Pictures To Hange In The Bedroom Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient philosophy of harmoniously arranging our home and environment to create balance and create good energy. Pictures to hang in the bedroom with feng shui principles means that you are helping to bring positive energy into your space while also connecting to Chinese culture. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can use pictures to hang in the bedroom with feng shui.

Types of Bedroom Pictues To Hang With Feng Shui One way to incorporate pictures into your feng shui design is by hanging photographs or paintings that depict a peaceful landscape, such as a beach or mountaintop. Not only do these give off a calming vibes but they also represent renewal, growth, and clarity.

Additionally strategically placing pieces of art or photographs depicting activities that you find peaceful and pleasant can add great energy such as sailing, playing an instrument, or any other activity that brings joy into your life. Another popular choice for adding visual value and creating a calming atmosphere are inspirational quotes which brings positive energy and help raise your vibrations when looking at them.

Positioning Of The Pictures Positioning of artistic pieces within the bedroom is key when using feng shui principles; usually artwork should be hung at eye level so it can be appreciated without straining your head up or down. Portraits of people should not be hung over the bed because they will disrupt peaceful sleep as well as draw attention away from the bed where focus should be kept during rest. After all; bedrooms are meant for sleeping and sex-specifically.

It’s best to avoid hanging anything too close to the bed thereby allowing an ample chance for positive chi (energy)to flow throughout the room uninterruptedly. Likewise clocks purposely not being hang in bedrooms prevents time stress from seeping in while sleeping as well distracts focus from leisurely relaxing activities like reading or just lollygagging around living carefree.

Finally crystal figurines amplifies healing vibrations; therefore sprinkled liberally throughout bedrooms helps bring in sweet dreams and relaxation hence helping move stressful thought process out while resting for longer periods because crystals emit powerful healing vibrations which helps release blockages stuck within our minds allowing us feel refreshed after rising out of bed in the morning.

Benefits of Incorporating Bedroom Feng Shui

The practice of Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that is used to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. The idea is to bring energy and harmony into your home through the careful placement and organization of objects.

When it comes to the bedroom, incorporating Feng Shui can be especially beneficial in helping you create a space that fosters restfulness, relaxation, and peace. One way to bring in positive energy is by hanging pictures with relevant meanings in your room’s designated wealth areas according to feng shui principles.

When considering which pictures you should hang in your bedroom for optimal feng shui benefits here are a few of the best ideas:

  • Pictures That Represent Peaceful Scenes
  • Paintings or Pictures of Symbolic Animals
  • High-Quality Art That Reflects A Personal Interest
  • Images That Represent Your Career Goals & Aspirations

Pictures that represent peaceful scenes can help invoke feelings of calm and relaxation as soon as you enter the bedroom. Nature scenes that call to mind things like lush forests full of trees or rolling hills dotted with wildflowers are particularly effective in this regard. If you’re looking for something more traditional, paintings depicting serene water scenes such as sailboats floating along on a lake or creek can also be just as lovely.

Animals have symbolic meaning in feng shui and certain images will invoke luck and prosperity based on what type of animal they depict. Horses are said to symbolize career success while eagles represent increased ambition. Even simply adding an artistic photograph on canvas featuring your pet can make you feel more connected with the energy of your home environment overall.

Finally, it’s important to consider artwork that reflects personal interests or goals when choosing what pictures should be hung in bothe bedroom according to feng shui principles. If someone enjoys photography, framing some prints in mat boards with interesting colors can add another level of meaning behind the artwork while also helping them feel closer to their passions each time they step foot in their room each day.

Picture frames donned with mantras or affirmations made up by the individual further enhance focus on positive aspirations too.

