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The rubber plant, known by its scientific name Ficus Elastica, is a popular houseplant that can bring a wide range of benefits to its environment through the practice of Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese art form focuses on balancing the five natural elements – Wood, Earth, Metal, Water, and Fire – and using them to create energy flow and harmony within one’s home or work space. As such, it is essential to understand how to properly place your rubber plant in order to harness all its advantages.

When placed strategically according to the principles of Feng Shui, the rubber plant can bring physical and mental clarity; financial success; protection from negative energies; positive relationships; improved career prospects; health benefits, including better breathing and improved immunity due to increased air purification; enhancement of creativity; renewal of hope; and even protection from burglars! Moreover, the tranquility brought about by the presence of this beautiful and hardy plant has been known to reduce stress levels in people living or working around it.

In addition to its powerful spiritual benefits, rubber plants are an excellent way to physically align an interior space for maximum positive chi flow. The use of both live vibrant plants as well as good quality silk replicas fitted in receptive containers like water hyacinth baskets accompanied with curved rushes provides height restricted spaces with wall-to-wall protected energy field coverage. For those with larger spaces available to them, corner strategic placement best highlights their ornamental feature while their shape comfortably fills open areas. As they need little maintenance apart from trimming of yellow leaves every now and then depending on the species chosen – Grey Starlofts requires less attention than Rubber Tree Sabre – these make reliable long-term solutions for any household looking for an easy going addition that brings balance into their daily lives.

Location Considerations

When considering the ideal placement for your rubber plant in a traditional Feng Shui practice, it is important to understand the basics of energy flow. Proper Feng Shui placement harnesses and directs positive energy, or ‘chi’, in an area. Rubber plants are said to be connected with prosperity and abundance- bringing luck into a space. To maximize the potential of these energetic effects, the rubber plant should be placed in a spot where its energy can circulate freely.

Ideally, the rubber plant should be located near entryways that open out onto a garden or balcony. This helps deliver healing and abundant energy into the home or office space. Placing a healthy and thriving rubber plant against walls facing east or south is also beneficial, as these directions coincidentally align with areas associated with wealth and abundance in Feng Shui theory. Having multiple tall and lush plants displayed together can help further promote energetic circulation throughout an area. Avoid placing your rubber plant on top of desks or busy workstations to prevent blocking any positive energy flow in that area. Instead, pots works best in corners where their freeform expression can radiate vitality around it’s immediate environment.

Color Meaning

In the Feng Shui practice, the use of color plays an important role in bringing harmony and balance to a home. This is particularly true for the Rubber Plant, one of the most popular plants used in this decorating style. The colors associated with the Rubber Plant have different meanings and represent its properties that can enhance a space.

The green of the leaves represents nature, growth and renewal, while red signifies good luck and wealth. Yellow symbolizes happiness and passion while purple stands for spirituality. Brown reflects stability and grounding qualities while white indicates purity. Placing a Rubber Plant in different areas around your living space can bring these characteristics through its colors into our lives. For example, if you are looking to increase your wealth or good luck, you might place a Red-Leaved Rubber Plant in the Wealth area of your home according to Feng Shui principles. If you are trying to stimulate spiritual growth or cultivate peace, try placing a Purple-Leaved plant in the East or Southeast sectors of your home for optimal energy flow. Whatever color it may have, keeping a Rubber Plant in any room provides an abundance of healing energies that can reduce stress levels as well as fill up negative spaces with natural beauty!

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Rubber Plant Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating positive energy in the home and workplace by the placement of certain plants. The rubber plant is one such type of vegetation that is believed to bring prosperity and abundance. According to feng shui, the rubber plant should be placed in an east-facing corner of a home or office, which represents the area related to health and family relationships. Other areas where it can be placed are near a window, to invite sunlight into the room, as well as near any wooden furniture pieces in order to bring extra life energy into the environment.

Symbolically, the rubber plant also carries great meaning in terms of feng shui. For starters, it’s considered to be an ideal “good luck” charm that can help attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity. This is because its lush leaves offer a much-needed dose of life energy into any physical space they occupy and its round base symbolizes complete protection from all angles within a given location. Furthermore, its natural green color suggests new beginnings and fresh starts within your home or office experience. Finally, its thick stem structure stands for solid stability combined with emotional strength – perfect for providing relief from stress levels during tough times. All in all, this makes the rubber plant an excellent choice for incorporating into feng shui practices for encouraging maximum fortune and happiness!


