Feng Shui Small Bedroom With Desk

Feng Shui, an ancient Eastern philosophy, is based on the belief that a balance of energy flows throughout surrounding environments and affects both mood and well-being. According to its principles, when small bedrooms incorporate the following Feng Shui practices for interior design, they can achieve an equilibrium in their atmosphere and create a relaxed and peaceful aura.

When considering small bedrooms with desk set-ups, there are some key steps that must take place in order to satisfy the principles of Feng Shui.

Angle Of Desk When positioning a desk in a small bedroom that requires feng shui design selections, keep in mind that it should be placed at an angle within the room to maximize openness. Positioning it right near the doorway or window increases flow of positive energy from the entrance and brings abundant blessings into your living area.

Additionally, having a desk positioned diagonally provides support for both focus and productivity activity within your space. Utilize this Feng Shui strategy when designing with desks that do not exceed 24” wide for optimal results.

Desk Color And Clutter Feng Shui utilizes color psychology when integrating any furniture piece into a small bedroom unit. Keeping this in mind during the selection process, choosing lighter shades such as pale green or white displays innocence, growth and positivity inside your living environment – ideal for providing clear space for studying or completing work projects.

In addition to highlighting colors to assist with focusing energy levels, it’s important to manage desk clutter; maintaining minimal items while providing organizational systems gives rise to balanced optimism and improved mental clarity inside your small bedroom with desk arrangement.

Benefits Of Implementing Feng Shui Small Bedroom Decor

Feng Shui is a practice from Ancient China that seeks to bring harmony and balance to the spaces in which we live. Implementing this practice in the bedroom of a small space can be beneficial for productivity and good health. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Clear Unnecessary Clutter: Ridding your bedroom of clutter is one way to start opening up the room. This helps clear away energy blocks that can cause distraction and hinder peace.
  • Enhance Positive Energy: By reorganizing your furniture arrangement, you can encourage positive energy flow in your bedroom, leading to more restful sleep.
  • A Combination Of Benefits: Incorporating Feng Shui techniques into your small bedroom decor will provide both aesthetic benefits as well as practical ones. Having a tranquil atmosphere will enable better focus and more efficient rest patterns while having an eye-pleasing décor makes for an enjoyable environment.

One of the first steps towards implementing Feng Shui in a small bedroom is by making sure there is adequate lighting for comfort and relaxation. Placing lamps on either side of the bed or highlighting particular pieces with overhead lighting can enhance the positive chi energy in the space.

Additionally, the placement of windows is important as they help control energy levels and facilitate air circulation. Having sheer curtains instead of blackout curtains will invite natural light into the bedroom while protecting against prying eyes if situated in an area with high foot traffic.

In order for Feng Shui to yield positive results, it’s important to understand how each piece of furniture impacts one’s life which includes its symbolism. A desk or dresser near your bed encourages work-related stress while a brightly painted bookcase helps support creativity and knowledge acquisition.

On top of that, by investing in multiuse furniture like ottomans, armchairs, benches or storage cubes, you can save on space while adding extra functionality within your décor. Finally, don’t forget to personalize items like pictures or wall decorations because these items bring character and warmth to any environment.

Space Management

When it comes to Feng Shui, having the right desk in your bedroom can create a peaceful and harmonious environment. The best type of desk for a small bedroom is one that will both enhance the room while also providing plenty of storage for you to work efficiently with. The following points are important when choosing the correct desk for any Feng Shui space:

  • Consider the size of the room and what items you need to store. Warm colors such as red or yellow are associated with energy, while cooler colors like blue or black represent the calming influence of water.
  • Make sure your desk is organized with drawers and cabinets that will keep clutter at bay. It’s also worthwhile investing in shelves or wall organizers that act as dividers between different areas of your bedroom.
  • Choose a wood-based material for your desk; this material has been traditionally used throughout history to promote health, wealth, and stability.

Having the right furniture and accessories can help you create an aura conducive to productivity. Selecting a comfortable chair is key; it should provide good back support without being too large or taking up too much space in your room. Make sure you have enough lighting; natural sunlight during day hours could be a blessing but look into halogen lamps if you often find yourself using your laptop late at night.

It might be beneficial to add elements like crystals, wind chimes and plants into your area; they’re believed to attract positive energy and refresh tired minds. Live greenery radiates tremendous vibrancy so if possible, place some potted plants near windowsill or doorways – bamboo would be great choice. Lastly, invest in a few stylish items – choose vibrant textiles, rugs pieces, artworks (if allowed) that will inject life into even smallest spaces.

