Plantas Para La Cocina Feng Shui

Introducing Plantas Para La Cocina Feng Shui

Plantas Para La Cocina Feng Shui is the practice of designing and arranging a kitchen space according to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. According to this philosophy, when balanced energy (known as “chi”) flows freely in a kitchen, it creates a harmonious atmosphere. One of the best ways to create this type of balance is by introducing plants into the kitchen.

When choosing Feng Shui friendly plants for your kitchen, it’s important to consider factors such as their shape and color, expertise in caring for them, cost and availability. Plantas Para La Cocina Feng Shui provides all these things – plus more! Here one can find round-shaped plants which are believed to be good contenders for keeping balance in the kitchen; they often have leaves that come in calming colors such as green and blue. Additionally, necessary advice on how to care for these particular plants is provided through Plantas Para La Cocina Feng Shui’s website – making plant purchasing an easy and affordable experience. With the option to shop both online or through local stores, one will have no trouble finding all they need to bring harmony into their cooking space.

Benefits of Using Plants in Your Feng Shui Kitchen

Plants can be a great way to add Feng Shui to your kitchen. Not only do they bring in life and color, but they also draw on the principles of this ancient Chinese practice which seeks to make our homes tranquil, harmonious, and peaceful. Incorporating plants into the design of your kitchen will allow you to connect with nature, foster relaxation, and improve the overall energy flow within your home.

Plants can act as additional sources of lighting by reflecting natural sunlight into the space; this will create a calming ambiance in a bright yet inviting manner. The Feng Shui principles also focus on creating balance between the elements and the environment. By adding leaves and other greenery to the space, you are both bringing a sense of height to it as well as balancing out interior elements like counters or cabinets. Plants can also liven up your color scheme while working with existing patterns or solids depending on what you would like to achieve.

Furthermore, adding plants directly into food preparation areas can bring in sensations like purification or healing as per some of the key contemporary Feng Shui elements. For example, growing herbs such as basil, parsley or mint may help create calmness during moments of culinary passion. Additionally, particular plants have been known to have air-purifying qualities – so consider adding one that is best suited for removing toxins from your kitchen air!

6 Must-Have Feng Shui Kitchen Plants

1. Pau D’Arco Tree: This vibrant evergreen tree symbolizes good health and harmony in the home. Place a pau d’arco tree near the entrance of your kitchen to bring in positive energy and attract luck. The wood from this tree is also used to create kitchen tools, so it is the perfect choice for a Feng Shui kitchen.

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2. Jade Plant: Also known as the money plant, jade plants symbolize abundance and prosperity. Place this succulent near windowsills or doorways for maximal energy flow and bring in some financial luck to your home!

3. Bamboo Plant: Bamboo plants are one of the most popular Feng Shui plants. They represent stability, strength and longevity, and can help boost your career prospects when placed strategically around the house or office. In order to benefit yourself fully from these plants place them around areas that need more attention according to Feng Shui like decision-making spots (corridors) or wealth corners (kitchen).

4. Rosemary: Rosemary stands for good health, vitality and purification, attracting longevity while keeping problems away from your family. Put rosemary on prominent places like countertops or window sills where you spend a lot of time cooking meals for yourself and loved ones!

5 Golden Pothos: This yellow variegated ivy is considered lucky by many Feng Shui practitioners because of its arrangement of five leaves that represent growth and progress in life. Place this beautiful plant somewhere sunny in your kitchen for added prosperity and promotion at work!

6 Basil: Basil is known as an energy clearing plant that helps ward off negative vibes from entering your home or workspace, making it great for use in the kitchen. It’s also an edible herb that adds flavor to various dishes which makes it even more beneficial! So add some basil near stovetops & counters – you never know what dishes you’ll make with it later on!

Personalization Tips

The key to making your Feng Shui kitchen plants unique to your style is by choosing those that reflect your personality and preferences. If you’re a fan of bright, bold colors, choose colorful blooms such as dahlias or alstroemerias for a pop of color in the room. Herbs like rosemary and lavender can also provide an earthy touch, while smaller potted plants like succulents bring an interesting texture to the kitchen. You can also opt for larger leafy house plants that are easy to care for and will bring life into the room. Additionally, consider incorporating other plants that are meaningful to you such as bamboo which has long been associated with luck and good fortune or fruit bearing trees like Meyer lemons or figs for another layer of symbolism within the kitchen.

How to Arrange Kitchen Plants According to Feng Shui

Step 1: Choose the Right Plants – While plants can help your kitchen feel calm and inviting, not every plant will do. Feng Shui recommends plants that are easy to grow and maintain – such as pothos, ivy, bonsai trees, or bamboo – for enhancing your energy.

Step 2: Avoid Sharp Angles – When arranging your plants, make sure the angles of their leaves and branches don’t face into the kitchen or towards any particular area. Place them away from burners or ovens, near windows with indirect sunlight so they receive enough light but won’t overheat.

Step 3: Clear Clutter & Excess Objects – The placement of plants should support the flow of positive energy in a space instead of becoming its focal point by cluttering it up with unnecessary items. So make sure to place them carefully and make room for them on counters and shelves in an efficient way.

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Step 4: Select Symbols of Nature – Birds-of-paradise flowers bring crystal clarity and creativity which supports healthy communication within couples. Cactus helps ground energy while soothing souls in a stressful environment while bamboos represent flexibility and determination amongst people.

Step 5: Colours Matter Too – Red brings passionate feelings whereas white indicates purity; yellow is used to strengthen feelings of abundance whereas green invokes serenity; pink brings greater assurance in love relationships whereas blue encourages feelings of trust among people. Make sure to include this tip when selecting plants for the kitchen so that it reflects colours that promote good vibes throughout the house!

Maintenance Tips for Your Feng Shui Kitchen Plants

When it comes to maintaining the Feng Shui plants in your kitchen, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is to make sure that the pot has adequate drainage and that the soil is always moist; this allows for the natural cycle of water, oxygen and mineral exchange between the soil and the roots of your plants. You should also remove any dead leaves or flowers as soon as possible, as these can be a source of decay and mold inside your kitchen. Additionally, to ward off potential pests, you can use insecticidal soap that does not contain harsh chemicals or place garlic cloves or mint leaves near your plants for repellent benefits. Remember to regularly dust off your plants with a soft cloth in order to keep their leaves looking bright and beautiful!


Elegir las plantas para la cocina Feng Shui correctas es una tarea importante para crear un espacio de cocina saludable y armonioso. Si bien hay algunas opciones generales, la mejor manera de crear un equilibrio Feng Shui en tu cocina es personalizarlo con ciertas plantas únicamente según tus gustos. Las plantas son buenas no solo para el equilibrio del chi, sino también para purificar el aire y anteponer bella decoración. La clave está en encontrar las adecuadas de acuerdo a los etéreos elementos incorporados en la visualización del espacio, y sus características naturales que ayudan a mejorar el entorno positivo ideal andando no solamente por su estética sino por otros factores también. Las plantas son una hermosa adición a tu coci na Feng Shui, pero es igualmente importante ser consciente de la forma en que las incorporamos ya que los detalles cuentan mucho. Seleccionar cuidadosamente lo que quieres usar o no es fundamental para lograr éxito y satisfacción al embellecer este ámbito tan significativo de tu casa. Examinado todos los aspectos positivos le permite tomar decisiones informadas que contribuyan beneficiosamente a su felicidad y la de su familia.

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