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The Marites Allen Feng Shui App is the perfect solution for anyone looking to incorporate a hint of Feng Shui into their home. By using this powerful and user-friendly app, users will be able to create a balanced and tranquil home environment with just a few clicks and swipes.

The Marites Allen Feng Shui App offers many unique benefits to its users. First, it is incredibly easy to use and navigate. The intuitive layout focuses on optimized flow and transitioning, making it possible for beginners to start creating healthier energy in their home faster than ever before. Through the simple point-and-click interface, users can customize their layouts according to the principles of Feng Shui with no prior knowledge required.

In addition, the features available on the Marites Allen Feng Shui App are extensive. From furniture placement assistance to virtual room visualization tools, users can take advantage of nearly infinite possibilities when customizing their homes or offices for optimal energy balance. With advanced tools like Three Dimension Energy Mapping (3DEM), users can get an in-depth analysis of their rooms’ lifeforce energy and make adjustments accordingly.

Moreover, using the app is incredibly cost effective compared to traditional methods like hiring an artist or consultant – saving both time and money in the process! Subscribers also receive exclusive access to Marites Allen’s personal lessons on how they can implement simple yet effective changes in their lives while remaining true to ancient Chinese Feng Shui tradition. And as if that wasn’t enough, all subscribers gain access to a wide variety of updates throughout the year such as tips for seasonal energy shifts or holiday decorating advice – absolutely free!

Overall, the Marites Allen Feng Shui App provides an easy-to-use platform that facilitates emotional wellbeing by utilizing the power of ancient Chinese wisdom at an affordable price! Subscribers will be able to customize their space with ease while gaining valuable insight into how they can improve overall quality of life through simple but powerful adjustments that promote harmony in their environment.

Learn the Fundamentals

The Marites Allen Feng Shui app provides users with a comprehensive look at the principles of feng shui. This includes learning the basics of the energies of natural elements, understanding how to plan and arrange their homes according to “ba-zhi”, and how to apply the most important facets of feng shui in their living and workspace environments. Additionally, the app is packed with hundreds of tips from Marites Allen, a globally recognized master in the art of authentic feng shui.

The app provides an in-depth exploration of various topics ranging from Yin & Yang theory, Five Elements, Flying Stars, Landform Theory, and I-Ching. Marites also provides basic tutorials for analyzing house plans for feng shui adjustments as well as cures to enhance your home or office environment. You can apply time-tested methods for positioning furniture using lucky directions or create prosperity grids to attract financial gains or good health energy into your space. The practical advice given by Marites allows users to customize their experience while they gain an understanding regarding key concepts related to Oriental geometry and how it governs placement in relation to outside conditions such as climate changes and natural events like earthquakes or solar eclipses. With her help you can create beautiful environments that are steeped in meaning and filled with vibrant Chi energy!

Streamline Practices with Automation

The Marites Allen Feng Shui App is an innovative digital technology that allows users to seamlessly integrate feng shui practices into their personal and professional life. By employing automation and user-friendly features such as calendar integration, interactive tutorials and other helpful resources, the app makes this ancient practice accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or background. Users can track goals and progress with customized calendars and timeline features. Automated notifications alert users when it’s time to practice or take action within their environment to attract maximum prosperity in every aspect of life; from career decisions to health matters. New users can learn through interactive tutorials while experienced practitioners are encouraged to stay up-to-date on latest trends without missing a beat. With its advanced automation tools, the Marites Allen Feng Shui Ap offers unprecedented accessibility for anyone looking to streamline their journey along the path of feng shui.

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Voices of Experience

The Marites Allen Feng Shui App is a revolutionary tool that helps users discover how to create more balance and harmony in their lives. As a testament to its success, the app has received glowing reviews from users around the world. For instance, one user said: “The Marites Allen Feng Shui App has completely changed my life. I used to be completely overwhelmed by all of the chaotic energy in my home but now with the help of this app, I can clear and improve that energy.” Other happy customers have commented on how helpful it was to have personalized and expert advice in an easy-to-use format from a world-famous feng shui practitioner like Marites Allen. The app delivers techniques for improving relationships and health, reducing stress and manifesting something special into your life. One user claimed: “The Marites Allen Feng Shui App is like having my own personal master consultant at my fingertips!” Others praised the detailed explanations given for each remedy as well as access to charts and illustrations for better understanding of their results. Whether it’s about improving overall wellbeing or healing heartbreaks, users have found comfort knowing there is reliable advice just a few clicks away.

