Health Medallion Feng Shui

Health Medallion Feng Shui is a type of Feng Shui derivative that seeks to use specific objects, symbols, and charms to improve the quality of life in regards to health. This particular discipline utilizes the Chinese practice of astrology and the ancient art of object placement known as ‘arranging’, or as it is referred to by its Chinese name, ‘Feng Shui’.

Health Medallion Feng Shui starts with the idea that all forms of energy hold different types of essence; through conscious object placement and orientation, energies can be directed in such a way to bring good fortune in relation to health. While traditional Feng Shui relies on balancing Yin and Yang forces, Health Medallion Feng Shui largely excludes this aspect while focusing solely on improving overall health.

The most significant historical document dealing with Health Medallion Feng Shui states that knowledge regarding this acient practice originated in China over 4,000 years ago during the Shang Dynasty (ca 1600 BC – 1046 BC). The first written record of these teachings dates back 1,700 years and outlines how applications could be used for enhanced health outcomes.

While there are many spiritual aspects behind this type of practice, from a more practical standpoint it largely revolved around having an understanding of timing verses placement within one’s home or work environment. It was believed by some that when specific objects were placed in certain positions under exact times and days of the year could bring harmony to their lives both physically and emotionally.

There are two primary approaches commonly used for Health Medallion Feng Shi: The 9-Star Ki Method and 8-Mansions Method. In each situation command placements are determined based on date birth by consulting a calendar system like the Traditional Chinese Calendar.

An individual would use a compass to then measure which directions correlate with their given coordinates before positioning objects accordingly. It is believed that through this method individuals can attract positive energies into their lives while also ridding themselves of any potential negativity surrounding health issues or illnesses they may currently be facing.

Benefits of Practicing Health Medallion Feng Shui

Practicing the art of Health Medallion Feng Shui can have many beneficial effects on an individual’s life. This practice uses specific symbols and colors to create balance between positive and negative energy, focusing on well-being both spiritually and physically.

By creating a structured environment with a medallion at the center, it can help to align one’s intentions in their lives to bring about good fortune and prosperity. Some of the benefits include increased luck in one’s endeavors, improved health, improved finances and better relationships with others.

The Health Medallion Feng Shui system has been around for centuries as a way to attract good vibrations, blessings, love and abundance into one’s life. It is based on the five elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood.

Each element has a set pattern which represents its corresponding color and symbol – these are combined in order to create harmony within each room or space that is being decorated with the Feng Shui layout. A health medallion will usually be placed at the center of the layout in order for positive energy to be channelled into it from all other directions.

In addition to physical well-being and prosperity, Health Medallion Feng Shui can also help spiritual development by cultivating inner peace and awareness through meditation practices such as mindfulness activities. The balanced environment created by this practice helps an individual feel more relaxed and calm as their thoughts become clearer through meditation.

By opening up their spiritual senses while in towards the power of health medallions they can tap into powerful energies to walk their life path with greater ease. With regular practice over time practitioners who begin to experience major shifts in various aspects of their lives such as emotional balance, financial stability, better relationships etc.

Understanding the Principles of Health Medallion Feng Shui

One of the fundamental tenets behind Feng Shui is the forces of Yin and Yang. Yin and yang are two infinite, interconnected forces that define balance in the universe. This balance can be found everywhere, from the balance of humans to the balance between our environment and nature. It is believed that if these two energies are maintained in harmony, then good health will naturally follow.

In Health Medallion Feng Shui it is believed that by utilizing specific symbols and items it is possible to enhance the presence of positive Yin energy or protect against negative Yang energy. Triangles, squares, and circles are all aspects of Health Medallion Feng Shui which help restore a balanced state for health and wellness.

Below are some examples of how Health Medallion Feng Shui works given different ratios of Yin and Yang.

  • If there is too much Yang present – place a triangle with its point facing up on the headboard.
  • If there is too much Yin present – place a triangle with its point facing down on the headboard.
  • If there is equal parts Yin and Yang present – make sure nothing obstructs their flow by placing two opposite triangles (one pointing up and one pointing down) next to each other.
Feng Shui Health Area Of The Home

The Five Elements play an integral role in Health Medallion Feng Shui as well. Each element has its own corresponding colors, shapes, symbols, directions etc., which when placed around your person creates an invisible barrier.

