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Eric Chandler is a certified Feng Shui practitioner, advocate, and educator specializing in the ancient principles of Feng Shui. His mission is to help others create peaceful balanced spaces through intentional design. His philosophy brings together Eastern concepts with modern Western sensibilities, allowing him to create unique solutions that are specific to his client’s goals and lifestyles. Throughout his training, he has gained expertise in creating healthy living environments used for revitalizing health and happiness; balancing energetic systems within the home; activating opportunities for success in all aspects of life; and creating an environment where joy thrives and magic comes alive. In addition to incorporating the fundamentals of classical Chinese Feng Shui into homes and businesses around the world, Eric also works with other forms of energy healing modalities such as Reiki and Crystal Healing. He believes in focusing on physical healing, emotional balance, spiritual growth, material abundance and creative energy transformation as key elements for achieving harmony in any space ” be it commercial or residential. Eric also writes extensively on subjects related to interior design and holistic living – from strategically placing furniture to cleverly organizing closets – offering practical tips for everyday people looking to enhance their quality of life through everyday aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul or subtle yet effective changes, Eric will assess your property holistically by optimizing colors, shapes, heights placement of furniture along with aligning energy channels throughout your home or workplace

History and Origin of Eric Chandler Feng Shui

Eric Chandler Feng Shui is a practical system of energy management based on the Eastern philosophical practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Taoism and Buddhism. It was first introduced in its modern form by Eric Chandler in the late 20th century. His approach to the ancient Chinese practice was originally designed as a tool for Interior Designers, but soon found enormous success amongst many professionals such as architects, builders, electricians and residential clients. In addition to his applied knowledge of TCM and classical Chinese philosophy, Eric Chandler had also received training in five elements theory, Yin Yang Thought and philosophical Taoism. His unique vision coupled with a deep understanding of these ancient practices allowed him to understand how energy can be managed in environments so that health can be promoted. The name “Eric Chandler Feng Shui” came from combining his own last name with the term “Feng Shui” which means “wind water” and is associated with harmonizing energy within an environment. Over the decades since its introduction, Eric Chandler Feng Shui has become one of the world’s most popular schools for understanding how energy works within living spaces.

How Eric Chandler Feng Shui Differs From Traditional Practices

Eric Chandler has created a unique form of feng shui which he calls fast track feng shui. This type of practice differs from traditional feng shui in many ways. Firstly, it focuses on quickly evaluating an existing room or space and making small changes to create a bigger impact. It avoids elaborate calculations or extensive furniture rearrangement. Rather, it elevates the energy of a particular area through subtle means such as re-positioning mirrors, enhancing lighting and so forth. Additionally, Eric Chandler’s approach emphasizes creating harmony with nature more than traditional practices do by incorporating elements found in nature into the decorative scheme such as plants and stones. Lastly, this form of feng shui begins with expressing gratitude for shared blessings rather than focusing solely on problem solving as is typically seen in traditional feng shui protocols.

Basic Concepts of Eric Chandler Feng Shui

Eric Chandler Feng Shui is a system of energy in the home or workplace that balances and enhances the overall energy, based on the traditional Chinese philosophies of Feng Shui. It seeks to create positive energy balance with specific colors, patterns, and objects. In Eric Chandler Feng Shui, emphasis is placed on eight key elements:

1. Color selection: Colors have different meanings and effects, such as white for clarity and protection and red for strength, so it’s important to select colors carefully.

2. Space allocation: To spread the positive energy throughout the home or office space, you’ll need to arrange furniture correctly (for example, seating facing doorways).

3. Light placement: Good lighting does more than just brighten up a space; proper light placement can provide mental clarity and improved focus.

4. Symbols selection: Symbols serve as visual reminders of our purpose in life”feng shui symbols such as butterflies symbolize change while a flamingo may be used to bring good luck in money matters.

5. Power spots: Each home has its own powerful spots where energy converges”these should be identified and enhanced with features like mirrors or water features to maximize their benefits.

6. Clutter control: Clutter takes away from the desired balance; make sure to maintain organization by avoiding messy materials like paper stacks and plastic bags near the entrance or sleeping area.

7. Wind chimes & bells: Wind chimes & bells have an uplifting effect”their vibrations disperse negative energies into healing music throughout entire rooms.

