Northwest Facing House Feng Shui

Northwest facing house feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the energies of a space using its layout and design. It takes into account orientation, energy flow, spatial arrangement, and other environmental elements to maximize positive energy for good health and wellbeing. The practice originated thousands of years ago in China but it has become popular around the world due to its ability to help people find balance and harmony in their homes and lives.

When it comes to Northwest-facing houses, feng shui can be used to harness the positive energy that exists naturally in those locations. The northwest sector is related to beneficial pathways, wealth luck, career luck, knowledge luck, health luck and fame luck in the 8 Mansion school of thought. Therefore, this direction should be considered as auspicious when placing furnishing arrangements inside a property with an orientation facing northwest.

To maximize the potential benefits of having a northwest facing house according to Feng Shui principles one should consider paying attention to the material-energy relationship between: location (compass direction), colors representing different directions (5 element guide) symbolism (animal totems) and even numerology (the age of building).

To tap into the full potential of this orientation it’s important to have proper placement of furniture in order to allow Chi or Qi (good vibes) to flow freely through all rooms without congestion.

Emphasis on water features such as pools tend to bring more success if placed in one particular corner which is known for providing powerful Qi Energy during different times of day or night like early mornings or afternoons respectively. Placing wind chimes with various shapes and sizes near windows will give off gentle air currents which aids in balancing energies within each room or area located very close by.

What is the Feng Shui of a Northwest-Facing House?

A northwest facing house is often considered to be one of the most positive directions for a house according to Feng Shui principles. The northwest direction is associated with the element metal and the energy associated with it is said to provide a distinct type of support that encourages good fortune and spiritual growth.

In Feng Shui, a home’s orientation towards various compass points is very important, as it influences the flow of energy within both living space and the entire property. People tend to prefer houses that face east or south-east as these directions are often believed to bring in positive energy which will bring luck and be beneficial for occupants’ wellbeing.

However, when it comes to homes facing northwest, they may actually be a better choice as this direction brings more stability into people’s lives compared to those facing an east or southeast orientation.

In addition, chi – believed by practitioners of Feng Shui to be vital life force energy – can also be positively influenced by a house facing northwest. In many cultures around the world, this particular direction is known for attracting wealth and abundance and is said to inspire creativity as well as providing support in achieving personal goals.

It also has been seen as having collective effects, such as bringing about prosperity in businesses if the entrance of a business faces northwest according to traditional Chinese beliefs supported by centuries-old practice.

The power that comes from Northwest is usually related with more mature advantages like wisdom determination and success in professional lives rather than solely luck like other directions usually have according to Feng Shui principles. Having a home situated on its wonderful vibrations can help move obstacles out of your life path present day jobs while projecting yourself onto bigger opportunities in your future which makes Northwest one of an ideal direction for households.

Benefits of a Northwest-Facing Home

Having a northwest-facing house has long been considered as beneficial in Feng Shui, as it is believed to bring success and abundance to the inhabitants of the home. According to Feng Shui philosophy, houses that face northwest are especially well-suited for those pursuing professional achievements or academic success. This is because having an open view in this direction represents new opportunities, making it easier for luck and potential career growth to manifest.

Furthermore, traditional Chinese beliefs suggest that this particular direction also brings greater respect from more highly placed individuals within society. People living in northwest-facing homes are thought to be more likely to receive recognition and acclaim from their peers due to their increased chance of success in competitive situations or circumstances.

Windfall Luck

Additionally, having a northwest-facing property is believed to bring windfall luck into peoples’ lives. As luck would have it, they may benefit from inheriting money or receiving other unexpected opportunities that come without any effort on their part. For example, people living in homes with north-west facing could win cash prizes unexpectedly or be granted scholarships if they happen to apply at the right place and time.

What Way Should Your House Face Feng Shui

An article published by The Straits Times states that many Chinese families believe that having house Feng Shui can increase their wealth and bring good fortune. It cites several examples of people who benefited financially after applying certain Feng Shui principles while decorating or constructing their homes, such as placing water features like fountains in the north sector of the home and adding bright colors which stimulate positive energy flows into rooms facing southwest sectors.