Color Psychology

When decorating a small bedroom with a desk, it can be beneficial to use color psychology to bring meaning into the space. Color plays an important role in creating the desired atmosphere and energy-flow of any room, and with the help of Feng Shui principles, designers can create tranquil havens for rest and productivity.

Basic Feng Shui Principles Bedroom

These colors work beautifully when accentuating a desk area in a small bedroom:

  • Green – Green is associated with nature, renewal, growth, and relaxation.
  • Blue – Blue is connected to clear skies and clarity of thought.
  • Pink – Soft shades of pink bring balance and contentment to any space.

Using one or two of these primary colors as accents in the overall design will inject life into this special area. Place splashes of green on plants, artwork pieces or some home decor accessories like pillows or wall art; bring clarity through blue tones on bookshelves or furniture; and soothe the room with calming hues of pink. A mix of these colors will also give a sense that each element belongs together and creates a holistic experience beneath one roof.

An effective way to brighten up small spaces is by using light instead of dark colors which often have the opposite effect bringing heaviness due to their intensity. Light blues are especially good for this purpose since its cool-toned quality can instantly transform moods.

Furthermore, rooms painted lighter shades tend to open up giving the illusion of larger areas. In addition, white for ceilings works best for making smaller rooms look bigger than they actually are without making them overly spacious or busy.

Desk Placement

Positioning a desk in a Feng Shui bedroom correctly is an essential part of creating balance within your home. A desk in the bedroom is useful for working or studying, and can present itself as an attractive piece of furniture that will not only look great but provide many benefits to your space.

It is important to pay attention to the placement of your desk, as this directly affects the flow of energy in the room and influences both productivity levels and sleeping patterns accordingly.

When placing a desk in the bedroom it should be situated in an area away from where you sleep, making sure that there is enough space between them so that neither one feels obstructed. If possible, arrange your desk close to a window which brings natural light into the room.

Natural sunlight brings more positive energies into your home as well as providing more focus whilst doing tasks such as studying or working. You can also add some green elements into the desk area; plants have been known to symbolise new beginnings and improve air quality, reducing stress levels and increasing productivity while being around them.

It’s best to keep any cords hidden behind walls or tucked neatly under tables, possible tripping hazards should also be avoided with any metallic objects away from under the bed or chair; these objects tend to absorb energy when placed too close together creating an imbalance in space energy.

Remember that cluttering up your workspace should be kept at bay where possible; Remove anything that does not serve its purpose, instead replace those items with Feng Shui pieces like succulents which help bring good luck and a sense of freshness whilst bringing a comfortable feel around the workspace area.

Focus on outlooks such as artwork which promotes peace while still providing you with motivation – this encourages energised emotions throughout daily activities taking place in your bedroom.

Enhancing The Space With Accessories That Reflect Feng Shui Beliefs

Feng shui is all about balance and creating a pleasant environment to encourage harmony. In small bedrooms, implementing feng shui techniques can be especially helpful in maximizing the space available while still leaving a tranquil atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

When it comes to combining utilitarian features like a desk into the more intimate setting of a bedroom, there are some specific tips that an individual can take note of to incorporate feng shui principles in a way that fits comfortably within the personal space.

Add A Mirror

Mirrors are great accents for any room and can often open up the energy coming into a small bedroom with its reflective qualities. They create illusion of extra space which can be very welcoming to guests or even roommates if they’re sharing such a limited space. Additionally, mirrors help bring in positive energy according to feng shui as well since they increase the amount of chi available in the area, allowing for greater growth and vitality throughout the room.

Choose Functional Furniture

When selecting furniture for use in a small bedroom with desk taking up potentially precious floor space, functionality should always come first. Ascetically pleasing pieces that offer multiple uses tend to work best here as this allows you really maximize your square footage without having tons of disconnected elements cluttering your scene. For example an ottoman with storage or an attractive bench/desk combo would make an ideal choice and create balance between form and function nicely.

Select Colors Judiciously

Whether you plan on painting walls or layering on different fabrics colors absolutely make any design statement stronger so don’t neglect them when furnishing your setup. Standing true to nature’s unifying colors like green or blue will help pull together diverse elements in terms of both style and spirit so look out for shades that capture some natural tranquility while also complementing existing furniture pieces already acquired.

Ultimately these are just ideas but following general advice like this could certainly help set any small bedroom with desk apart from mere mediocrity.