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8.. Directional decorating: Different directions help improve different areas of our lives such as North for career success or Southwest for relationship bliss

Benefits of Practicing Eric Chandler Feng Shui

Eric Chandler Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on creating harmony and balance in our living spaces. Practicing Feng Shui has many benefits, ranging from physical health to emotional wellbeing.

Some of the physical benefits of implementing Feng Shui can include improved circulation, relaxed muscles, reduced headaches and fatigue and better energy levels throughout the day. These are all improved by calming the atmosphere of a space and ensuring that it’s organized for optimal efficiency. In addition, because of the focus on natural elements like plants, light and water in this practice, people may also find improving their air quality as well.

The emotional benefits are also significant when it comes to Eric Chandler Feng Shui. This can include greater inner peace by reducing stress and anxiety due to having an orderly home environment naturally instead of always needing to clean up and reorganize. Finally, this practice improves one’s relationship with family members or guests by making everyone feel more comfortable in your home due to a balanced atmosphere that promotes open communication.

Key Elements of Eric Chandler Feng Shui

Eric Chandler Feng Shui is the application of traditional Chinese home remedies combined with contemporary Western design in order to create positive energy flow and a harmonious living environment. The key elements of Eric Chandler Feng Shui include the use of colors, shapes, symbols and placements to create a desired effect on the physical environment. Colors are believed to be connected to certain energies, with brighter and lighter colors such as yellow and white tending to bring joyfulness and cheer. On the other hand, darker shades such as brown and red can give a more subdued and dignified feeling.

Symbolism is also heavily featured in Eric Chandler Feng Shui; certain objects carry important meaning that can aid in evoking specific energies and feelings when placed strategically throughout the home. For example, talismanic coins hung above doors are said to protect the inhabitants from financial misfortune while placing a chime element at an entryway is said to invite good fortune into one’s life. Shape is another essential element; many find that squares traditionally symbolize grounding energy while circles represent movement or change over time.

The placement of these carefully chosen objects is just as important as selecting them in the first place. The goal is to ensure that energy flows smoothly throughout each room; this typically involves positioning furniture and items according to particular dimensions that reflect universal harmony”such as natural proportions or mathematical formulas derived from Nature’s laws”called “dimensional geometry.” As with all forms of Feng Shui, it’s important to consult with an expert who can help identify any negative influences in your household”such as lurking electromagnetic fields or dark corners”and offer advice on how best to address them in order to maximize positive energetic potential within the space.

The Use of Intuition in Eric Chandler Feng Shui

Eric Chandler Feng Shui is a method of self-improvement that integrates ancient Chinese principles with modern Western thought. The philosophy behind it is that when our surroundings are in balance and harmony, the conditions for achieving personal happiness and fulfillment are favorable. The practice of Eric Chandler Feng Shui relies heavily on the use of intuition to assess our environment and determine what changes need to be made for improvement. The practitioner looks for clues about what can be improved upon and seeks solutions intuitively. This may include colors, furniture placement, energy balance, and any other visual strategies that bring positive change. Plants may be added to enhance the energy flow within a home or office while crystals and wind chimes can improve chi circulation. Aspects such as environmental resonance, the natural flow of energy through doors or windows, and nature’s elements must all be considered when creating a balanced space. By combining the physical aspects with intuitive awareness, practitioners use Eric Chandler Feng Shui to help people create a living space conducive to their goals, enhance relationships, increase energy levels, improve mental clarity and boost productivity.

Practical Applications of Eric Chandler Feng Shui

Eric Chandler Feng Shui is a form of architectural analysis based on the traditional Chinese philosophy in which harmony and balance with the environment are achieved by creating and adjusting specific environments. Eric Chandler, an American practitioner of the practice, has applied its ancient principles to modern-world applications. This includes not only residential but also office, worksite, and commercial establishments.

