Feng Shui Home Buying Tips


Feng Shui is an ancient practice that seeks to bring harmony and balance into a person’s home or environment. According to the principles of Feng Shui, all aspects of people’s lives can be improved through carefully selecting one’s surroundings. Home buyers can benefit from applying these practices when selecting a home as they will help create an environment that supports their health and well-being.

When looking for a house, it is important to be mindful of its history and the energy it has accumulated since its construction. Pay close attention to the details such as colors, shapes, lights, wind direction and noise level so that you can identify homes with positive chi (energy) which will benefit the occupants. Areas up high may signify empowerment and power in lucky auspicious areas.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that certain directions affect different areas of our lives differently. South stands for wealth and fame; North relates to career; East welcomes health; West brings creativity; Northeast suggests knowledge and Southeast stands for luck. Ensure you choose a home with favorable directions for your desired lifestyle needs.

Additionally, check which way the front door opens: outward or inward? Many believe an open front door signifies home owners who are more likely to welcome new opportunities while having the ability to close out negative influences if needed.

It is always wise to ask questions about water sources near the house such as fountains, streams or standing water ponds if applicable as they are believed to direct continuous financial flow towards homeowners but also bathroom windows should be avoided due to feeling ‘drained’ in those rooms if there’s no protection provided by mature trees or buildings nearby. These considerations are vital when buying a house in a traditional Feng Shui perspective in order for potential owners to gain maximum benefits from their future home sweet home!

Prioritizing Feng Shui in a Home Search

1. Analyze the Floor Plan: The size, shape, and distribution of rooms in a house will influence energy flow. When looking for a home, it is important to keep this in mind. For example, an even number of rooms spread equally along long hallways will create balanced energy and provide harmony throughout the house.

2. Pick an Area That Resonates with You: It’s important to pay attention to your intuition while searching for a home because it will provide valuable insight into which areas you should consider more closely. This can include factors such as neighborhood ambience, location near desirable amenities, or proximity to family or friends.

3. Observe Landscape Elements: Paying attention to details like whether the property has open spaces, trees, or water features can indicate if there’s already good Feng Shui present or if improvements are necessary before move-in day. Having strong elements like these can help promote balance and prosperity in the household environment.

4. Evaluate Existing Home Decorations: Taking note of any existing decorations that come with a potential home can be informative about its previous inhabitants and can provide clues about how much effort needs to be put into achieving balance when moving in. Items such as mirrors and crystals may need to be rearranged in order for them to successfully bring positive energy into the space, so being aware of their locations during the search is key.

5. Understand Your Goals: Keeping your desired lifestyle outcomes top of mind through your search will help guide your decisions on what real estate properties are worth visiting for further exploration before committing to purchase. This includes getting clarity on objectives like wanting an organized and productive workplace that allows you choose satisfaction over stress each day at home

Checking for Geopathic Stress

When purchasing a new home, it is important to check for Geopathic Stress. Geopathic Stress is caused by certain kinds of Earth’s energies that can have a negative impact on your health and well-being. Common sources of Geopathic Stress include underground water veins, underground minerals, cell phone towers, and power lines. One way to check for this stress is by walking around the entire property and feeling for any kind of energy that feels off or strange. It can also help to use an energy dowsing tool like a pendulum or a reflexology chart with rods attached at one end. To get a more detailed study, hire a Feng Shui consultant who has expertise in detecting Geopathic Stress. They will be able to take readings from all surroundings areas and recommend possible solutions such as placing a ground harmonizer within the home to counteract the effects. Additionally, opt to avoid positioning your bed on any spots where you detect strong energy accumulations as these may even cause insomnia and nightmares!

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Utilizing Locations & Sectors

When purchasing a home, it’s important to consider the various locations and sectors where the house is located. Ideally, you want to choose a home in an area that will benefit from Feng Shui energy. Keep in mind that different locations and sectors may have different influences on the energy of your home.

A sector of your home can impact your success, health, relationships and more. It’s best to select a property that is open to beneficial energies such as luck, harmony or even wealth. Understand where these influences come from by looking at the Bagua Map and Compass School Chart before you buy your home.

When looking for homes, try and find one which has beneficial energy flowing through the connected locations and sectors. Pay close attention to the street and rear direction when selecting a property as this can be very important when determining how the home energy flows. Additionally, seek out homes featuring colors associated with each sector of the Bagua map so that you can ensure good Feng Shui energy throughout the dwelling.

Lastly, research any past history associated with previous occupants of the house so you can determine if there were any patterns of bad behavior or ill-luck associated with them during their stay in order to make sure this doesn’t carry over into your occupancy of the residence. In summation, carefully considering locations and sectors prior to buying a home aide homeowners in deciding upon dwellings that offer security, comfort and a positive atmosphere for living.

Working with the Home’s Element

When looking at a potential home, it is important to keep in mind the element that it belongs to. Depending on the location and features of the property, it can be associated with one of five elements: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water or Wood. Each of these elements affects energy flow in different ways, thus influencing how Feng Shui works in each space.

