Ingot Feng Shui Meaning

Ingot Feng Shui Meaning

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of harnessing natural energy – known as qi – to create a positive energy in the home. The Ingot, also known as a yuan bao, is considered an important symbol in Feng Shui as it represents wealth and prosperity.


The traditional shape and color of an Ingot symbolize abundance, security, and life’s journey. When placed in the right area of a room, the Ingot attracts and promotes the accumulation of financal wealth and security. In terms of life’s journey, an Ingot is a symbol of progress and success.


The ideal place to display an Ingot is on the southeast corner of a room – also known as the Wealth Bagua area – as this is believed to attract wealth energy. Other suitable locations for an Ingot include the living room, foyer or study, as long as it isn’t blocked from view or obscured by other objects.

Colors and Sizes

The traditional colors for an Ingot are gold and bronze, though different colors will attract different blessings. Gold colors signify wealth, while bronze colors symbolize health and vitality. Sizes vary from small to large and should be chosen based on personal preference.

Additional Symbols

It is also beneficial to pair the Ingot with other symbols of abundance and wealth. Popular symbols to use include:

  • Chinese coins – for financial luck
  • Bamboo – for luck and good fortune
  • Peaches – for immortality and luck
  • Cicada – for good luck and longevity

By placing these symbols together with the Ingot, you can create a powerful source of positive energy and draw abundance into your life.


The Ingot is a powerful symbol of abundance, security, and success. When placed correctly in the Wealth Bagua area of your home, it can attract positive energy and bring financial wealth and luck. Additionally, pairing the Ingot with other symbols of good fortune can further enhance its power.

What objects are used in Feng Shui?

Feng Shui practitioners will often use certain objects to bring positive energy or “chi” into the home. Common objects used include mirrors, wind chimes, auspicious plants (lucky bamboo, for example), water features, crystals, seeds and stones, and Chinese coins. Colors and sounds can also be used to promote a feeling of balance and harmony.

What colors are used in Feng Shui?

Feng Shui traditionally uses the five Chinese elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Colors associated with each element are wood: green, brown, blue; fire: red, orange; earth: yellow, brown; metal: white, silver; and water: blue, black. Additionally, white, gold, and purple are also used in traditional Feng Shui.

North East Element Feng Shui

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