comes to Feng Shui, positioning our primary living space where we rest and rejuvenate is very important because it affects the chi energy which should be balanced and positive. Specifically when a master bedroom is placed opposite from the main door or entrance, it maximizes good fortune pouring into the home since your sleeping area can draw prosperous luck towards you more easily.

If placed correctly, your room will ensure that its inhabitants (you and your family) enjoy ample protection and restful sleep throughout their day-to-day lives so they are prepared for anything life might bring their way.

Choosing The Right Direction For Your Master Bedroom & Guidelines for a Favorable Location Feng Shui guidelines suggest placing the master bedroom in such a way that its occupants feel safest from whatever potential threats might enter the dwelling without having to worry about harmful energies making their way inside as well.

That can be achieved by locating it in either east or south directions while keeping doors and windows clear of any obstructions so good fortune can flow freely through them, bringing positive energy into the house.

It’s also recommended to keep electronic devices away from this particular room as much as possible as their EMFs may negatively affect chi energy balance since they carry unnatural energetic vibes which have been known to interfere with healthy sleep patterns as well.

Understanding the Energy Map

The “Ba-Gua” is a popular element in traditional Chinese Feng Shui; it is an eight sided template that symbolizes different aspects of life. Each face is associated with a specific topic such as career, fame, relationships and other important areas.

It allows the practice to organize and enhance the flow of qi (energy) in a space; helping to create balance and harmony. When mapping out a home or office space, one of the essentials to properly applying feng shui is knowing where the master bedroom should be located.

When considering where to place the bed within the master bedroom, occupancy of each sector should be kept in mind. The bagua map can help you pinpoint which direction your bed should face for optimal energy flow; this will help encourage positive opportunities in life as well as proper rest at night.

In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, furniture like beds and seating should always obey the rules of either facing or pushing out energy away from them; following these guidelines helps strengthen personal aura of wellbeing and peace.

Choosing wisely ensures you are both allowing good fortune into your space and also preventing negative energy from entering. The southeast area is usually recommended for placing the master bedroom due its influx of creative energy which can highly beneficial for couples looking to conceive or for households full of children in need of stimulation and growth.

Contrary to popular belief, beds are not suggested east facing as this tends to attract excess energy which won’t bode well for sleep quality or overall health income mente wise. Setting off with correct Bagua provides guidance on how to arrange furniture accordingly when choosing certain colors or even what type items make best use of available space composition-wise which orients homeowners to successful outcomes both physically ad spiritually.

Achieving Balance with Feng Shui

Being mindful of the dualistic principle of yin-yang when it comes to placing a master bedroom in your home according to feng shui is essential for achieving balance. The placement of the room changes the energy of the entire house, making it welcoming for inhabitants and visitors alike.

Understanding how to take full advantage of feng shui principles surrounding layout and structure can make a world of difference in optimizing your space. Balance, enrichment, and tranquility are all achievable just by knowing where to place things. To that end:

  • Knowing which direction is favorable for the placement of the master bedroom is crucial
  • The proper orientation should take into account factors such as existing outdoor plants and trees
  • Choose an area with minimal streets or pathways around it
Feng Shui Bedroom Colors 2021

Practically, this means that bedrooms should never be placed directly facing the street or they will lose vital ‘chi’ – life force energy – quickly. You also don’t want direct exposure from neighbors due to privacy concerns but also because you don’t need somebody else’s “energy invites” entering your premises. In this case, curtains and blinds come in handy. You’ll create a sense of seclusion and security while blocking out those external influences.

A good practice is to have any outdoor spaces (such as gardens) facing east or south, enabling sunlight to come into the bedroom during waking hours without disturbing sleep patterns. Windows should be opened on both sides for improved air flow, however make sure there isn’t any clutter below them as this stops energy from flowing properly throughout the house.

Finally, avoid negative obstacles (such as hills) behind you upon entering, otherwise feeling physically blocked when doing so will leave everyone feeling uncomfortable wherever they go in the house bringing down overall confidence levels.

Bedroom Placement in the Ba-Gua Map

In Feng Shui, the master bedroom is the most important room of the house. Properly placing it helps to maximize positive energy and create harmony in the home. So it’s important to understand where the master bedroom fits into the ba-gua map that is divided into eight sections according to a compass. Research has shown that this plays an integral role in how energy flows throughout the building, or in this case, your home.

The ba-gua map is a graphical representation of which elements should be placed where in order to ensure good Feng Shui for your space. Each section (or trigram) can represent places within a house and have different meanings as well as associated symbols that can influence its energy flow.

The northeast part of the map symbolizes knowledge and education, while the south symbolizes fame and reputations – which would make sense why you would want your master bedroom here. Southwest is represented by love and relationships making it another great option for couples who want to strengthen their bond.