Different Techniques Used in Bedroom Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a system of Chinese philosophy which focuses on achieving harmony in a living space. This ancient practice has been used for centuries to create harmonious environments and can be used to ensure the energy flows optimally within bedrooms. Placing certain items, including pictures, can add beauty while also creating balance and harmony. Here are some of the techniques that are commonly used to achieve optimal Feng Shui in bedrooms:

  • Creating Flow With Pictures: Hanging pictures with an attractive composition and flowing lines allows the energy of the bedroom to move unimpeded around the room. Look for images with colors, such as blues or greens, that incorporate nature as these yin elements will bring relaxation. Avoid harsh designs or bright colors like reds which can cause agitation.
  • Creating Positive Affirmations: A series of inspiring images on a wall creates an uplifting atmosphere and changes how one feels about themselves and their life. Choose quotes, objects or images that evoke feelings of self-confidence so they can focus on key areas when meditating or even sleeping.
  • Using Symbols To Guide Intention: Symbols act as powerful reminders of our intentions and goals. Hanging pictures with symbols such as lotus flowers, Tibetan bells or Wu Lou is said to create stability and protection in a space-while also acting as motivation for moving up the ladder to success.

Tips for Determining Ideal Pictures To Hang

To maintain a room’s balance using Feng Shui, paying attention to the pictures you hang in your bedroom is essential. In addition to selecting pictures that bring joy or comfortable memories, there are other considerations to make. Here are guidelines for choosing appropriate images that will bring positive energy into the bedroom:

Avoid Scary Pictures

Feng Shui believes scary images can fill a space with unhearty energy, so be sure to avoid them. Images of ghosts, demon-like figures, and even certain abstract forms should be off-limits from the bedroom walls.

Choose Relaxing Images

Bringing cheerful energy into the room is ideal, but not all photo options are created equal When it comes to bedroom decor, images of nature, especially those with calming shades of blue and green, can help create a serene environment. This includes landscapes as well as scenes of water bodies such as lakes and oceans.

Home Feng Shui Bedroom

Floral photos and Thai paintings may also be considered if they convey tranquillity as well. They share an optimistic message with any guest entering the room.

Hang Pictures at Eye Level

To ensure both people who sleep in the bed are receiving ample energy throughout their rest hours it’s important that each person has a centerpiece hanging over them. According to Feng Shui principles these must be hung at eye level or a bit higher – this will keep optimal chi pushing out from each side of the bed for full comfort and relaxation during sleep sessions.

However, if one partner is significantly taller than the other it may require some additional work on deciding how many pieces should go on each side and what sizes those pieces should have – this set up will vary depending on individual cases.

Factors To Consider When Placing Pictures

When it comes to hanging pictures in the bedroom, Feng Shui dictates several important factors that can have an impact on the Chi energy of the space. Placing a picture in the right area of your bedroom will help encourage more positive energy and keep it flowing in the most beneficial direction.


The first important factor when considering where to hang a picture in a bedroom is its direction – make sure it is facing into the room. It should not face out or be backlit by windows as this could result in negative chi energy entering the space. Similarly, it should not be pointed at (or above) your bed, as this can create headaches or mental confusion for you while sleeping.


The content of your chosen picture is also important – only choose photographs that show happy subjects with positive outcomes. It is best to avoid postcards or prints depicting military heroes, combat scenes, animals fighting or any other images that may evoke fear or aggression in a subconscious level.

Types Of Photos Suitable For The Bedroom

To make sure you create peaceful and harmonious environment we suggest placing these types of photos:

  • Portraits: Pictures featuring friends and family are thought to remind occupants of loved ones and bring love and support into the home.
  • Landscapes: These can be calming and relaxing when placed sensibly within your bedroom.
  • Symbolic Items: Including pictures depicting symbols such as trees for growth or ponds for change/growth.

Choosing the Best Position to Hang Your Pictures

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps create positive energy within a living space. To take full advantage of this art, one may opt to hang pictures in their bedroom. By preforming this task, you can bring peace and luck into your home.

However, there are a few considerations when it comes to selecting the best location for your hanging your photos. You must be aware of how the placement of the framed images could affect the energy around your bed. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • To welcome good luck and health, avoid hanging photos of deceased relatives above or on either side of the bed.
  • Avoid placing photos with depressing or overly emotional content near your bed as this will produce negative effects.
  • Do not place images with high contrasting colors where they will face you directly while sleeping; this tends to create confusion and disruption during sleep.
  • The ideal position for pictorials is diagonally opposite the entrancepoint which activates good Chi

One way to apply Feng Shui principles is to use paintings that reflect natural elements like trees, oceans, flowers, etc. since these energies interact positively with both humans and nature at large. Symbolic representations such as posters depicting success or fortune can also aid in directing prosperity towards the inhabitants of a space. If you have religious affiliations, adding spiritual decorations or icons could provide additional support for positive energy growth in that area.