Earth-associated homes are great for people who want stability and long-term success. They bring good health and prosperity over time. Fire-associated homes are wonderful for those looking for wealth and fame. Metal-associated homes provide clarity of thought and the ability to create strong boundaries around themselves. Water-associated properties awaken spiritual awareness within individuals and help them uncover their strengths and weaknesses. Wood-element homes enhance creativity and are great for those seeking personal growth.

By recognizing which element a property falls under, you can apply specific Feng Shui techniques to ensure maximum benefit from its energies. For example, if the property has an Earth element quality, then utilizing techniques that make use of Earth’s solidity such as creating solid barriers (e.g., fencing) or using protective stones in the garden can help increase the vitality of your home’s positive energy flow significantly!

Shaping with Furniture

When incorporating furniture into your home, it is important to take into consideration the principles of feng shui. You can use furniture to bring balance, harmony and flow in your home. Place furniture away from any direct path of entry or exit, as this creates a misunderstanding between elements in the house and slows down energies. Try to position your furniture so it creates a clear line of vision across all rooms within eye reach, creating an expansive feeling.

You can also use colors strategically when adding furniture. Utilize colors such as red, yellow and orange to inspire passion, opinions and action; blue for clarity and communication; green for growth and peace; white for purity; black for grounding purposes; and purple for connecting with intuition. Consider arranging items according to their hue on a color wheel diagram to evoke positive energy from each hue’s qualities.

In addition to colors, you can also employ symbols that attract luck or good fortune such as dragons for protection or lotuses for enlightenment. Utilizing images with motivational messages – like those projected at eye level – will promote mental agility beyond simply the visual space created by the furniture placement. Other shape-influencing techniques involve carefully orienting needed items strategically around the area they will be used in order to create an energetic flow allowing activities nearby easier implementation and completion. When organizing shapes keep them simple without spiky edges that cause irritation — choose those with curves representing movement enticed more on a subconscious instead of conscious level.

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Accessorizing with Feng Shui

When selecting artwork and accessories for a Feng Shui-friendly home, you must consider the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element is associated with different symbols, which contribute to positive energy in your living space.

Wood elements can be used to promote growth and health. Wood artwork should be vibrant nature themes like mountains or forests. Incorporating a bamboo plant into the room or buying wooden furniture or cabinets will add a touch of this element to your home.

Fire elements represent passion, enthusiasm, and joy. Paintings of sunsets or lights bring this energy into the space. Candles – particularly in reds and oranges – are great ways to incorporate the Fire element in your home’s décor.

Earth element symbols evoke stability and prosperity. You can select lush green landscapes as wall art or hang statues of Asian gods or goddesses made from stones such as marble or soapstone can spark this energy in a room.

Metal elements are associated with strength and elegance; metal accents promote clear thinking as well statues illustrating meditation and balance helps create an environment for peaceful contemplation; metal wind chimes also ringing away negative energy from a living area .

Finally, Water elements reduce stress by calming strong emotions; riverscapes; ocean waves give off an airy feel whlst evoking the flow of luck into your living space; indoor water fountains surround yourself with tranquil feelings while assuaging lingering pain points throughout the house..

Experiencing Feng Shui in Action

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science of creating balance in the home environment. Many people have experienced remarkable change in their lives once they’ve applied Feng Shui principles to their homes. The following are some examples of how successful Feng Shui homes have enhanced the quality of life for their owners:

One family found success after making changes such as moving the stove from a northern facing wall to a more advantageous southern facing one. After doing so, their home was much more balanced and inviting. They said that it felt like they had opened the door to opportunity and promotion.

Another instance that exemplified Feng Shui’s power was when an individual moved his bed from an overdue spot (where it blocked energy flow) to a more balanced space. After this, he was able to enjoy peaceful restful nights and an increased level of productivity during the day. He also said that his anxiety levels reduced significantly and his relationships with other people improved exponentially.

Finally, another example is when a couple who was struggling financially decided to rearrange some furniture per Feng Shui principles in order to improve their home’s chi (energy). Soon after, they received unexpected financial breakthroughs from sources outside of their current income streams which enabled them to pay off debts and save for future investments.

These stories prove just how powerful Feng Shui can be for individuals looking for positive changes in life. By applying simple principles such as proper placement, selection, and decluttering of furniture in the home environment, you might also experience incredible results!


In conclusion, when looking for a Feng Shui home there are several tips and strategies to keep in mind. Consult with professionals like a Feng Shui expert or energy healer to help you make the decision. Consider layout, design, size of your space, windows and light, furniture placement and more. After selecting the right home, continue to enhance its energy with things such as artwork, rituals and plants. Finally, don’t forget to trust your intuition since it will guide you towards the right decisions that are aligned with your true self. With these tips and strategies, you can select the perfect Feng Shui home for you and your family.

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