Utilize Wall Space For Your Feng Shui Desk To Create Balance

A desk in a small bedroom can create a sense of imbalance and clutter if not designed carefully with feng shui principles. One way to ensure the space functions optimally is to invest in pieces that utilize wall space, such as shelves or a mini-office setup. This helps to reduce clutter and create an organizational system that balances out the energy in the room while making efficient use of the available space.

Wall Shelves

Adding wall shelving above your desk gives you more storage without taking up any floor space or creating unwanted visual noise. Wall shelves are also great for storing items like books, folders, and electronics and make it easier to stay organized. You can divide them into sections for different subjects or categories-such as office supplies, schoolbooks, etc.-and even designate drawers or buckets on each shelf to better contain items.

Feng Shui Bedroom Fountain

Floating Desks

If you’re looking for a compact solution that doubles as stylish home decor, consider investing in floating desks. They mount onto your wall or under cabinets and save quite a bit of space while still providing ample work surface area for activities like studying or working from home. These desks also come with built-in drawers and other storage features that let you keep everything close by but still tucked away out of sight when not in use.

Choose The Right Desk Chair

Your desk isn’t complete without an ergonomic chair that fits your needs; depending on how much time you spend sitting at your desk, personal preference should always be the primary factor when selecting one. Look for chairs with lumbar support that encourage healthy posture so you can ensure maximum comfort during long study sessions or after hours spent working on projects at home.

Chairs made with eco-friendly materials are also great options since they have less environmental impact than plastic alternatives.

Symbols To Incorporate Into Your Desk For Feng Shui Benefits

Feng Shui is an important way of creating peace and harmony in your living environment. Many people choose to practice this art form when arranging their small bedrooms, as it can help you get necessary rest whilst providing an aesthetic appeal.

One important component of any Feng Shui small bedroom is the desk, as it often serves a range of purposes from providing workspace to acting as bedside tables. To make the most out of your Feng Shui desk design, there are certain symbols you should aim to incorporate into the piece.

Symbols of Wealth and Abundance

One integral part of Feng Shui revolves around achieving financial stability and abundance. When picking out your items for the desk, you should look for items that represent wealth. This may include coins or golden trinkets that symbolize money, such as Chinese coins with a square hole in the center or a piggy bank with red detailing. This will attract positive energy that’ll bring you material success and prosperity in life.


Aside from depicting wealth and good fortune, flowers can also be used to create a tranquil atmosphere on the desk. As its design should adhere to nature’s principles, having natural decorations like fresh flowers around can create peaceful vibes in your room and signify new beginnings each day; fostering new energy within your space which brings joy and positivity into it.

The more vibrant and colorful the flowers look, the greater effect it will have on overall balance and serenity of your bedroom space – making it easier to relax after a long day at work or school.


Adding crystals such as quartz or amethyst into the mix is another great way to spruce up your Feng Shui desk design.These gemstones encourage clarity while emitting calming energies which help create focus on whatever task you’re currently working on – be it studying for exams or finishing up projects late into the night.

Additionally, they symbolize protection so that negative energies stay far away while embracing positive ones instead alike wealthy manifestations – perfect if said intention finds itself at top priority right now.


When it comes to creating the perfect home office, practice the principles of Feng Shui to bring out its maximum potential. Start by placing your desk in the correct position-the corner furthest away from a door is perfect since this will minimize distraction. Make sure that your desk is facing the entranceway so that you can see when someone enters the room and make sure there are no mirrors in front of you as this would cause distractions.

Place some plants around to bring life into the room as well as promote better air quality. Adding furniture pieces with soft edges like a rounded ottoman or a bean-bag chair will help add comfort and invite positive energy into this space. Finally, make sure to include items of importance such as family pictures or trophies near your workspace, which will remind you of why you’re working so hard in the first place.

In addition to all of these tips for creating an ideal home office space, it’s important to also think about how lighting is used within this new setup. Choose lamps with warm light bulbs since they create a soothing atmosphere and prevent eyestrain from overworking on tasks.

For task lighting, higher wattage bulbs should be used so that more intense work can be done without strain on your vision. In keeping with using natural elements to promote positive energy flow and reduce stress levels choose light fixtures made from natural materials such as wood or wicker.

Making sure not to forget about color when creating a feng shui small bedroom with desk adds an important element for aiding stress relief and concentration for focused work activities – cool colors such as blues and greens have been long associated with calming effects while yellow works best for stimulating creativity while avoiding being distracting.

Try wallpapering one accent wall behind where you sit at your desk – matching small décor pieces such paint-globe lights or art prints framed minimalistically can complete the setting’s overall ambiance so that space feels more inviting while still being productive at the same time.

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