You should also consider the material of frame itself; metal frames tend to attract negative Chi while wooden frames produce positive energy akin to nature’s life force cycles. After deciding on a picture’s content and framing material, make sure it is aligned according to auspicious directions as listed in the LIfe Aspiration Map-east for health, west for wealth, north for serenity, and south for fame/ recognition.

Finally set yourself an intention before finalizing its placement affirming all good vibrations within its space. With these tips under consideration,your bedroom decor will be primed for more potential blessings and influences from Quan Yin (goddess).

Decorating with Wall Hangings

When it comes to making a home feel serene and inviting, wall hangings can be one of the most powerful tools. For example, Feng Shui decorating practice recommends incorporating certain symbols into interior design for an effect that inspires harmony and balance. In terms of wall hangings for a bedroom, there are plenty of decorative options that can create a peaceful ambiance within the room.

One common theme in Feng Shui is nature, since the natural world brings feelings of tranquillity and joy. In order to represent this in a bedroom, one could use wall hangings with soothing images like oceanside sunsets or a tranquil forest landscape. Alternatively, art featuring animals such as birds or dolphins often provides comfort and relaxation. Whatever type of image chosen, incorporating natural scenes into the décor will help evoke gentle energy in a bedroom space.

In addition to pictures of nature which inspire peace and relaxation, Feng Shui also suggests utilizing photographs or artworks that display meaningful sentiments. This can be accomplished by displaying pictures depicting activities which bring joy or happiness – like family trips to the beach – which conjure up positive memories whenever they’re viewed within the room. Then there exists also choosing pieces of artwork featuring motivational phrases or words which encourage optimism every time they’re read on the wall.

Decorating with wall hangings is an excellent way to help ensure both comfortability and aesthetics within any living space. Materials such as wood carvings, ceramic tiles, silk embroidery designs, and even do-it-yourself creations are all viable options for individuals who want their bedrooms decorated according to Feng Shui principles.

In short, if you use these aforementioned tips when selecting your wall hanging designs, you can easily create a room full of balance while at the same time personalizing your bedroom décor.

Ideas for Mixing and Matching Artwork

Maintaining a balanced look while adding Feng Shui to the interior aesthetics of the bedroom is an art. Here are a few ideas for mixing and matching artwork to create a harmonious atmosphere in the room:

  • Think Colors. Keep artwork that has colors that complement each other when creating an overall wall collage. Balanced hues can give positive energy thus creating good vibrations throughout the bedroom.
  • Use Patterns. Mixing patterns works well if done properly so as not to create too much visual busyness in the room. A soft, gentle pattern in one area with bold accent pieces spread around it is recommended.
  • Create a Theme. Largely sticking to one theme can also keep the bedroom balanced and organized even with different pieces of artwork hung everywhere. Use related art prints, memorabilia and photography to bring together all the items while itemizing each color or pattern used behind the theme.
Best Painting for Bedroom Feng Shui

Unique Artwork for Bedroom Walls

Adding distinct elements to decorate any interior space can be arduous work. To improve on creativity using Feng Shui principles in picking out unique pieces to hang on walls or just having something way beyond tradition, here are some examples:

  • 3-D Artwork. Wall clocks shaped like sunflowers or engraved metal wall sculptures depicting abstract shapes (a Yin Yang design maybe?) inside your room goes perfectly with your chosen theme.
  • Lighting Solutions. LED wall lights as artwork serving its purpose as its own display piece offering vibrant colors inspired by specific themes from nature (like underwater creatures) may provide specific feelings into the atmosphere inside an empty corner of your bedroom.
  • >Photography Wall Mural Come up with ready-made mural designs featuring macro photos of rock formations or high-contrast images of forests-evergreen trees, rocks, bushes etc.-can push emotion into any feature wall inside your very own private room.

Types of Pictures To Avoid In Feng Shui

When it comes to pictures for a bedroom with Feng Shui, there are certain types of images that should be avoided. When planning the perfect art work or photographs for your space, steer clear of these five feng shui no-no’s if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere:

  • Pictures of sad or aggressive people
  • Pictures of serious or awful moments
  • Troubling or negative scenes
  • Images related to competition
  • Picture of weapons

The various images included in these categories captivate negative energy rather than the relaxed and calming ambiance needed for peace and serenity in the bedroom. Instead, opt for soft colors and gentle themes so that your room organically creates a feeling of relaxation. Feng Shui experts suggest supportive, positive images such as nature scenes and magnificent landscapes.

