According To Feng Shui Which Is The Wealth Corner

What Is Feng Shui Wealth Corner?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of balancing energy and harnessing it for good fortune and prosperity. Based on this practice, it is believed that people can optimize the flow of positive energy in their homes which can lead to overall life improvement. Additionally, it is believed that placing specific objects in certain areas of our homes can bring fortune, happiness, and wealth. This is known as the Feng Shui Wealth Corner.

How To Find The Wealth Corner Of Your Home According To Feng Shui?

1. Before you start, it’s important to first understand the Bagua Map, which is an 8 sided map used in Feng Shui to lay out the energy and the correct placement for objects within a home.

2. Determine which direction your home or room faces and find the corresponding Gua (or sector/area) on the Bagua Map. This sector is believed to represent areas of your life where placing certain items would bring stability and prosperity.

3. From the determined Gua for wealth, look at the surrounding rooms or areas on the floor plan of your home. These areas represent the available wealth corners that you can use to bring riches and fortune into your home.

What To Place In The Wealth Corner?

To attract good luck and energy, there are a number of items which can be placed in the wealth corner.

  • Aquariums: Aquariums are believed to bring positive energy and attract wealth. Also, the constant movement of water is seen as a form of energy which can dominate the wealth corner.
  • Money trees: Money trees are artificial bonsai trees which are often designed with ornaments of gold coins and are believed to bring wealth and prosperity.
  • Planters: Placing plants in the wealth corner is said to bring a balanced inflow of money into the home.
  • Symbols: Feng Shui symbols like a golden tortoise, laughing Buddha, or a dragon figurine can be placed to attract positive energy and bring good luck.

Also, it is believed that the colors green, red, and yellow can attract wealth when used in the wealth corner. It is important to note that it is best to ensure that the items and colors used in the wealth corner represent your intents for financial success.

Is There A Right Way to Place Items in the Wealth Corner?

Yes, there is a right way of placing the items in the wealth corner:

  • The item should be placed in the Southeast corner or sector of the home/room.
  • The item should be placed at a level height that is easily visible.
  • The item should always face the inside of the home/room.
  • The item’s energy should be well-balanced and in harmony with the surrounding energy.

Placing the items in the wealth corner according to the Feng Shui principles can help attract wealth and fortune into one’s life and bring an overall sense of balance and harmony.

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