Feng Shui Gods

Introducing the Five Feng Shui Gods

Feng shui, literally translated as “wind and water”, is the ancient Chinese system of physical and spiritual balancing. To achieve true harmony and balance, and to avoid potential negative energies, different deities are to be worshipped and special arrangements of living areas and gardens need to be made. Here, we will discuss the five Feng shui gods.

Tài Suì:

Tai Sui, or Grand Duke Jupiter, is the primary god of Feng shui. He is in charge of the yearly sky and earth energies. Those who do not respect the Tài Suì will suffer for the whole year. To receive good luck you must make an offering to the Tài Suì in the form of incense, tea, or fruit.

Chuí Xiāng:

Chuí Xiāng, the God of Wealth, is another important figure in Feng shui. He is responsible for dispersing money and good luck. He is typically pictured standing beside a big safe, showing his importance for good fortune. To receive money and luck, various offerings such as apples, peaches, and green onions should be made to him.

Wáng Yǔ:

Wáng Yǔ, commander of the gods, is the god of health. He has the power to bring longevity and good health to those who pay their respects to him. To receive his blessings, offerings such as rice, incense, and beans should be made.

Feng Shui Angled Bedroom Door

Huáng Gōng:

Huáng Gōng is the god of prosperity and commerce. He helps bring success and fortune in business through good decisions and hard work. To gain his favor, offerings such as oranges and red candles should be made.

Gǔān Gōng:

Gǔān Gōng is the god of justice and fairness. He is the one who makes sure that justice is served in both the present and the afterlife. Offerings such as incense and fruits should be made to him to receive his favor.

By offering respect and homage to these five gods, one can not only receive good fortune and luck, but also live according to the principles of harmony and balance that Feng shui teaches. It is important to note, however, that respect should remain the priority in any form of worship, whether it be for the Five Feng shui gods or other deities.

What types of gods are associated with Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with their surrounding environment. It is based on the idea that the land holds an energy known as “chi” which needs to be balanced in order to bring health and good luck. There can be various types of gods associated with Feng Shui. These include gods of wealth, health, luck, and protection. Other elemental gods such as sky, earth, water, and wind gods may also be invoked in Feng Shui for specific purposes. Additionally, Chinese gods such as the Kitchen God, the God of Happiness, and the God of Longevity are often used in Feng Shui practice.

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