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Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui is an ancient and powerful energetic Chinese art that dates back thousands of years. It utilizes the powerful energy of the Chi Lin or Chinese “Unicorn”, combined with that of the mythical dragon and Horse. It is believed to be a powerful force in manifesting luck, success, financial gain, and protection to those who harness it correctly.

Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui combines Eastern astrology, geomancy, Taoism, yin-yang principles, philosophy and metaphysical energy to create a system where a practitioner can masterfully identify auspicious sites among their environment and utilize this knowledge to bestow harmony and balance within their surroundings. There are many symbols used in charting out the flow of energies between people and nature allowing for deeper understanding into the movement of fate. By combining these symbols with their prescribed locations one is able to activate positive chi which will lead to an overall positive outcome for them both personally and outside in the world. With each symbol separated by its own element, Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui ensures an individual’s life is balanced both spiritually and energetically. Furthermore, it further maximizes on opportunities that have been gifted from Fate as well as subdue potential threats from fate to assist its practitioner in navigating through life confidently with every decision made positively weighing in their favour.

History of Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui

The practice of Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui has been around for hundreds of years and is believed to have originated in ancient China. The goal of the practice is to use feng shui principles and create an environment that is viewed as being auspicious and lucky. In Chinese astrology, the dragon horse symbolizes strength, courage, speed, and energy. Traditionally, this symbol was used to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to households or businesses.

Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui uses animal images placed throughout an area to ward off negative energy and attract positive energy. According to traditional beliefs, when these animals are placed outside a home or business they attract prosperity and abundant wealth while blocking bad luck from entering the premises. To optimally benefit from this technique it is important that the animals be properly placed in locations where they are most likely to yield positive results.

This technique also involves incorporating five essential elements into the space for balance in order for chi (or life force) to be maximized: Wind (air), Fire, Earth, Water, and Wood. As each element influences a different aspect of life – prosperity, relationships, knowledge/wisdom etc., the interactions between them must be harmoniously balanced according to time-tested principles for optimum success. Strategically positioning their images helps promote healthy relationship energies within a space by influencing communication patterns between people that occupy it. Finally, carefully selecting colors based on their energetic frequencies can also strengthen or reduce certain affects depending on how deeply they vibrate with your personal goals.

When using Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui there are certain symbols such as specific deities or gods that should not be used because they hold immense powers which some believe can endanger a person if not treated with respect and proper care; however others disagree with this notion believing only the power of intention will determine whether it will be used negatively or positively depending on who uses it which comes with great responsibility that should not be taken lightly. It is also recommended avoiding any form of modern gadgets like lights, electric appliances etc., as these can diminish the effect of chi created in this practice due to their electromagnetic nature which disrupts its flow within spaces as well as surrounding areas; lastly but certainly not least never under any circumstances place more than one dragon horse together since according traditional beliefs this could lead adverse luck instead intended good fortune promised by rightly following Chi Li Dragon Horse FENG SHUI practices!

Practicing the Art of Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui

Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is based on the belief that energy flows throughout the environment. It is believed that by paying attention to certain elements and positioning them appropriately, people can create a peaceful and harmonious space. As practitioners seek to apply this knowledge in their lives, they need to gain an understanding of its foundation.

The first step in gaining access to the power of Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui is understanding how energy or “chi” works. According to practitioners, chi flows along invisible pathways called “lungs-mei” which pass through every living space. To benefit from Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui, it’s important to make sure that these pathways are not blocked or disturbed. Ways to do this include placing tall furniture items like trees strategically throughout the home, as well as keeping walkways clutter-free and ensuring proper ventilation.

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Additionally, practitioners must also develop an understanding of the different forms of chi referred to as “dragon” and “horse” chi. The former is associated with positive life forces while the latter generally refers to negative energies such as misfortune and illness. In order for one’s environment be balanced we have to adjust both dragon and horse according to each other’s presence or absence in various locations within the house or workplace. For example, if someone has an entrance facing directly into a window this could create a startled feeling in those entering; it may be making them feel anxious because there will be too much dragon chi present so one may have put up some decorations or screening for a better balance.

Finally, learning about colors associated with certain forms of chi can also help practitioners balance their energy harmoniously. Colors such as red combined with white are often recommended for dragon chi while blue and white can work well for horse chi. Knowing what colors work best can help add positive vibes and encourage peace when setting up spaces at home or work places in accordance with Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui principles.

Prepping for Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui

Preparing for a Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui ritual can be an exciting and rewarding experience. At the beginning of the ritual process, it is important to gather the necessary materials to ensure that you will have everything you need when performing this ancient Chinese practice. This includes items such as dragons, horses, wooden symbols, and jade pieces.

In order to find these items, many practitioners shop at local stores or online markets specializing in traditional Chinese décor. Here you will be able to find hand-crafted statues made from larger stones like onyx or jade, or opt for a more affordable option such as porcelain models decorated with symbols of the dragon and horse. Additional items may include decorative vases, coins, small bamboo stalks, flowers and incense needed for offering blessings during the ceremony.

Apart from physical supplies and decorations, other required objects include paper inscribed with blessing scripts known as Fu papers (often available pre-written) along with red string and ribbons used in offerings. This string should be tied into eight knots according to traditional Chinese methodology which represent power and optimism stated within the blessings. The physical setup should also include coins tied along the length in order to symbolize wealth luck accumulation over time; although real money can’t be used due to superstitions regarding bad luck with real money offerings.

