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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that centers around creating harmony and balance with the environment. The belief is that a person’s health and well-being are greatly influenced by the energy (qi) present in the space. When it comes to the front door, the direction of the door is believed to have the greatest impact on our life energy, particularly if you have a northwest facing front door.

Northwest facing front doors have long been associated with beneficial wealth energy in feng shui. They were once favored homes of servants or court officials because of this strong an auspicious qi flow linked to their north entrance. For example, in imperial China it was custom for grand scholars and teachers to reside in northwest entrances as a symbol of abundance and prosperity for academics to thrive. In addition, vast number of modern homes today are designed with a northwest entrance due to its popularity as wealth luck implied by having this entrance. It’s also believed that having a front door facing north will attract favorable job opportunities that result in greater economic freedom, financial success, and stability. Most importantly it’s said to create strong positive chi energy essential in gaining more stability in both our career and personal life endeavors.

The Meaning Behind the Direction

In Feng Shui, the Northwest direction is associated with the element of Metal and the season of Fall. The energy of this direction is intensely focused and precise, providing determined progress in manifesting one’s goals. This direction is linked to strength, power, and protection from external forces.

With a Northwest facing front door, you should strive to strengthen the area’s protective cosmic chi by adding objects made out of metal or displaying noble patterns such as dragons or phoenixes outside the entrance. Additionally, bring in grounding elements like pottery or stone wind chimes to balance the airy energies between yin and yang. This type of door will give chase away negative influence while accentuating your focuses on relationships and career objectives.

By paying attention to this direction, you can experience a sense of well-being in your work life as ideas are nurtured through focused vision due to its spiritual fire that fuels ambition. By applying color accents (like red, black and white) in decorative artwork at this entryway as reminders for staying concentrated on goals, you will attract supportive energy for setting clear intentions and successful ventures into unknown realms of possibilities. Additionally, these colors correspond with balancing earth energy which will encourage one’s ambitions for financial success while also anchoring respective partnerships within family relationships.

Positive and Negative Effects of a Northwest Facing Front Door

A northwest facing front door has the potential to bring in positive and negative energies depending on the type of door and its functioning for the house. Generally, a northwest facing entrance carries strong and powerful Yang energy, which can be beneficial in increasing creativity, productivity, and wealth luck in the household. However, too much Yang energy might also bring in disagreeable elements such as personal conflicts or bursts of bad luck. Therefore it is important to maintain a balance of Yin and Yang inside the home while using Feng Shui principles to ensure the good luck comes into the home rather than being blocked outside by unfavorable conditions around. The shape of a Northwest facing door is often considered an indicator of how well this area functions. Doors that are wide open signify openness and receptivity; curved architraves or circular windows symbolize warmth; doors with pointed arches or roof signify strength; horizontal bars indicate protection; and windows with geometric designs may bring intellectual capability to inhabitants. Additionally, it is important to consider what material your door is made from as each brings its own lucky energy depending on its drawing capabilities and associations – wooden doors represent knowledge while metals are meant to ward off bad energies.

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Blessings and Curses

A northwest facing front door can be a great blessing and a harsh curse, depending on the energies that affect it. According to feng shui principles, this type of entrance receives the energy of the mountains and the strength of metal. This is believed to bring stability, but also brings powerful weather patterns. This could lead to a harsher environment prone to more extreme temperatures and more stormy days than other areas.

The blessings of having a north-west facing front door means that this area often gets plenty of sunlight, which is good for illuminating a space in a positive way. It also provides an energy of security and support from that mountain energy, symbolizing strength and protection from outside sources. However, doors in this location should be heavy and stable as to not disrupt these energies entering your home as strong winds may make them swing open suddenly without warning. In addition, colors should be chosen according to the specific area to ensure harmony with the natural mountain flow; colors such as green or black will work best with mountain spirit qi here. Finally, proper care should be taken when placing furniture around this entrance, as it must create a balanced environment free of obstacles while still allowing necessary airflow through the house at all times.

Dos and Donts

1. Make sure to add decorations or adornments to the space that feature strong lines, as this will help create a calming and secure atmosphere. Add metal accents like sculptures or other artwork to give the energy a sense of permanence and stability.
2. Use energizing colors like reds, oranges and yellows in your front door design to enhance the positive energy in this direction. You can also use imagery that features wind, waves, or clouds to bring a sense of movement and change into your home environment.
3. Incorporate Feng Shui symbols like dragons or phoenixes to bring luck and good fortune into your home’s energetic field. Carpets with bold designs can also draw helpful energies into the living space.

1. Avoid busy patterns on your door such as checkered patterns or geometric shapes as these can create chaotic energy which is not ideal for a northwest facing entryway.
2. Do not hang mirrors near the entrance as they can produce too much negative energy when positioned in this particular area of your home or yard.
3. Avoid decorating with dark colors—such as black or navy—as they can make an atmosphere oppressive rather than inviting, limiting the good vibes brought into your home by way of its doors.

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Decoration Solutions

The ancient art of Feng Shui suggests that specific decorations can be used for a Northwest facing front door to bring luck and abundance into the home. Here are some of the best Feng Shui decor items to bring prosperity and good fortune:

• Hang a Wind Chime at the entrance to create a peaceful atmosphere and attract wealth.

• Place an Infinity Symbol on the door or near it to bring continuity in life path.

• Use symbols of wealth such as coins, large clear quartz stones, pyrite blocks, or gold bowl near the entrance.

• Place a Mirror above the door or on either side to reflect any negative energy away from your home and its occupants.

• Hang Red Envelopes filled with coins around your entrance area for protection against loss of money and good luck.

• Add vibrant Green plants for growth, health, and energy renewal.

• Lastly, Hang a painting depicting scenery with mountains or water in order to attract happy positive energy into your home.


Northwest facing front door Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that has been practiced for centuries. Its purpose is to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity into your home through the use of proper placement of doors and other elements in your living environment. When it comes to maximizing the benefits of northwest facing front door Feng Shui, there are several key concepts to keep in mind.

First, it’s important to consider color when placing doors in a north facing orientation. It is recommended that the entrance should be painted red or yellow in order to attract wealth energy into the home. Additionally, using blue or green accents around the entryway can help activate this energy as well.

Second, placement of energy-enhancing objects like a fountain, windchime, or windmill outside of your house can work wonders for redirecting positive chi inside your dwelling. Keeping fresh floral arrangements near the entrance will also add vibrant energy and promote good fortune for those who enter. Finally, paying attention to details like proper lighting fixtures and decorations can make a huge difference in overall harmony for the area surrounding your home’s doorway.

In order to maximize the benefits of northwest facing front door Feng Shui, be sure to focus on both aesthetics and functionality when considering placement of entrances and exit points. Cleanliness matters too; taking time to clear away clutter from storage rooms or hallways near northerly doors will ensure that chi flows freely throughout your house without obstruction. A few simple changes may make a world of difference!

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