How To

The Marites Allen Feng Shui App is a great tool for discovering and implementing auspicious feng shui for yourself, your family and your home or office. Here are some expert tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of this amazing app:

1) Take the time to learn about the different features within the app, such as best placement areas, cures & enhancers and tips on how to apply feng shui in your space. By doing so, you will be able to gain maximum benefit from the app.

2) Select your birth year, sex and direction when prompted by the app. This will ensure that the predictions are accurate and tailored to you personally.

3) Try out different combinations of cures & enhancers within a space before finalizing them; observe any changes in energy during this process.

4) Keep regular tabs on fortune turning points throughout each annual cycle as indicated by the app’s BAZI calendar which tells you when it’s a beneficial period to activate particular locations within a space or undertake larger projects.

5). Refer also to special formulas and meditations available on the app for opening up opportunities for love, wealth, career or health- these come in especially useful during difficult times.

6). For those who have multiple residences throughout their lives, consider using both compass-based and form based practices – learning how to apply both methods with ease can be very beneficial when occupying new buildings or homes.

7). Last but not least, always remember that feng shui is best used as an aid in connecting with positive energies in life – it should never be a substitute for hard work!

Your Journey

The Marites Allen Feng Shui App is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to make their home and lifestyle more harmonious through the ancient practice of feng shui. Packed with helpful advice from renowned space consultant, Marites Allen, users can take advantage of her wealth of knowledge on this powerful subject and use it to design a personalized roadmap towards achieving better energy flow in their environment. This comprehensive app takes users on a step-by-step journey, providing detailed explanations to demystify the basics of feng shui and its techniques. Through a series of easy-to-follow visual tutorials and interactive features, her guidance empowers users to make informed decisions when arranging their space. Additionally, the app includes valuable consultation tips, interpretations based on life preferences like zodiac sign, custom designs tailored to personal needs and motivations, plus many other resources useful in taking that journey towards intentional living. Drawing from over 30 years of collective experience, this one-stop destination provides exceptional support for achieving balance at home or work.

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Fuze It

The Marites Allen Feng Shui App is a revolutionary new way to learn and apply the principles of Feng Shui. Not only does it teach you how to understand and apply the ancient Eastern practice in your own home, workspace, or any other environment, but it also gives you an opportunity to gain an understanding of yourself in relation to these principles. The app is easy to navigate and provides users with tutorials on how to begin practicing Feng Shui and diagrams that show the correct type and location of furniture relative to the compass directions – powered by the expertise of grandmaster Marites Allen herself. Through its “User Analysis” feature, the app examines user data such as age, gender, career field and lifestyle preferences; so that users get personalized feng shui advice tailored specifically for them – helping them develop strategies for achieving peak performance in their life. Additionally, there are features like astrological forecasts that cover the next 12 months for each sun sign plus various tools like a BaZi calculator for advanced energies used in Chinese metaphysics. With this innovative technology combined with expert guidance, users worldwide can benefit from this powerful tool to tap into energies that support their overall well-being.


The Marites Allen Feng Shui App is a cutting-edge tool that helps users bring more balance and harmony into their lives. It combines years of wisdom from the ancient practice of feng shui with today’s modern technology to make it easier for people to find peace and prosperity in every corner of their lives. The app provides users with access to a vast array of resources, including energy maps and forecasts, flying star charts, Chinese zodiacs, helpful tips, podcasts, and articles from experts in the field. Additionally, its interactive tools allow users to answer simple questions that give them insight into their own personal energy levels and prevent potential blocks or disruptions in their environment. Users can also customize their experience through the numerous features this app provides – allowing them to create an optimal flow of energy that perfectly suits each individual situation. Ultimately, the Marites Allen Feng Shui App offers an easy and intuitive way for people to enhance all aspects of life that are important to them!

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