Positive Reputation

Moreover, with a North-West orientation, residents of these homes typically gain an excellent reputation which further promotes their prosperity due to the increased likelihood of bringing them financial success along with acceptance in society circles where progress and wealth are often celebrated among likeminded individuals who appreciate these attributes.

With this advantage of creating strong personal relationships with high status individuals comes a greater possibility of acquiring influence within key industries thereby opening up opportunities for future endeavors which may provide even greater rewards than expected.

Colors to Use for a Northwest-Facing Home

The colors of a Northwest-facing home have an impact on the energy and vibes throughout the house. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, there are a few colors that can be used to make sure that your Northwest-facing home is filled with positive energy.

Color has been used in Feng Shui for centuries to help shape the positive or negative energy of an area. Neutral colors tend to have more of a calming effect than bolder colors, while warm colors tend to give off more energetic vibes. Here are some suggested colors that bring out the best vibes in a Northwest facing home.

  • Soft blues – Light blue evokes feelings of happiness and calmness.
  • Earth tones – Shades like browns, taupes and beiges add warmth and depth.
  • Muted greens – Greens restore balance in a space as they represent nature’s colors.
  • Light pinks – Soft pinks combine the serenity of blues with the warmth of reds.

When choosing colors for your Northwest-facing home, it’s important to remember that too much of any color may overwhelm the room. If you find one color you really like, try combining it with other shades and textures for a pleasing aesthetic result. For example, consider combining soft blues with whites or light grays for a subtle but stunning look.

Earthy tones can be mixed with creamy yellows to create an inviting atmosphere while muted greens can be paired with rich blues or purples to create visual interest. Finally, pink walls can be accented by splashes of orange or yellow art pieces for a vibrant touch.

Tips for Rearranging Furniture in a Northwest-Facing House

When practicing Feng Shui, the position of furniture within a house is an important aspect to consider. In the case of a Northwest-facing room, following certain guidelines can help bring about positive energy and reinforce the feeling of balance. Here is a list of tips for how you might rearrange your furniture if you are living in a Northwest-facing home:

  • Choose light-colored furniture, such as white or beige, to brighten up the room and add airiness.
  • Avoid using dark colors and oversized pieces.
  • Position the bed against the wall furthest away from the door.
  • Place armchairs in pairs in either corner of the room.
  • Hang mirrors on walls to reflect light around the room and create movement.
  • Add plants that are rounded and pointy for good luck.

“Placement is key”: Follow these tips when arranging your furniture in order to maximize positive energy flow. Using colors, shapes, and natural elements can all assist with creating a positive ambiance; allowing negative chi (vibes) such as stress or depression to disappear, leaving room for optimism and growth. Placing large pieces towards walls while keeping lighter decor near entrances will further enhance your living space instead of overpowering it.

So when placing items such as beds, armchairs, couches etc., ensure that they are not blocking essential pathways. This will prevent chi from becoming stagnant within your surroundings. Additionally, be sure to position items correctly according to their meaning; for instance don’t place an armchair within view of the bedroom door as this is believed to mean financial loss.

Finally – remember that proper arrangement does not pertain solely toward furniture but also includes other elements like artwork or figures placed on shelves or tables throughout the house. Keeping these points in mind can easily make Northwest-facing homes into pleasant havens.

Appropriate Decor for a Northwest-Facing House

When it comes to Feng Shui, understanding the orientation of your home is key. Northwest-facing homes, in particular require specific types of decor to ensure optimal energy and balance in the space. Elements such as furniture pieces, color palettes, fabrics, materials, shapes and textures should all be taken into consideration when creating a design for a Northwest-facing house.


Color carries powerful symbolism and the appropriate colors for a Northwest-facing home will produce positive energy flow. The ideal use of color should include cool shades such as blues and grays as well as lighter hues including whites and pastels. Warmer accent colors can also be used in art, pillows or candles. Earth tones are also welcome additions as they help to promote solidity, balance and optimism in the space.