When using ba-gua mapping, it’s best to place furniture pieces that bring you comfort-as comfort can promote positive feelings about space both physically and psychologically-in those directional areas allotted for them on the map. This includes considering colors or artwork for walls or doors depending on what further adds meaning into each sector; boosting positive Feng Shui even further into a room.

Say if you need more money flow going through your home, including purple tones in northwest area (as well as filling that area with items that represent abundance) will help boost financial energy through your house too. This simple act can do wonders when looking at redesigning a potential master bedroom location according to Feng Shui ideology.

Biggest Feng Shui Mistakes

The location and arrangement of the master bedroom is one of the most important items to consider when applying Feng Shui principles. Generally, it’s best to have a southwest location, as this is said to bring fortune, growth and good luck into your life. To optimize the energy flow, avoid having pointed objects like ceiling beams pointing directly at the bed.

When considering where to place the bedroom, other factors should be taken into account as well. It’s ideal for there to be no walls parallel with each other in adjacent rooms; this ensures good chi circulation throughout a space. The master bedroom should receive lots of light and air that isn’t obstructed by any nearby corners or contrasting surfaces. Furthermore, ensure that bright colors are used sparingly in order to create a tranquil ambiance for relaxation.

Some common mistakes associated with Feng Shui and fear-inspired rules about proper placement of a master bedroom include:

  • Do not place near exterior doors
  • Do not place under windows or near ice makers
  • Do not paint walls or furniture white

Although these statements may sound genuine they are not practical and are more superstitions than wisdom. Placing the bedroom near an exterior door creates direct access for positive energy from outside, filling one with vitality and introducing new opportunities over time. Additionally, painting walls or furniture white isn’t always negative – if done tastefully it can evoke feelings of openness and clarity without diminishing energy.

Green Color For Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom Placement Tips & Tricks

When it comes to incorporating feng shui into the home, the placement of the master bedroom is of utmost importance. Using tips and tricks from this ancient Chinese practice, couples can create an inviting space that encourages relaxation, good sleep hygiene, and optimal living in general.

Incorporating the right elements into a bedroom plays an essential role in getting good energy flow throughout the home. The primary four considerations when gearing up for a feng shui friendly master bedroom are:

  • Color
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Design of bed

When considering color for a bedroom, warm colors like beige, pink and yellow are encouraged as they promote feelings of love, comfort and peace. Cooler colors-blue or green-are also recommended as they signal restful energy.

Bold colors like red should be used sparingly to accentuate where needed since these could lead to aggression and agitation when used dominantly. It is important to toe the line here when considering color; all around positive vibes is key for this particular specific space.

The materials used should match house style with several prime options available depending on desired aesthetics. Soft options like silk help lock in warmth while promoting peaceful energy that helps induce deeper sleep and even better restorative slumber cycles throughout the night. Furniture with rounded edges should also be embraced over sharp ones where possible for smoother energy flow throughout the room and encourage natural movements about the space without creating any obstacles or blocking any pathways.

For proper design of master beds, it is important not to line them up against a wall with windows behind them as this encourages qi stagnation-aka negative energy hindering life progression-that leaks out through portals such as windows and doors leading to feelings somewhere between uncertainty and unease.

As such beds should instead face away from exterior walls towards interior hallways or closets within bedrooms instead for better vibes as exterior influences can then be minimized effectively without destroying serenity within the room.

Choosing a Suitable Bed Frame & Mattress

The aesthetic and furniture design of the master bedroom can impact the energy flow – a key component in achieving optimal Feng Shui. A premium bed frame and mattress combination is one of the most important pieces of furniture in creating the right flow throughout the space.

When it comes to choosing a suitable bed frame and mattress, color and fabric are two major factors to consider when crafting an aesthetically pleasing room with harmonious energy flow:

  1. The Color- Lighter color palettes emit brighter energies than darker hues. Calming, non-stimulating colors like pastel blues, creams, greys or whites are suitable for bedrooms to help you relax after a long day.
  2. Fabrics – The textiles used on your bed linens such as cotton or linen provide comfort that not only helps you relax but encourages restful sleep. For other textures in your bedroom, fabrics such as velvet and brocade add warmth while silk conveys wealth and abundance.

Finally, choose bedding materials and accessories that fit into your desired energy flow; smooth edges from benches to carpets for calming energy, a cozy throw blanket for love and attention or plush pillows for strength & support. Elevate the character and purpose of your space with details like these.


In conclusion, having a good Feng Shui in the master bedroom is very important. It goes far beyond just keeping our bedrooms organized and decluttered. Being mindful of the direction, location and environment are all necessary elements to ensure an optimal layout that will welcome good energy into the home.

The ideal master bedroom should be placed in the rear sector of a home and near the entrance which symbolizes safety and trust within relationships. Additionally, it is paramount for everything from big pieces such as the bed and furniture to small objects like artwork and decorations to be properly placed around the room to balance energy flow.

Despite taking some time to achieve the best Feng Shui set-up for your master bedroom, you can trust that you can reap positive vibes by following these steps.

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