Gold Ingot Feng Shui

What is Gold Ingot Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on creating harmony and balance between life and its environment. Gold Ingot Feng Shui is an aspect of this philosophy that concentrates on the use of gold ingots to promote wealth and abundance in life. The practice is believed to bring luck and prosperity, both in terms of material wealth and spiritual well-being.

Gold Ingot Symbolism

Gold ingots are believed to represent wealth and prosperity, due to their gold color and historical significance. Gold ingots were used during the Qing Dynasty as a currency, and thus in Chinese culture they became associated with wealth, abundance and success.

Types of Gold Ingots Used in Feng Shui

  • Auverbal Ingots: These are the most commonly used gold ingots in Feng Shui. The shape of the Auverbal Ingot resembles a boat, which is thought to represent the ability to achieve wealth and success while avoiding obstacles.
  • Gold Bullions: Gold bullions look like large, rectangular bars. They are often used to symbolize power and stability, both in life and in business.
  • Solid Gold Ingots: These are the most expensive of the three types of gold ingot used in Feng Shui. Solid gold ingots represent a high level of success and abundance, and are thought to bring good luck and fortune.

How to Use Gold Ingots in Feng Shui

Gold ingots are typically placed in an area of the home or office that is associated with wealth and abundance. Common locations include the wealth corners of the home or office (e.g., the Southeast corner, where the annual prosperity star is located), on a desk, in an entryway, or near money-related items such as a cash register. The gold ingot should be placed in a place of honor, at eye level and in view of the people who enter the space.

One should never place the gold ingot in an area where it cannot be seen or heard, as this will reduce its effectiveness. Additionally, one should be mindful of the size and weight of the gold ingot, as these should be proportionate to the size of the space in which it is placed. Finally, it is important to clean the gold ingot regularly, as dirt and dust can reduce its effectiveness.

Benefits of Gold Ingots in Feng Shui

Gold ingots are believed to bring good fortune, wealth, abundance, and overall happiness. By placing a gold ingot in the wealth corner of one’s home or office, it is thought to attract positive energy and promote a sense of balance and harmony. This can lead to increased success in business, better financial security, and overall improved happiness and well-being.


Gold Ingot Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that promotes wealth and abundance in life. Gold ingots are an important symbol in this practice, as they represent wealth and prosperity, as well as power and stability. By following the proper guidelines for placement and maintenance of the gold ingot, one can reap the many benefits associated with this practice.

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