Pictures In Bedroom Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that isn’t just limited to the bedroom, but can be applied in any space from your home to office. It concentrates on harnessing the energy which flows around us to bring balance and peace in a given area.

As such, it’s essential to accurately assess a space, discover the Chi within it and decide how best to use your decorating pieces or furniture in decision-making processes. In this regard, pictures in bedroom Feng Shui can be used help set up a good flow of energy throughout the room.

When decorating one’s bedroom according to Feng Shui principles first and foremost you want to make sure that all artwork is not associated with images of sad or depressing things as this can impact how we feel about ourselves and also affect our level of motivation negatively when we try and sleep.

One great way to steer clear of any unwanted vibes is by using artwork that depicts nature scenes or happy moments filled with joy that will reverberate throughout your space.

Also important keep in mind would be the location of certain pieces of art; by placing wall art closer to the entrance of your bedroom it allows more positive energy into the space.

Artwork placed close together should also have themes that correspond or make sense together so they don’t conflict with each other; for example if one piece has a bright vivid colors then opt for another piece with softer more muted tones so they work well side by side.

Lastly, when hanging multiple pictures it helps allow for even distribution along walls which makes sure no particular side looks unbalanced – making this technique ideal Feng Shui practices overall.

In conclusion, pictures in Bedroom Feng Shui are vital for setting up a good flow of energy within your home and creating harmony throughout its entirety – especially when used wisely. By adhering to placement recommendations outlined above – along with considering what images are chosen – you’ll create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation, contemplation, positivity and ultimately optimal wellbeing for yourself and those closest too you.

Benefits of Incorporating Pictures in Bedroom Feng Shui

Incorporating pictures into your bedroom’s feng shui can offer a variety of benefits to the space. The following will provide an overview of these advantages:

  • Visual Appeal – Pictures are an excellent way to enhance the atmosphere of any room, and including them in bedroom décor plays a significant role in improving the visual appeal. Furthermore, adding picture frames with unique designs or colours gives the entire space a lift.
  • Positive Energy – Apart from adding visual interest, filling up empty wall spaces with artwork can be an effective way to bring energy into your bedroom. Whether you choose paintings depicting nature scenes or family photographs that evoke positive emotions, each piece will radiate positive vibes in the space.
  • Background Noise – Soothing images or audiovisual elements like wall hangings and pictures featuring oceanic scenes may also help reduce excessive noise coming from outside or within the home. Such pictures create background noise in a soothing and tranquil manner when placed strategically for optimal soundproofing.

Energizing Vibes – Many people find displaying personal photographs such as family portraits to be energizing and motivating. Thanks to feng shui practices, placing specific pictures in various areas of your living space plays an important role in setting its overall vibe according to how you want it. In particular, placing a portrait with happy memories on the south wall may aid emotional stability and encourage family cohesion.

Emotional Peace – Items such as landscape photographs have a calming effect that helps diminish feelings of stress and tension in a living space. Using these kinds of visuals as part of your interior design may aid relaxation by encouraging greater mindfulness about thoughts, peacefulness during night-time rest, and emotion regulation overall.

Symbolism – Selecting certain objects made out of wood, metal or fabric can further enhance their symbolic meaning via careful placement around your house based on their relationship with one another. For example casting bedside lamps aside wall neightbours featuring images meant to inspire productivity could be imbued with intended symbolism for personal growth plans carried throughout different parts of life.

Different Styles of Pictures that Can Enhance Bedroom Feng Shui

The bedroom is a place where you are primarily looking for rest and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and plain. There are a lot of different styles of pictures that can enhance bedroom feng shui. Here are some suggestions:

  • Landscapes: photos or paintings of nature can bring in an element of calmness and peace into your space.
  • Family Photos: Displaying family photos can inspire a feeling of connection, safety, and goodwill in the bedroom.
  • Motivation Posters: Whether it’s quotes of wisdom or inspirational photographs, these types of posters promote feelings of ambition and joy.
  • Abstract Art: Adding abstract art pictures can prompt creative energy into the room while appealing to all the senses.
Feng Shui Bedroom Art Above Bed

Regardless of what type you choose, quality picture framing adds an elegance and sophistication that further enhances the aesthetics of any room. When it comes to picture frames for bedrooms, natural wood frames can add warmth to any interior design scheme. In addition, they protect pictures from getting damaged due to dust or fingerprints.

Wooden frames also come in many shapes and sizes to fit whatever kind of wall décor you are looking for. When decorating with pictures in your bedroom, think about which pieces will make you feel relaxed when gazing upon them every night before sleeping.

Where to Place Pictures in the Bedroom According To Feng Shui

Feng shui recommends placing pictures in the bedroom to promote certain energies that contribute to a good night’s sleep. Following these principles can ensure a restful and peaceful state of mind before you go to bed.

  1. For Positive Energy – Place pictures with calming and peaceful scenes. These could include pictures of forests, beaches, sunsets or landscapes. Images with more active elements like wildlife can also create positive energy if placed correctly.
  2. To Improve Concentration – Place images related to your career goals or current focus in the career area of your bedroom, which is usually located in the back-left corner from the entrance. This will help manifest those goals.
  3. To Relax Before Bed – Place photos promoting calmness and peace in your relaxation corner which is usually located at the left side of the bed. Photos displaying activities like gardening or quiet nature scenes are an excellent choice that provides a calming effect.