The Five Elements; Earth, Water, Wood-Tree), Fire, Metal have been used for centuries to combat negative energies in a home or environment. Items like peace lilies or pebbles associated with certain elements play off each other so that they create harmonious vibrations throughout your space which promote healthy Chi energy – promoting balance within your life.

Another important aspect when practicing Health Medallion Feng Shui are Sacred Symbols such as Mandala’s also known as “magic circles” or “energy wheels” and lotus flowers which aim at attracting good luck into your life by acting like magnets – attracting positive chi energy while blocking out negative chi energy.

Similarly Kwan Yin Statues placed at home act as spiritual guardians offering protection from illness or danger while promoting sound moral decisions in your life path journey – allowing you to abide by your highest ideals in life so you don’t stray away from it.

Placement of Objects and Symbols for Optimal Chi Flow Improvement

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of environmental design that helps to promote life balance and create a sense of harmony. One tool suggesting importance in creating this kind of energy balance is the Health Medallion Feng Shui. This form of feng shui incorporates specific symbols and objects, which their associated meanings, to help balance areas where there is lack of chi.

The first step involves placing five medallions in each direction of the home or specific area; The North, South, East, West, and Center. Each symbol likely has its own meaning to each person but as a general rule it means prosperity. A bagua map can be used to determine which particular medallion should be placed at each location.

Once the medallions are properly placed in the space, one can go on to place other lucky objects such as jade plants, tassels for protection against evil spirits or coins for wealth into the space selectively with the same idea and intention: To promote optimum energy flow within the space towards those who wish it.

  • The Bagua Map is used to guide proper positioning for optimal chi energy.
  • Five Medallions are place in each direction: North, South, East, West & Centre.
  • Jade Plants bring Money & Wealth to the Space
  • Tassels provide Protection from Evil Spirits
  • Coins represent Prosperity

Examples of Traditional Health Medallion Feng Shui Strategies

The traditional Chinese knowledge system of Feng Shui is one of the oldest and most respected practices dedicated to finding harmony, balance, and energy throughout our lives. Health medallion feng shui follows this same philosophy of channeling the energy present within a particular space to improve physical well-being.

Functions like arranging furniture, placing doors in strategic positions, or bringing certain colors into an area can be implemented to activate the “qi” or life force believed to exist within a room or other environment.

Redirecting Energy To Restore Potential

Beyond being a type of interior design, health medallion feng shui often involves triggering energy potential within other items which may be used to bring healthful balance into a living space. Special insignias may be employed in this respect such as coins, goldfish, stars, symbols denoting wealth or success, and more.

Among these objects are five-element medallions commonly comprised of three combinations that represent either water (blue), fire (red/yellow), earth (brown/black), metal (white/silver), or wood (green). Often hung on walls with certain areas of the home given their own distinctive color configurations to draw on specific types of energies emitted by each.

Medallions As Focal Points

Health medallion feng shui serves as another way for us to bring focus onto areas related to our individual emotional and mental nourishment. Medallions can highlight any weak spots when it comes to personal growth while at the same time reinforce any positive connections we have which already exist within a living area.

For instance if you find yourself struggling with a lack of confidence concerning your work ethic hang a blue medallion symbolizing water over your desk; as water implies creativity helping promote determination and a willingness to face any challenge that may come along on the job front.

Similarly having red medallions near your bedroom door could help empower sleep by generating trustworthiness in relation to rest as well as attract contentment through love due within red representing fire associated with passion and activity.

Innovative Ways to Use Health Medallion Feng Shui

Health Medallion Feng Shui is a practice that combines the traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles with modern Decorative Health medallions. It utilizes symbols, statues, and other decorative objects to create an environment of change in one’s home or work environment to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. Used correctly, this style of design can help to attract positive energy into a space while also helping to repel negative influences.

Feng Shui principles have traditionally been used for centuries to influence various aspects of life, from career success to the prospect of personal wealth. In modern times Health Medallion Feng Shui takes those same ancient beliefs and applies them in more direct ways toward creating an overall balance between physical health and personal wellbeing.

