Victory Horse Feng Shui

Introduction to Victory Horse Feng Shui

Feng Shui (Chinese: 风水) is an ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony and balance between man, environment, and the universe. It dates back to at least the 6th century BC when it was first recorded as a set of rules governing the placement of tombs and burial sites. Its core principles focus on energy flow, how space affects our life experiences and luck, and how we can best use this understanding to our benefit.

Victory Horse uses Feng Shui to manifest power, success, luck, health and wealth. We work with senior Feng Shui consultants to identify areas which are blocked or lacking energy. Through traditional practices, such as compass readings or Flying Stars diagnosis (based on directions associated with stars in Heaven), we then apply remedies derived from various feng shui elements such as wind wheels/wind turbines for better cosmic energy circulation; Yi/Yin-Yang balance techniques such as cures in pairs (yin & yang principles); Ba gua Theory where eight trigrams represent eight fundamental principles; Five Elements in order to inject supplemental energies back into a target area; Color Theory for selecting auspicious colors for certain locations; mirrors for deflecting Chi; auspicious symbols that usually carry positive spiritual messages;as well as lighting techniques for attracting good Chi etc.

Benefits of Victory Horse Feng Shui

The Victory Horse Feng Shui art form is a unique approach to bringing balance and order into home and work spaces. Incorporating it can have many beneficial effects, such as:

• Improved luck ” According to traditional Chinese beliefs, lucky symbols such as horses bring good fortune, health and success. This form of Feng Shui guides a person on placing the right symbols in their space to attract positive energy.

• Elevated energy ” The placement of the lucky symbols helps create energy flow through the environment which increases vitality and vibrancy throughout your entire home or office.

• Stress relief ” The presence of these objects evoke a sense of calmness, lowering stress levels. This may also lead to improved relationships both personal and business wise, due to an increased sense of harmony in your surroundings.

• Attraction of wealth ” Symbols associated with wealth like horses are said to help draw financial success closer to you if strategically placed in your environment.
• Increased opportunities” Placing symbols associated with ambition such as horses may also help bring forth new avenues for career-oriented endeavors that encourage growth as well as prosperity.

Traditional Practices of Victory Horse Feng Shui

Victory Horse Feng Shui is a form of Chinese geomancy, or the practice of harnessing and manipulating energy in harmony with the natural environment. This type of Feng Shui applies to both the home and business premises, providing guidance on selecting the most suitable location for plants, furniture, lighting fixtures and much more.

Like other forms of Feng Shui, Victory Horse employs specific sorts of principles and rules that influence how it is practiced. An essential aspect of victory horse feng shui is the principle of yin and yang; an ancient concept outlining two opposite but complementary energies. The idea behind this principle is that through harmonizing opposites within a space such as dark and light colours one can improve people’s health, wealth and happiness.

The balance between these two energies also affects all aspects in the Victory Horse including water, light, plants and colours. For example, a proper light pattern should be created so that it radiates positive energy throughout the house while some other elements like decorations should heighten this feeling even further by providing visual stimulus. Additionally, water features may be used to produce good energy flow during auspicious moments such as full moon nights or celebrations, while vegetation can also help to attract positive vibes into a home or business place. Moreover specific bagua (eight directions) have been identified which reflect personal traits related to career growth & success or health & prosperity depending on the individual’s needs. Lastly different colours have also been identified with each direction which would need to be taken into account when redesigning a premises or decorating them anew according to Victory Horse Feng Shui standards.

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Modifications to Victory Horse Feng Shui

Victory Horse Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that was meant to bring a balance between the energies of heaven and earth. It combined physical objects ” such as dragons, horses and other animals ” with metaphysical elements like Qi (the flow of energy in all living things) for a harmonious outcome.

Over centuries, Victory Horse Feng Shui has evolved and adapted to suit different regions and cultures. In East China, for example, people incorporate phoenixes, which represent peace and prosperity in their designs. In South China, on the other hand, peonies signify wealth and good luck, so they’re the focus of many designs. Variations may also include the addition of symbolic gemstone carvings, works of calligraphy or even poems written in Chinese symbols expressing one’s desire for good fortune.

