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Introduction to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used throughout the ages in China to map out a blueprint of ‘luck’. It is based on the principles of Yin and Yang, in which the environment can be arranged to maximize the potential for good luck and fortune. Feng Shui has its roots in philosophy, astrology and psychology, with a focus on the harmonization of personal energy with that of their environment. Over time, elements such as furniture placement and color theory were added to create a science that would then be practiced in order to promote well-being.

Feng Shui originated in Asia more than 4,000 years ago and was developed by Chinese masters who believed that their fortified cities had chi energy or qi running through them. By studying this energy, they created a system for making auspicious decisions about everything from architecture and interior design to land use planning and even politics.

The practice gained further importance during China’s imperial dynasties when imperial palaces held strict guidelines for Feng Shui observation. These same principles have since spread all over the world, becoming popular not only in Asia but other parts of the world as well. Today it is widely accepted as part of modern Asian culture as people seek balance between their inner life energy (qi) and the external forces that influence their lives.

In Singapore today – there are many good Feng Shui practitioners who can help you enhance your life ” both personally and professionally ” by consulting on how to build houses or work places according to Feng Shui ‘rules’; offering advice on color schemes, furnishing placement; coin activation; lucky dates selection; space clearing etc… All these will bring peace and harmony so important for a good life! There are numerous institutions like Navgrah school which offer courses to learn more about this old wisdome shared by Asian Civilizations such as China , Japan , Tibet etc

The Benefits of Engaging a Feng Shui Master

Engaging a Feng Shui Master can have a life-changing benefit for those interested in creating harmony and balance in their lives. For example, Daisy had been struggling with her career in marketing for several years, feeling as if she was stuck in a rut and finding no way to move forward. She decided to try engaging a local Singaporean Feng Shui Master to look at her home to see if the space was blocking any positive energy or success. After rearranging the furniture, introducing some of the suggested colors and elements in her home such as plants and water features, Daisy quickly found that her entire life began to shift. Within weeks, she noticed that new opportunities were being presented her and she’d soon landed her dream job at an international company! She feels that hiring the Feng Shui Master changed everything!

Another benefit of hiring a Feng Shui Master is understanding how certain elements can influence relationships between family members. Kyle had been struggling with tensions between his brother and himself for several months, but nothing seemed to budge. His parents finally encouraged him to hire a local Singaporean Feng Shui Master who immediately discovered dark energies blocking the flow of communication between Kyle and his brother. The master readily qualified certain changes that could be made starting from the entryway into Kyle’s house to create more balance and harmony, not only between Kyle and his brother but for all members of the house too ” And it worked! It didn’t take too long for tension levels between each brother reduced”practically overnight”leaving both brothers pleased with the outcome.

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Finding a Good Feng Shui Master in Singapore

If you are looking for a good Feng Shui Master in Singapore, there are many experienced and knowledgeable professionals to choose from. Here is an overview of some of the recommended Feng Shui Masters in Singapore:

1. Tan Khoon Yong ” He has over 17 years of experience as a certified Feng Shui consultant. He specializes in offering consultation services, including home and office talks, eight mansions analysis, date selection and personal consultations.

2. Jeffrey Yee ” A graduate from the Nanjing University with more than 10 years of work experience in Chinese metaphysics. He offers services such as 8 mansions analysis, Qi Men Dun Jia learning courses and consultancy for homes and businesses.

3. Joey Yap ” Mr Yap is considered one of the most knowledgeable businessmen to offer Feng Shui-based advice on investments and business ventures. He has lectured to fortune 500 companies around the world on areas such as wealth management, branding, leadership seminars etc., apart from providing consultation services for residential homes as well as commercial establishments.

4. Lillian Too ” Lillian Too is Asia’s leading authority on modern feng shui practices backed by her intensive research into this ancient form of art since 1975. She specializes in Flying Stars Methodology & Formula 3-Ms (Ming Gua, Magic Square & Majestic animal).

5. Ric Ho Kong Weng Kin ” A professional feng shui practitioner with experience since 1992 who served organizations such as Channel 8 Television Stations and Universal Studios Singapore with his expertise on Chinese metaphysics related topics such as Eight House Astrology Study (Bazhai), Four Pillar Birth Chart Analysis, Date Selections Ceremonies Rituals etc.,

6 Lee Hooi San ” With 36 years of experience practicing geomancy at strategic regions internationally such as Penang (Malaysia), Xi’an(China) & Singapore , Mr Lee provides personalized advice that establish an harmonious relationship between users and their environment .

The Different Generations of Feng Shui Masters in Singapore

The Masters of Feng Shui in Singapore have evolved over time and can be divided into three distinct generations. The first generation consisted of traditional Chinese masters brought to Singapore by immigrants in the 19th century. These traditional masters utilized the ancient teachings of feng shui focusing on divination, yin-yang balance, directions and energy flow. During this era, knowledge was passed down orally amongst apprentices, but recent times has led to more easily accessible resources such as books and amulets.

The second generation of Feng Shui Masters consists of those who embrace both the traditional practices as well as modern twists typically termed ‘Westernised Feng Shui’. This school maintains the dual aspects of harmony and form tying in rigid rules regarding placement of doors and windows with balancing elements such as colours, plants and furniture for a more auspicious house or office.

The third generation is composed mostly of young minds that are open to exploring all aspects from both old-school kuas (strings used to determine compass direction) to environmentally empowering solutions such as green walls. Many believe that harnessing nature is essential for peak feng shui performance among which include space clearing rituals consisting of energizing space through air purification methods, sound design and god talismans possessing benevolent energy frequencies. This school encourages Feng Shui practitioners to think holistically when tapping energies instead of taking a literal approach limited only to re-arranging what’s already present in the room.

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Evaluating a Feng Shui Master

When looking for a qualified and reputable Feng Shui Master in Singapore, it is important to evaluate not only their experience and education but also what elements of Feng Shui that they specialize in. Although all practices of Feng Shui seek to improve the flow of energy within individuals and homes, there are various schools or styles of this practice, each with its own techniques and specialties.

A qualified practitioner should have knowledge of all traditional styles while also staying up-to-date with the contemporary theories and trends. It can be beneficial to ask if they offer consultations or assessments as this demonstrates their skillset to determine needed adjustments based on the individual’s or family’s needs. It is also important to assess the kinds of advice a potential practitioner offers; you should expect personalized recommendations rather than generic ones since a tailored approach will often produce more meaningful results for those involved.

Interviews from various Feng Shui Masters can further help inform your decision by highlighting what makes for a reputable practitioner. Those who specialize in particular ways and have extensive years spent mastering such methods are best able to assess different environments. An experienced consultant will be able to guide clients through the process of understanding remedies and adjustments that can help balance out disruptive energy flow in their home or business, as well provide coaching on how to effectively activate certain areas for various outcomes. Not only should quality service come first with any professional, but quality client care is paramount when choosing an effective feng shui master in Singapore.


There are many good Feng Shui Masters in Singapore who can help you create better energy in your home and life. By applying the principles of Feng Shui, such as understanding the physical structure of a space and the qi, or energy that flows through it, you can make harmonious changes to your environment. These changes will ensure that you promote abundance, health, happiness and productivity in your home and life. As you learn more about Feng Shui, your appreciation for its potential will increase and bring new discoveries as to how best to implement it into your life. With a qualified Feng Shui Master guiding you along this journey in Singapore, you can embark on a fulfilling exploration to become proactive with honoring the energies of nature. Embrace the possibilities today!

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