Finally before starting the ritual itself, practitioners must also prepare mentally by either meditating / visualizing their intentions within a sacred space or by reciting prayers / mantras related to their specific goals intention; in addition to studying about or meditating upon various divinities associated with Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui in matters related to peace, healing and protection . Through proper preparation of both body amd mind participants are then ready begin their journey aligning themselves spiritual universe through this powerful ritualistic practice often renowned for providing immense fortune blessings; if done correctly participants should expect receive some form of good luck either immediately after their ritual or shortly thereafter!

Applying Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui

Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui is a traditional form of Chinese geomancy which uses objects like the dragon horse, chi lin and pi yao to improve an individual’s wealth luck. As the positions of these objects are said to bring different types of luck, the placement of them needs to be carefully considered. Here is a guideline for completing this process:

1. Study the Bagua Chart: The Bagua Chart illustrates how energies flow within a specific area or space. It also helps to create a better overall balance by indicating certain sectors where specific Feng Shui enhancers should be placed, e.g. the northeast corner might need a Chi Lin for health enhancement, or an animal sign for relationships in the southwest corner etc.

2. Choose Appropriate Enhancers: After studying the Bagua Chart, choose goods and symbols that fit your desired outcome, e.g. if it’s wealth prosperity you seek then use Pi Yaos as they are said to increase money luck; similarly with relationship enhancement choose one or two Chinese animals signs instead of Chi Lins etc.

3. Properly Place Symbols & Objects: Make sure each Feng Shui enhancer is properly placed in its intended position according to the Bagua Chart – this makes sure that you receive maximum benefit from it during your period of deployment where your destiny will see positive changes occur in tune with their particular purpose or effect that may surface over time!

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4. Activate With Proper Rituals (Optional): Last but not least, if you’d like to further activate each enhancer you have placed then it’s wise to do small rituals such as lighting incense either upon arrival in their new location during placement or weekly thereafter until they are removed again; alternatively clapping hands ten times while saying prayers can help too! It all depends on what works best for you personally on an individual level.

‘Chi-ttering’ with Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui Symbols

Often referred to as Chi Lin or symbolic of the “Dragon Horse”, these sacred symbols were often used in ancient China to represent good luck and bring prosperity. The symbol consists of a mix of three creatures: the dragon, the horse, and a carbuncle. Each creature represents specific themes related to success. The dragon symbolizes power, strength, and protection from evil forces; the horse symbolizes speed and courage; the carbuncle symbolizes wealth and good fortune. Traditionally placed near the front entrance of a home, shop or office building, these statues are believed to bring success and protect against negativity. Those with trained eyes can also read messages hidden in the intricate details which speak to luck or lack thereof. Depending on which side one approaches it from they may see messages regarding positive developments such as reunification with long-lost relatives or progress on financial ventures. On the other hand if approached from certain sides there may be warnings about impending troubles or difficulties ahead. Through this fusion between myth, decoration and warnimgs Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui was born. Not only did they adorn entrances with beauty and powerful symbolism but they also protected their occupants from potential harm whether it be physical or spiritual in nature all while ensuring their success in life endeavors.

Enhancing with Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui

The ancient practice of Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly. It purports to balance the energies within your environment, and work in collaboration with the elements to bring about tangible results. As such, it can be used to promote health and happiness throughout your home and office space.

When looking to enhance the effects of Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui, there are several strategies that can be employed. The first step is to assess the energy flow and balance of any particular area you wish to address. Utilizing different colors or shapes, statues or mirrors can also help create harmony within a space, while adding plants ensure a constant refreshing influx of energy. Further subtleties like using crystals of various colors or shapes can be invoked for more precise results, as can arranging items in specific directions. Additionally, employing traditional Chinese cures such as hanging bells or wind chimes outside windows or doors helps ward off negative energies while encouraging positive ones that are conducive to success and wellbeing. Ultimately, understanding what elements will work best in any given situation is the most effective strategy for unlocking the full potential of Feng Shui practices like Chi Lin Dragon Horse.


The practice of Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui has been a popular form of Chinese geomancy for centuries, originating from the Qin Dynasty. It utilizes the power of Earth energy to bring good luck and ward off negative influences. This practice incorporates a special type of feng shui calculation known as the eight trigrams formation, which involves arranging eight coins or stones in a specific pattern. Each trigram stands for different directions and energies according to its traditional placement on the feng shui bagua diagram: north, south, east, west, northern-central, southern-central, eastern-central and western-central. Additionally, this practice specifically uses symbols associated with the mythical creature Chi Lin (which can have dragon-like features). It is believed that placing these magical figures across properties will protect them from any bad luck or malicious influence.

The practice of Chi Lin Dragon Horse Feng Shui has undergone several changes to modernize its symbolism and efficacy in recent years; however many believe it is still an incredibly powerful form of geomancy that can bring prosperity when implemented correctly. Those embarking on this transformative journey often seek out specialists in order to ensure accurate results due to its complexity. Whether you decide to work with a practitioner or attempt it yourself is up to you – just remember: there are innumerable sources available with instructions on how to optimize your luck with this ancient artform!

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