Images like this support the idea of experiencing growth, progress, health, contentment and prosperity. For couples considering hanging pictures in their bedrooms together, pictures with ocean scenery signifying infinity can help promote a sense of infinite love between partners. This is generally achieved by using images that capture a beautiful horizon line depicting two merging seas or the growing light from a setting sun over an open sea.

Symbols of Love also come highly recommended in decorating with Feng Shui since they denote relationship lines that draw energy back into the partnership making sure both parties receive outflowing energies constantly without stagnating it on either side; both partners get equal energy flow.

In this case, finding imagery that speaks to your heart is more important than simply pleasing societal norms; when hung in the Bedroom at eye-level couples are reminded of their fondness & appreciation for one another every time they lay eyes on their picture.

Enhance this effect further by incorporating artwork featuring hearts in any guise be it birds flying together against a sunset backdrop or dolphins diving through vista views – once again encouraging love & collaboration between partners by invigorating mutual energies.

Ideas for Choosing Harmonious Colors and Designs

Choosing pictures that are in harmony with Feng Shui principles can be a challenge. However, selecting pictures that reflect your personal tastes and create a calm environment can be achieved by following some basic guidelines. A good place to start is with colors – opt for lighter shades such as blues and greens which generate calming vibes and promote balance. In addition, avoid colors like browns or greys which can be associated with sadness or depression.

The next step is considering the size of the picture frames. If you have a large bedroom, you may want to consider larger artwork that will become the focal point in the space; however, if your bedroom is on the smaller side, opting for one or two slightly smaller pieces will help prevent an overly cluttered appearance.

Additionally, since bedrooms are meant for rest and relaxation it is important to focus visual attention away from the bed so it’s best to avoid hanging art directly above it or orienting art around four sides of it.

Finally, think carefully about what kind of artwork you would like to hang in your bedroom – a meaningful piece; something abstract; fine art photography – all these can work well in creating a space of tranquility. Any photographs chosen should also enhance positive feelings and any pieces found should reflect a sense of beauty and joy.

Selecting artwork from local galleries or local artists gives one an opportunity to find unique pieces that are handcrafted specifically for one’s individual style aesthetic and promotes healthy energy levels and relaxation within the bedroom. Doing this not only helps bring positive vibes into the room but also gives one another beautiful visual reminder each day when spending time in their personal sanctuary – their bedroom.


Using pictures to enhance feng shui in the bedroom is a great way to create positive energy in the room. Good quality art, photographs, or other imagery can help bring beauty and peace to the environment.

It’s important not to rush into selecting a few pieces for your room – instead, take the time to pick artwork that will fit well with the theme of your bedroom and its colors. It’s possible to add a touch of feng shui simply by incorporating a few strategic images into the decor.

Pictures are often used as symbols for luck, prosperity, strength, good health and other types of good fortune. Images that have intense hues such as ocean blues, lush greens and deep reds can build strong connections in one’s “chi” or life force. Because artwork in bedrooms often signifies important aspects of our lives like this, it’s wise to be mindful about what type of images we choose for our rooms.

Framed artwork featuring fields of vibrant flowers, landscapes or even romantic couples can conspire with nature’s energy flows creating serene atmospheres ideal for restful slumber nights. These kind of representations regularly come hand-in-hand with strong applications when it comes to designing spaces with traditional elements like waterfalls or auspicious rooster figures depicted in paintings behind beds or next to windows.

Montage walls combining photos from celebratory events are perfect additions for bedrooms because they connect us with fond memories while also activating chi energies around them that provide us with stimulation throughout our day. An arrangement including several favorite personal pictures adds optimum warmth because these visuals fuel positive emotions in us on a daily basis even without consciously being aware of it.

Ultimately through artistry, we naturally determine how Feng Shui enters the realm of reality within our homes’ four walls by cultivating aesthetically pleasing habitats tailored exclusively towards contentment and joyous living.

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