Fabrics & Materials

Light fabrics like cotton, linen or silk are best suited for Northwest-facing house designs since these fabrics provide gentle vibes that will help to create a peaceful atmosphere. Natural materials like wood and stone are also beneficial elements since these materials possess grounding properties which can counteract the energies sometimes associated with this direction like confusion and disorganization.

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Furniture Pieces & Decor

When choosing furniture pieces for a Northwest-facing home is important to select items that are warm yet lightweight in profile like wicker armchairs or airy dining tables with metal frames. Additionally layering various textiles such as rugs or bedspreads can work to add an extra element of softness to the Southwest side of the room which is important because this corner holds symbolism related to luck and connections with others.

Artwork featuring desert scenes depicting quiet paths or sunsets could also be used on walls throughout this area of the house for optimal energy production.

Northwest Facing Houses and External Factors

External Features

If the home has a Northwest facing orientation, there are certain Feng Shui principles to consider when looking at the surrounding landscape such as trees, gardens, ponds, and other features. Trees should be oriented away from the house; utilizing curved pathways that lead away from the house can create an inviting path to divert energy. Placing a water feature such as a fish pond near the front entrance can also be beneficial for creating calming energy in the space.

Creating sections and defining areas of the garden with stones or dividers like fences creates more borders and breaks up negative chi energies. The same goes for plants in which bright and colorful flowers may help add harmony and balance while sharp or thorny greenery should be avoided.

Interior Benefits

Inside our homes it’s important to consider what furniture pieces may be beneficial in order to enhance positive energy flow throughout your home. The best placements of furniture in a Northwest-facing property is to ensure they are angled towards one another, creating angles so energy does not blunt them out too much and instead flows freely through its open layout throughout the home.

By placing a mirror on either end of a room this will assist with expanding foreign electricity produced by Chi into every corner of that specific room, allowing you to harness the power of luck soon enough.

Major Elements

Utilizing major elements in your Feng Shui design is one way you can start taking control of good fortune coming your way. As previously stated, water features bring luck, but other major elements such as colors combined with natural materials can add extra oomph if used right.

When designing any aspect exterior wise when it comes to Northwest-facing homes adding earth tones while incorporating wood elements against metal or stone infrastructure will enhance stability and create longevity in that area bringing more wealth accumulation within time. Furthermore, slowing down might have us gather preciousness nearby us thus removing unnecessary clutter from our homes so we become aware of how each item affects our lives within its lifespan.

How to Enhance Luck and Wealth In a Northwest-Facing House

In Feng Shui, the orientation of your home is very important and having a Northwest-facing house brings both opportunity and challenge. With the right furniture and decor placement, this type of house has good potential for bringing luck and wealth. The key is to arrange furniture so there is a balance between energy stored in rooms and free-flowing energy.

The first step is to assess the quality of the energy already present in your Northwest-facing house. Here you should take into consideration whether the furniture arrangement creates an atmosphere that feels peaceful with good positive vibes coming from each room.

It’s especially important to note if any strong forces are present which can block energies or interrupt their flow throughout the house. Once you’ve determined the best way to use that energy, start placing items around your home that will bring good chi or “luck” according to Feng Shui principles.

Wind chimes placed in windows that face northwest can create harmonious energy while bringing luck at the same time. To make money more abundant, add water-type features such as aquariums or bowls full of coins; this encourages financial growth as well as prosperity due to the circulation of steady income brought by flowing water.

Finally, you could place plants with round leaves in many parts of your home in order to absorb negative energy and replace it with positive vibes instead – these could include peace lilies or baby’s breath for example.

Overall, making small changes such as moving certain pieces of furniture around can have surprisingly positive effects on one’s life according to Feng Shui principles; something which many people have personally experienced along with successes from applying these methods in Northwest-facing homes specifically for increased luck and wealth over time.

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