The practical applications of Eric Chandler’s Feng Shui can be vast and can include topics such as space utilization & flow; energy work; placement of plants within a space; use of metaphorical symbolism & imagery; selection of color palettes; choosing appropriate furniture, fabrics, and artwork; applying remedies to imbalance energy fields within a room or building; and the use of crystal mala beads layered with essential oils to bring balance to any space. It can also involve recommending tips for separating personal from professional spaces in order to create harmony throughout both areas, as well as making suggestions for creating inviting entrance ways or reception areas. Additionally, Eric Chandler has discussed strategies for developing conferences rooms and other work areas that are efficient yet calming for better productivity as well as workshops designed to minimize stress in home offices. He also offers advice on zoning techniques that help businesses grow more effectively by empowering people to focus on their individual purpose while being mindful of how each position contributes to achieving success in the company overall. With this practice one can arrange connected rooms accurately so all energies move properly through the entire property, creating optimal results within every area involved without draining resources from other parts of the property or household.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Eric Chandler Feng Shui

Q: What is Feng Shui?
A: Feng Shui is a Chinese system of geomancy that people follow in order to balance the energies in their home, workspace or garden. It is based on the belief that a building’s design and arrangement determines how energy flows through it, and that this flow of energy affects the people living or working in the space. The aim of Feng Shui is to create harmonious environments, so that good luck and positive outcomes can follow.

Q: Who is Eric Chandler?
A: Eric Chandler is an expert in classical Feng Shui who has trained with some of the world’s most renowned Feng Shui masters. He has spent more than 15 years studying various aspects of practical and esoteric Chinese metaphysics from many different wavelengths, such as energy assessments, symbolism consultation, astrology-geomancy, living environment analysis and more. He now specializes in providing consulting services for home owners who are looking for ways to improve their luck using traditional Chinese methods.

Tips for Creating a Positive Environment with Eric Chandler Feng Shui

1. Create a clutter-free environment. Clearing away excess items from your workspace, bedroom, and other living spaces can be an easy way to create an uplifting, positive environment.

2. Incorporate natural elements. Bring nature indoors whenever possible by adding houseplants and artwork that incorporate natural elements such as plants and animals. Natural elements bring a sense of peace and connection to the outdoors.

3. Choose colorful accents that express your personality. These decorations could range from vibrant wall hangings to brightly colored furniture pieces and rugs.

4. Upgrade your lighting fixtures. Replacing existing fixtures with brighter, more vibrant ones can give any space a boost of positivity by increasing the amount of light available in the room and creating areas where people can feel comfortable gathering together for conversations or activities.

5. Incorporate meaningful symbols into your décor and accessories for extra energy support: charms, totems and statues are popular ways of doing this effectively; similarly, wind chimes near entrances can attract prosperity and money luck into the home or workplace.

6. Consider adding sound therapy tools to further enhance the energy in your space: crystals like jade or quartz can be placed strategically throughout various rooms due to their ability to activate energy flow; gentle music playing softly in the background is also effective at producing a calming atmosphere that promotes clarity of mind as well as relaxation in high-stress situations; wind bells hung near windows will clear stagnant air while activating chi; running water features are considered especially auspicious when placed near desirable entry points such as front doors because they symbolize wealth flow into the space or home over time; incense burning releases fragrant smoke which is said to hook onto an area’s spiritual vibrations”a technique commonly used in many cultures around the world today!


Eric Chandler Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice of managing energy and how it affects the lives of individuals. This ancient practice helps to create a harmonious balance with physical and psychological elements, as well as internal and external factors. Through understanding certain forces that are affecting your life, Eric Chandler Feng Shui can potentially bring balance and clarity.

When setting up an environment for personal benefit, sometimes changes can be made to the placement of furniture, art pieces, mirrors, or even bookshelves that may have a positive effect on the space. Feng Shui emphasizes color selection, element association, form patterns, structural integrity and material composition when arranging the environment. All these elements must be arranged in order to bring harmony within our lives.

One example might be choosing colors that evoke happiness or remind us of hopeful life events such as births or weddings. Additionally, considering specific Chinese symbols that relate to joy and positivity could add special meaningfulness to your decor scheme. As well as improving aesthetic appeal in certain spots within the room, this will also serve as a reminder of empowering core beliefs such as resilience or joy in our daily routine activities.

In conclusion, Eric Chandler Feng Shui is a powerful tool which can help individuals attain balance and clarity in their lives. By taking into consideration the proper cultural symbolism with colors and material composition while rearranging furniture pieces based upon an individual’s goals or needs they can create an environment conducive to success which brings forth an improved quality of life with greater levels of satisfaction than before. Utilizing this unique system can help one achieve their day-to-day objectives without majorly changing their lifestyle habits too drastically albeit making minor alterations for functional gains when it comes stay organized in their own home or office space.

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