By contributing specific colors and designs in areas where the body naturally draws vital energy, it’s intended to significantly upgrade the flow of energy in the entire environment.

Bamboo Plant as Health Feng Shui Cure

The idea behind Health Medallion Feng Shui is to place medallions representing each area of health: mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, financial etc., around your living area: bedroom, dining room, living room and other areas that represent each health aspect you want to enhance or improve on both consciously and subconsciously through these symbols.

The placement is important as one would want the symbols in areas where all members in family have access thereby allowing all members absorb its message daily as well as regularly reinforce it over time.

For example if improved finances are desired then a symbol such as a tree leaf can be placed near the entrance door which serves as reminder that wealth grows continuously when good habits are nurtured consistently daily such as saving & investing money prudently & regularly.

Similarly if better mental outlook is desired then an inspiring saying framed & hanged along with suitable coloring/drawings pertaining on their walls would ensure ideal concentration power whenever needed throughout day or night for students or adults who would tend to look at it after studying or working periods; thus resulting into augmented blessings in life due increased focus levels.

Rituals and Practices to Enhance Health Medallion Feng Shui

Health Medallion Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging buildings and natural features for optimal energy flow and improved wellbeing. In order to enhance the effects of this practice, rituals and practices should be performed.


The placement of the Health Medallion Feng Shui is essential to the activation of positive energy flow in a person’s home or workspace. It should be placed in a visible area where it will not be disturbed or blocked by furniture or other objects.

Additionally, it should never be placed directly in line with a window or door, as these openings are believed to absorb incoming Chi energy which could disrupt the beneficial qualities of the medallion. The best location for the medallion is at head level when standing near it.

Crystal Healing

Crystals are able to absorb negative energies and protect physical spaces from being influenced by unfavorable external forces. To maximize this effect, crystals such as quartz, jasper, amethyst, and rose quartz can be used with Health Medallions Feng Shui Place these crystals around the medallion or even underneath them on a shelf to strengthen its protection aura.

It’s important that they are cleaned regularly using sage smoke or salt water so that their capacity to clear out any stagnant energies does not weaken over time.

Symbolic Offerings

Gifts such as fresh fruits and flowers placed on an altar dedicated to health medallions are thought to bring good luck and abundance into homes and workspaces. They can also help infuse our energies with positivity if they are renewed periodically.

Other items such as herbs like lavender or eucalyptus leaves just need to be hung near the gift altar to emanate powerful scents capable of invigorating everyone who comes in contact with them while also clearing out any negative vibes present in our living environment.


Health Medallion Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that is believed to promote physical and spiritual wellness. By incorporating elements of the five Confucian virtues-modesty, respect, kindness, justice, and harmonious behavior-Feng Shui is said to create balance in one’s life. With the help of Health Medallion Feng Shui practitioners can focus on optimizing their lives through engagement with positive energy.

The beneficial effects of practicing Health Medallion Feng Shui have been demonstrated in numerous studies over the years. This ancient practice has been shown to increase feelings of relaxation and well-being for both individual clients as well as entire communities or organizations.

A major advantage of this method is that it doesn’t require any elaborate rituals or special equipment beyond the medallions themselves which are relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. From enhancing slumber to improving self-esteem and overall physical health, many clients have experienced improved outcomes when engaging in Health Medallion Feng Shui practices.

Apart from its therapeutic effects on an individual level, it has also been shown that Health Medallion Feng shui can be applied in business settings such as office buildings or public spaces where its presence may lead to increased productivity, teamwork dynamics, and financial growth.

Moreover, there are evidence-based results showing how corporate establishments which regularly employ such conduct seem better equipped to ride out periods of transition or uncertainty due their disciplined approach towards day-to-day operations that can be made possible through optimally placing medallions in advantageous locations.

To expand upon this successful line of inquiry into the efficacy of Health Medallion Feng shui further study should look into how other Eastern philosophies such as Taoism and Buddhism might influence such practices and yield additional benefits for practitioners.

Additionally, more research into newer areas such as biophilic design could potentially integrate specific elements from these disciplines to further improve the way we prioritize our physical environment over our psychological selves; allowing us greater opportunities towards achieving a state of perfect tranquility amidst chaotic urban spaces commonly found throughout modern cities today.

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