Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui

Introduction to Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui

Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that centers around how placement, colors, and shapes of plants and trees are used to bring positive energy into our homes or other places we inhabit. It involves using specific plants with specific colors and shapes, to balance the energies in a space for optimal harmony and prosperity. This ancient practice can be used in modern times to enhance the tranquility, peace and beauty of any interior space. By strategically placing certain colors, shapes and plants in our living rooms and other spaces, it helps create a more tranquil atmosphere that allows us to relax. The colors associated with Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui are green, blue, yellow and red – bringing a sense of tranquility while also promoting productivity and creativity in the environment. Additionally, some believe that surrounding oneself with foliage-like rubber trees and other plants helps clear away any negative energies lingering around us by absorbing those energies into their physical bodies. As such, rubber tree plant feng shui adds both visual appeal as well as can help promote good vibes for ourselves for deeper relaxation and inner peace.

Caring for Rubber Tree Plants

When caring for rubber tree plants, it is important to provide adequate light. Place them in an area with indirect sunlight, near a window or door for maximum growth. The plant also benefits from regular fertilization once a month, during the growing season (spring through fall). Additionally, water your rubber tree plant when the soil is dry to the touch but be sure not to over-water as this can lead to root rot. Pruning and trimming should be done regularly as well; prune off dead or dying branches and leaves, as well as any new shoots that appear so that you encourage more vibrant and healthy foliage. Finally, remember to check your plant frequently for pests, wiping off any bugs found with a damp cloth or soapy water solution.

History of Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui

The practice of using plants to create balance in the home, otherwise known as Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui has its roots in traditional Chinese culture. The concept dates back all the way to the Shang Dynasty which ruled during 1700 support B.C.. Despite originating so far back in history, the rubber plant only started gaining popularity amongst modern Western culture within the last few decades.

Rubber tree plants are believed to bring good luck and fortune, drive away negative energies, and purify the air while simultaneously creating a calming presence within the home. Simultaneously, these plants represent elements like life and growth depending on preferred colour combinations. For example; Pink is believed to be symbolic of joyousness and passion for life whereas dark green offers restful vibes and lends an atmosphere of peace and harmony inside living spaces.

Within modern Feng Shui applications, it’s typical for homeowners place tall trees directly inside their main entryways such as front doors or even behind sofas or couches to bring about balance throughout the entire room. The belief here is that by allowing for additional energy openings—there are more chances for gains in health, wealth and happiness!

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Principles of Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, rubber tree plants act as a symbol of prosperity, luck and growth. When placed in certain areas of your home or office, it is believed that these plants have the power to help create more positive energy. According to feng shui principles, the key to success is finding balance between the four elements of nature – water, fire, earth and wind – and any living space can benefit from a few simple techniques used to enhance the harmony between them.

For instance, it is said that positioning rubber plants in the south-east area of your home or workplace will increase knowledge and support overall creative thinking. Similarly placing plants in the East area will bring strong health energy into the space. Furthermore rubber trees are believed to have an ability to absorb negative energy which surrounds them so keeping one near your office desk may reduce stress levels at work and create an atmosphere of tranquillity even during hectic times. Finally by introducing an element from nature within your environment such as a rubber tree plant you can make your home or workspace appear lively while attracting wealth into your life at the same time.

Benefits of Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui

Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui has many benefits. It is known to be a powerful symbol of wealth and good luck, bringing energy and prosperity into any space. The shape and size of the rubber tree helps to disperse chi (positive life energy) throughout the room, creating an environment filled with positive energy, abundance and success. Rubber trees are known for reducing stress, clearing negative energy and enhancing focus, making it perfect for offices or studies. It also helps fill up any voids in a room that would otherwise contribute to stagnation of positive energy flow. Lastly, the harmonious combination of green leaves with brown stems adds a sense of balance to any space.

Examples of Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui Placement

Rubber tree plants make excellent additions to any Feng Shui practice, as they possess an energy that is said to bring good luck and promote well-being. One of most popular placements for a rubber tree plant in Feng Shui is at the entryway of the home. This placement directly brings wealth, health, and protection into the home. Another common place for a rubber tree plant is in southwest area of your home or office which represents love and relationships. Placing the plant here can help strengthen existing relationships and bring you new romantic opportunities if desired. Furthermore, one could place the rubber tree plant in the northeast corner of the home which symbolizes education, knowledge and success. Doing so has the potential to bring more luck from academics, business endeavors, and even stimulate creativity. Lastly, placing it in south side your living room could represent fame luck according to Feng Shui principles.

Tips for Integrating Rubber Tree Plants into Your Home

1. Position a rubber tree plant in the east corner of your home to bring in good energy and positivity. The East is associated with new beginnings, health, and family harmony.

2. Place rubber plants in high-traffic areas, such as entryways and living rooms, to create a warm atmosphere. This encourages positive energy to circulate throughout your home.

3. Place two rubber tree plants together at the furthest points in your house to bring balance and nourish all aspects of life. You can also add one near the main entrance door to invite positivity and growth into your home/space.

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4. Hang a larger size rubber tree plant over the dining table or kitchen counter to increase appetite, appetite-stimulating chi energy, and creative thinking around the meals that you serve each day – its leaves will be whispering secrets!

5. If you’re looking for extra luck or financial abundance, position a smaller rubber tree (or even cuttings from an existing one) on either side of cash registers in the office or shop – it should draw money luck with you!

6. To attract love luck, place two identical potted rubber plants on either side of a bedroom doorway – this symbolizes mutual understanding in relationships which will bring about strong romance prospects as well as better communication between couples!

FAQs About Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui

Q: What is Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui?
A: Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui is a set of principles and guidelines based on Chinese philosophical teachings which seek to create harmony and balance in the environment, as well as promote positive energy flow. The practice suggests that certain features and/or placement within the home can bring luck, good health, financial success, and many other positive benefits.

Q: Where are the best places to place Rubber Trees?
A: According to feng shui practitioners, the best place for a rubber tree is either in your career or knowledge area of your home to draw business success, or near windows to increase prosperity energy flowing around your space. In addition, placing one in front of an entryway door can invite money luck into your home!

Q: What kind of pot should I use for my Rubber Tree Plant?
A: When selecting a pot for your rubber tree plant it’s important to choose one that’s made out of natural materials like ceramic or terracotta. Avoid using plastic pots because they’re known by feng shui experts to restrict energy from entering the home. It’s also recommended that the pot is larger than the plant itself so the roots can grow unhindered and strong!


Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, as it is a way of balancing the chi or energy around us and bringing more positive vibes into our environment. The main principles of Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui are to use plants to absorb negative energy and generate positive energy. This can be done by incorporating the colors, shapes and sizes of plants that are associated with prosperity and harmony. Additionally, specific placements such as watering the plants based on where they’re placed can help create a balanced and harmonious environment within our homes or workspaces. By applying this practice to our everyday lives, we can enjoy increased happiness, success and wealth. With Rubber Tree Plant Feng Shui we have access to a powerful tool for creating balance, harmony and stimulating positive energy flow in our home. Having an environment filled with luck, vitality and abundance is sure to bring much joy into any space it touches.

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