In addition to regional modifications made to this art form over time, there has also been an increased focus on using more contemporary materials. These can range from abstract watercolor paintings to repurposed wood sculptures depicting various symbols (or even self-portraits). While these modern interpretations still adhere to traditional principles like balance and harmony, they add a unique flavor that makes them loveable pieces all around the world.

Tips and Tricks for Practicing Victory Horse Feng Shui

1. Start by learning the basics of feng shui ” Before you dive into the world of victory horse feng shui, it’s important to understand the basic principles of feng shui first. Become familiar with the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), the energies that are associated with various colours and directions, and what each representation stands for in terms of your environment.

2. Become versed in symbol selection ” The type of symbols used in victory horse feng shui is important because they should carry a positive vibration when placed in certain locations to ensure good luck and prosperity. Horse statues, coins specifically designed for this type of feng shui, wish-fulfilling wheels, wishing trees among others are all suitable symbols to employ in your victory designs.

3. Place items strategically ” The placement of these symbols must be always done deliberately and thoughtfully as small adjustments can impact significantly on the resulting outcome desired for success. Make sure you select powerful locations that attract luck such as near entrances dowsed with multiple intentions or portals where energy is said to pass through like doorways.

4. Create clear intentions- Know exactly what you want from your victory horse feng shui design before you create it and write out your goals clearly in order for it to work effectively.

5. If necessary seek help- If you are ever unsure on how to properly practice this art form then do not hesitate to seek professional advice or guidance from an experienced practitioner who will be able come up with best solutions based upon your circumstances just remember to remain open minded throughout the process

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Common Myths and Misconceptions about Victory Horse Feng Shui

A common misconception about Victory Horse Feng Shui is that it can only be used to attract financial success or fortune. While this form of Feng Shui does focus on bringing wealth and luck, it can also be used to promote health, wellness, and even academic or artistic success.

Another common myth surrounding Victory Horse Feng Shui is that the placement of certain items in one’s home can bring positive results. This is not accurate as there are deeper spiritual principles at work in this art form. Victory Horse Feng Shui emphasizes creating an environment where positive energy can flow freely and nourish the individuals living within it.

Lastly, some people mistakenly think that a complete overhaul of their home’s structure is necessary to reap any benefits from Victory Horse Feng Shui. While making structural changes to your home may bring more consistent energy flow, this isn’t always necessary. Minor changes like rearranging furniture according to proper ratios or introducing classical music into the space can often achieve the same results without any costly renovations.

Famous Examples of Victory Horse Feng Shui

The practice of Feng Shui, or Chinese geomancy, has been used for centuries to help people find good fortune and harmony in their lives. One of the most popular aspects of this is victory horse feng shui, which can be found in many famous places throughout the world.

In China, one example of victory horse feng shui can be seen at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. It is said that this temple was designed with colors and energy directed towards achieving success in the imperial examinations. In Taiwan, another form of victory horse feng shui can be found at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall where a series of murals and carvings depict success in battle.

Egyptian pyramids incorporate this technique as well, with a grander scale than traditional placement techniques. The entrance to Tutankhamen’s tomb is designed to enable him to ride his chariot through it and signify strength and power to all who visit it. Similarly, Machu Picchu incorporates colors and positioning meant to help visitors maximize their spiritual potential during their visits.

Finally, victory horse feng shui can be seen at The Forbidden City in Beijing where two statues on either side are shaped like horses to signify bravery and protection against enemies by those within its walls. This influential artwork has also been found inside Palaces such as Versailles in France and Schonbrunn Palace in Austria.


Victory Horse Feng Shui is a powerful tool to help guide a person and their environment to achieve success. It involves creating an environment with the five elements (earth, wood, fire, water, and metal) in order to create positive energy and balance. By using this tool in the right way it can help people reach their goals and find peace of mind. When applied correctly Victory Horse Feng Shui can bring success and harmony into our lives by increasing luck, wealth, health, relationships, business opportunities, and mental and physical energy. With its various applications across many areas of life it is a powerful tool to use when looking for inner peace and harmony.

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