The five elements of fire, water, earth, metal and wood each have a unique impact on the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui when it comes to the placement of rubber plants. Fire and wood elements bring life energy to the rubber plant and can help give it longevity. Water helps the development of healthy leaves, while earth offers protection from pests. The metal element reinforces the plant’s support system. All of these combined create an ideal feng shui environment for your rubber plant! When considering where to place your rubber plant in relation to other objects in a room, think carefully about how the five elements are being used and complimented. Make sure your rubber plant has ample light but avoid direct sunlight as this can cause wilting or discoloration. For maximum benefit of the five elements keep plants away from electrical devices which emit heat, noise and other disruptions that affect feng shui energy flow.


Clutter can have a big impact when you’re trying to practice Feng Shui, so it’s important to make sure you manage clutter properly around your Rubber Plant. To help prevent clutter, try to find organizers that fit the style of your room and use them to store items out-of-sight. Also keep in mind that plants have a tendency to attract dust, so make sure you wipe off their leaves and remove any excess dirt or plant debris. Another way to manage clutter is to practice regularly shuffling and rearranging the placement of furniture in your home — this ensures that new energy can enter the space and no particular item stays in one place for too long. Finally, limit what you display on shelves and tables near your Rubber Plant – too much clutter can disrupt the feng shui balance.

Lighting and Temperature

The Rubber Plant prefers bright, indirect light. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or the leaves may become scorched. It is also important to note that the plant’s preference for light can vary depending on where it originally grew in the wild. For some plants, more direct light may be preferred, while others will thrive better with less intense lighting.

Temperature can play an important role when considering a Rubber Plant’s Feng Shui placement as well. The ideal temperature range is between 65˚F – 75˚F (18˚C-24˚C). Placing your Rubber Plant too far away from heating sources and in cold drafts should be avoided as this could affect its overall health and vibrancy. During periods of extreme temperatures, it may be beneficial to move the plant indoors or cover it up with a cloth for protection. Additionally, if your home tends to be humid, placing your Rubber Plant in an open window or venting kitchen air outside may provide proper ventilation and help maintain a healthy environment for the plant to flourish.

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Care Instructions

When placing your Rubber Plant in a location for Feng Shui, it is important to remember that this plant’s energy is very strong and needs to be respected. The rubber plant should be placed in an area of the home or office that will benefit from its positive, healing energy. It can be placed near a window, however make sure not to put it too close as they don’t do well with a lot of direct sunlight and may become sunburned. Similarly, avoid drafts and air conditioners as these environmental conditions are not beneficial to the plant’s health. When watering the plant, make sure to never over-water or leave it sitting in water. Allowing the soil to dry out between waterings is best; just check the soil around once per week with your fingers or a wand. Finally, make sure to prune away any dead leaves every few weeks as these can negatively affect the growth of your rubber plant if left unattended. By following these simple steps you are sure to ensure a healthy and flourishing pot of Rubber Plant feng shui!

Containers and Displays

When selecting a container for your Rubber Plant Feng Shui, there are many factors to consider to ensure that it provides the right feng shui energies. The best place to find containers is at a specialty store such as Home & Garden Decor. You can also shop online or visit local garden centers. When considering size and shape, it’s important to choose items that create balance, order, and equilibrium in your space. For instance, angular shapes like cubes or squares provide more positive energy than round plants in pots. Furthermore, it’s important to choose colors which bring peace and harmony into the space such as light blues or greens. To further activate the feng shui of your rubber plant, you should select sightly curved stands or wood pedestals with an organic shape that reflects nature’s form. Wall displays can also be beneficial for a rubber plant but must be secure and positioned away from drafts and external elements like bright sunlight. Clear glass and metal display-cases should reflect light onto expanding leaves for better growth of your prized species. With proper placement of feng-shui containers you are sure to ignite the right energy flow in your home and attract many blessings!

Final Tips

1. Place your rubber plant in a sunny spot. Sunlight is vital for the health of a rubber tree so make sure that it receives ample light throughout the day to thrive and grow properly.

2. If possible, try to keep the plant away from air conditioning and drafts as it can dry out quickly in these environments.

3. Be sure to water your rubber plant on a regular basis—it needs more frequent watering during warm weather and less in cooler weather. Make sure there’s drainage at the bottom of each pot when you water your plants; too much moisture can cause root rot and other diseases.

4. Keep an eye out for pests, such as scale or mealybugs and monitor regularly for signs of disease or damage from extreme temperatures, humidity levels, etc. Prevention is better than cure so take preventive measures when necessary!

5. Feed your rubber plant monthly with balanced liquid fertilizer during its active growing season i.e spring through summer.

6. For optimal Feng Shui, position the Rubber Plant in a corner facing North/East/South-East directions keeping it away from sharp corners or edges of furniture which could damage its leaves over time. The energy flow through this corner should be smooth and open – free of any physical barriers like walls too close by otherwise it will reduce its energy benefits to the space..

7. Trim off any yellowing leaves to make way for new growth- this will energize the entire space and bring positive energy into it as well!!

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