Pictures with positive messages about relationships and love should be placed by the entrance area of your bedroom according to feng shui traditions as this represents partnership luck. Some examples include pictures displaying couples, flowers, candles, moonlight nights as well as some quotes related to relationships.

Positive reinforcement works wonders when it comes to health too; for this purpose place photographs illustrating wellness such as people exercising or practicing yoga around your bedside for a revitalizing effect before going off to dreamland. Be sure not to place any images depicting physical struggles close to where you sleep; this could result in body aches during rest time due to negative associations.

Choosing the Best Colors for Bedroom Wall Decorations

Bedroom Feng Shui recommends using colors that will create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. The main idea is to use colors that evoke feelings of calmness so that you can safe and restful sleep.

Choosing the Best Paint for Bedroom Walls

Picking the right paint for your bedroom walls can be instrumental in creating good bedroom Feng Shui. For best results, it’s important to select neutral tones, like whites, tans, or even greys. Natural shades are often most soothing and allow for less distractions from wall decorations or accessories.

Creating a Sense of Tranquility with Wall Art

To further enhance the feeling of tranquility and serenity, consider selecting wall decorations with calming images and quotes. Hanging a few small pictures on opposite sides of the bed frames allows you to control what images you look at each night before falling asleep. In order to promote positive energy when selecting wall art:

  • Choose art that brings a sense of joy or peace.
  • Choose natural elements like mountains, lakes, sunsets, etc.
  • Avoid artwork depicting violence or chaos.
  • Avoid displaying too many pictures as this can overcrowd a space and be distracting.

Decorating with Wall Art for a More Harmonious Room

Bedroom feng shui is believed to affect the lives of those who inhabit it. This ancient Chinese practice works in harmony with nature to create good fortune and health. One way to bring good luck into your bedroom is through decorating with wall art. Here are five ways to use wall art for a more harmonious room:

  • Choose artwork with uplifting messages – Surround yourself with words of encouragement and good vibes when you sleep. Look for artwork that conveys joy, calm, or other positive feelings.
  • Incorporate Artwork That Resonates With You – Choose artwork that reflects your interests and values. For example, if you live near the beach, decorate with pictures of waves crashing against shorelines.
  • Keep It Balanced – Feng Shui requires keeping an even mix of Yin Yang energy throughout a space. Try balancing cool colors with warm tones by pairing abstract paintings with more traditional portraits.
Feng Shui for Desk in Bedroom

Not only must the size be taken into account when choosing wall art but its positioning as well. Plan out frames prior to hanging them so they don’t take away from any focal points or disrupt the balance of the room.

Placing a large piece of artwork opposite or above your bed can draw attention away from it and promote relaxation while smaller pieces are recommended for both sides and corners unlike larger ones which should be hung directly across from windows or mirrors. Finally, if possible hang colorful canvases at least one foot off the ground as this encourages flow in the chi (energy).

What Not to Place in the Bedroom According To Feng Shui

The bedroom is an important area when it comes to decorating according to feng shui. Cutting down on clutter is vital in order to create energy flow and promote better sleep. Avoid cluttering the walls or opting for dark wall colours as this will naturally inhibit good feng shui and wellbeing of a person or couple occupying the space.

Other than keeping things minimal, arranging furniture in a way that allows positive energy flow is key. Placement of items such as mirrors should be considered too, focusing on how they influence bedroom décor and energy flow.

No Sharp Objects

When it comes to decorating a bedroom with feng shui in mind, sharp objects such as knives and swords should not be anywhere near the bed either directly under it or on the headboard. It is believed that having sharp objects close to sleeping areas brings about bad luck resulting in various disruptions to day-to-day life activities for those who share the room.

Ditch That TV

With technology advancing at an ever increasing rate, TVs are often seen within bedrooms intended for leisure use; however according to traditional Chinese philosophy TVs don’t belong in a good Feng Shui bedroom setup. Thisbecause they emit negative energies, which counteract what would otherwise have been considered as beneficial positive energy if left out or placed elsewhere within the house.

Hide Your Electronics Away

In addition to TVs, other electronic devices should be avoided too such as laptops, video game consoles and tablets amongst others regardless whether they are used for work related matters or simply just playing around with them instead of sleeping off that much needed rest after long hours throughout the day.

The aim here being that by removing these items from bedrooms it helps foster feelings of joys along with a sense of relaxation right from stepping into one’s personal space until getting into bed thus resulting in sounder sleep patterns and ultimately better overall health of those who occupy this space.


The use of bedroom feng shui is considered one of the most effective techniques that can help individuals create a peaceful and balanced atmosphere in the room, and subsequently improve sleep quality. One of the main elements used to maximize such benefit are pictures.

Pictures in bedrooms should be carefully selected, however; as they strongly influence energy flow into the room and subconsciously shape not only our emotions but also life principles and aspects of ourselves that we want to become.

With bedroom feng shui being all about managing the internal energy flow, it is ideal to opt for wall art showing natural landscapes or sceneries (e.g., rolling fields, winding rivers), since such options bring balance to the aura’s yin and yang and promote spiritual freedom. In addition, avoid any pictures reminding of difficult situations or depicting violence; instead, look even further than photographs at artwork created with calming colors or abstract designs that drive positive emotions.

Above all else, personalize your wall art choices so that they represent what you would like to see more in yourself-including ambition, strength, love, kindness-or simply what brings you joy whenever you observe it. Such an effort goes beyond aesthetics as it intends to create powerful energies that constantly remind both occupants of how important their mutual awareness is towards achieving a tranquil space which can ultimately promote better sleeping conditions too.

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