Where to Put the Sword Feng Shui


Sword Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese school of philosophies and practices that consider the effects of energy, placement, environment and objects on our lives. It has been used for centuries to harmonize spaces in ways that bring balance, luck and good fortune. This metaphysical art form is believed to be able to influence the flow of qi (chi) and create positive energy within a space, as well as ward off negative energies.

According to tradition, Sword Feng Shui involves placing swords usually around entryways such as doors or windows. This was thought to ward off danger and bad Qi by surrounding the home with a protective force field. In modern times, practitioners of this art still believe that the power of sword placement has spiritual benefits that can be used to enhance one’s wealth, health and prosperity.

The practice of Sword Feng Shui is both complex and varying in nature because each practitioner may define his or her own technique based upon individual style and preference. However, there are some basic principles that have been established over time which can be useful when considering where to place swords in one’s home or business. A general rule is to hang a blade in each room, oriented so it is facing outwards into the space and always pointing away from oneself. The blade should also be placed high up so as not to allow any potentially harmful energies direct access into your living space. Additionally you want it far enough away from any furnishings so as not to cause disruption when blades are moved around, eliminating the potential risk for harm or damage due physical contact with people or property.

In summary, Sword Feng Shui seeks to bring balance and harmony into one’s life by using swords in ways that unobtrusively protect against negative energies while simultaneously promoting positive ones through proper placement within a given space. Although it takes practice and skillful manipulation of energy forces within an environment, these principles can lead towards increased harmony in our daily lives if applied correctly following traditional methods intended for maximum effect and results.

How to Invoke Sword Feng Shui Energy

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice of improving the energy flow throughout an environment. It can be used to help with achieving goals, encouraging positive relationships and creating general peace and clarity in a space. When it comes to sword Feng Shui, the primary goal is to protect oneself from negative energies. The placement of your sword should help prevent negative energies from entering your home or workspace.

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When practicing sword Feng Shui, it’s important to place the item with respect for its power. As such, it’s important to find a place where it can be displayed prominently but not be in the way.The most popular places people choose are generally in the corners of rooms, above doorways or within a central area such as a living room or family room.

In order to properly invoke the protective energy that comes with the sword Feng Shui tradition, it’s essential that you infuse the weapon with your own focused intention and positive visualizations before putting it in its new place. Take some time to visualize yourself being secure and surrounded by love and light amidst any potential danger on all sides – this will help guide you when selecting exacting details about where and how exactly you want your sword to go.

Once placed correctly within the home, some people like to adorn their swords further with charms, pins or other meaningful objects as a gesture of appreciation for its protection as well as affirmation that they control their own lives regardless of external circumstance. Whatever action you decide upon – ensure that each choice aligns positively with your personal values so that your Feng shui-inspired efforts remain true to yourself and solidify your sense of security within your own space – whether at home or work.

Examples of Sword Feng Shui Placements

Ideally, a sword should be placed in the home where it can represent justice and authority — such as hung above an entryway, similar to Medieval times. This will provide an aura of protection to the space and home, while also giving off a sense of regal power to those who enter.

Another option is to place a sword near the main entrance of your bedroom. This location is believed to bring good energy for personal strength and courage that can help those facing difficult decisions or need clarity in their thoughts or life purpose.

For businesses or public places, like libraries or museums, swords have been placed at their entranceways as symbols of courage and bravery on display for visitors.

Also related to various forms of spiritual practices is the placement of a sword within meditation rooms. Here it can represent mental liberation and potential growth by symbolizing sharp mental powers with the metal itself considered to be magically energized through its sacredness in battle. It emits a strong vibration which can potentially sway spiritual influences favorably during meditative practices that take place within its vicinity.

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Benefits of Placing the Sword in Different Areas

The ancient art of Feng Shui utilizes the energy of items in a home to create peace, balance and prosperity. Placing a sword in certain areas of a home can affect the flow of ‘Chi’ or energy. According to Feng Shui, the ideal placement of a sword is in an east-facing corner where its sharp tip can help to ward off any negative influences entering the home while providing protection from misfortune.

When placed correctly, this powerful object can bring good luck and fortune into your life by absorbing negative energy and helping its occupants fight against obstacles. Additionally, due to its sleek metallic sheen, it can attract more positive energy into your space. Placement in the south will bring courage and strength during confrontations, whereas placing it on the west side of a room helps strengthen partners or relationships. Having a Japanese Katana or Samurai Sword on display near your main door encourages relaxation as well as protection from intimidation from others.

In addition, having a sword at work also increases productivity while providing personal protection by instilling fear in potential attackers or opportunists.


Sword Feng Shui is an ancient practice that has long been used to bring positivity and harmony into a home or business by strategically placing various symbols and talismans. This practice involves using the energy emanating from swords, daggers, and other swords-like objects to enhance the flow of chi energy in a space. In essence, it allows homeowners to create auspicious energy fields throughout their homes or businesses. By strategically placing these swords around their homes – typically in corners, along windowsills, or at specific thresholds – homeowners can harness the power of Sword Feng Shui to bring balance and peace into their lives. Furthermore, Sword Feng Shui principles can be applied to any type of interior design scheme for further enhancement of the chi energy. Through this practice homeowners can ensure that the energies of their space help them stay balanced and harmonious on a daily basis.

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