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Introduction to Pinterest Feng Shui

Pinterest Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that dates back thousands of years. It is based on the idea that proper alignment of surrounding objects and spaces can enhance one’s wellbeing, relationships, and life in general. The core principles of Feng Shui center around the alignment of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These elements each have their own characteristics – such as “wood” representing growth and strength, or “water” representing fluidity and perseverance – and when harmoniously arranged together can create a positive force field for a person. By rearranging physical items in space to best align with these elements, people who believe in this practice hope to create harmony and balance that will attract fortune, abundance, health and positivity into their lives.

Benefits of Practicing Pinterest Feng Shui

Practicing Pinterest Feng Shui can bring several physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Physically, it can improve the harmonious atmosphere of a home and make it more inviting to those who enter. It can also create balance in the arrangement of items within the room or space.

Mentally, Feng Shui helps bring focus and concentration to certain objectives because it arranges objects in special formations that maximize positive Qi energies. Emotionally, Pinterest Feng Shui is effective in bringing positive emotions like happiness, contentment, and peace while limiting negative emotions such as anger or frustration. By practicing Pinterest Feng Shui in one’s daily life, a person can feel more motivated to complete goals and surrounded by positive energy.

The Basic Principles of Pinterest Feng Shui

Pinterest Feng Shui puts a great deal of emphasis on achieving harmony and balance in the home. This is accomplished through making adjustments in various areas, such as furniture placement, artwork, and window dressings. According to Pinterest Feng Shui principles, each room in the house should be balanced with the “Five Elements”—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water—and aligned with important directions that are determined by a Bagua map. Additionally, paying close attention to proper symmetry is essential as it reflects support from both yin and yang energies.

Colors also play an integral part of Pinterest Feng Shui; warm tones like reds, yellows and oranges are used to bring energy into the home while cooler hues such as blues and purples can offer a sense tranquility or serenity. Further attention should be given to stocking the home with items that align with personal aspirations while simultaneously minimizing clutter which can inhibit wealth’s flow within the living space. By enacting these principles together one is more likely to enjoy a peaceful home life surrounded by energy conducive for growth.

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Tips for Incorporating Pinterest Feng Shui at Home

Living Room: Make sure to create a sense of balance by arranging furniture to form an inviting space while allowing enough room for movement. Place a large sofa as the piece of choice and bring in pieces like a chaise lounge and accent chairs. Position furniture in such a way that there is easy access from one area of the room to another, creating positive energy flow. Aim for symmetry here and try to have pairs (two end tables, matching sofas) for decor items as well as seating.

Kitchen: Place a round table that is easily accessible from every side with chairs facing each other. Create clean lines and opt for light, airy colors along with plenty of natural elements. Utilize wall shelving for knick-knacks which can help maintain peace and tranquility in this part of the home which is known to spark emotion and chaos!

Bedroom: Bed placement is important here since it’s associated with good health, so make sure to avoid bedroom walls behind your bed. Place your bed on the diagonal or center it against a wall if you’re looking for more power associated with beds in Feng Shui. Lastly, place two parallel end tables at both sides of the bed with lamps on top each one so they will be illuminating; also add calming elements such as plants or artwork on each side.

Tips for Utilizing Pinterest Feng Shui in the Workplace

1. Choose the right colors. According to Pinterest Feng Shui, harmonious colors like green and blue should be used in the office as they evoke a feeling of peace, relaxation and clarity.

2. Install plants and flowers. Plants and flowers not only bring life into a space, but they also promote positive energy flow within an office environment according to Pinterest Feng Shui principles.

3. Establish work areas with intention. Designate separate work spaces for each individual employee while keeping group areas flexible – this helps to support productivity while creating harmony among those who use the space throughout the day.

4. Utilize good lighting practices in the workplace – natural light is best! When natural light isn’t available turn towards warmer white lights for clear illumination in order to create a soothing atmosphere for employees and customers alike.

5. Utilize wall décor that promotes positivity within the workplace – abstract art, inspirational quotes or other similar pieces can all be used to create an energizing atmosphere that encourages creativity and inspiration from those who spend time there.

Tips for Selecting Pieces of Decor to Complement Pinterest Feng Shui

When selecting pieces of decor for a Pinterest Feng Shui design, it is important to consider the following principles: Universal Balance, Harmony, and Flow. The use of natural elements such as plants, rocks and seashells can help you achieve an overall balanced feel in your space. Mirrors should be placed thoughtfully around the room to create an illusion of apparent space. You can also incorporate water features like a small fountain or aquarium to create a calming effect. Arts and wall hangings should be chosen carefully and arranged according to their intended themes; they often should be hung lower than traditional forms of art so as not to disrupt the flow of energy in the room. Finally, bright colors can be used sparingly but with purpose so that the energetic energy emitted creates a state of balance in the room. When properly arranged, these pieces can significantly enhance the flow throughout a space.

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Examples of Pinterest Feng Shui in Action

-Using elements of the five Feng Shui elements in home decor, such as having water features in the living room, introducing wood furniture into a bedroom and placing metal wall art in the kitchen.

-Creating visual balance by balancing light and dark colors or furniture in an office to create a productive work environment.

-Incorporating plants, artwork, and natural materials like rocks and crystals into various spaces to enhance energy flow.

-Arranging furniture strategically based on the Feng Shui Bagua Map so that you have plenty of work space around your desk and a comfortable chairs are nearby for breaks away from the computer.

-Creating positive energy with beaded curtains to protect from drafts, bright statement rugs over hardwood floors, or having items that evoke positive memories throughout your home such as family photos.


Pinterest Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps to bring balance and harmony to a space. It applies the principles of yin and yang, which involves creating a positive energy flow in a room to promote personal well-being. To get started with Pinterest Feng Shui, look at how colors and elements can be used to create this harmonious environment in your home or workplace. Consistent rearranging of furniture may also be necessary to refresh the chi – the life force energy – of the space. Incorporating plants, adding scents and symbols that align with personal beliefs can help invoke wellbeing too. Ultimately, when these principles are applied correctly it allows us to truly maximize our living (or work) spaces and create an inviting atmosphere that supports our lives in an incredibly powerful way.

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