Feng Shui 2020 Curas

Present Challenges of 2020

2020 is quickly proving to be a challenging year, with many feel the pressure of economic instability, growing levels of anxiety, and new and possibly overwhelming circumstances. Fortunately, Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on balancing energy – can offer individuals the help they need in times of difficulty. Through Feng Shui-based cures, people can help protect themselves from any misfortune or negative energy that may come their way.

One specific cure is the “dragon turtle” which is believed to ward off bad luck. This turtle statue can be displayed as a decor element in homes as a form of protection from evil spirits and misfortunes. Other specific cures include opening windows allowing fresh air to flow into the home—this will help disperse stagnant energies in the room and attract more positive energies. Additionally, introducing bright colors throughout your home such as fuchsia or emerald green can create a lively environment meant to attract abundance and joy into one’s life. Necessary cures also include removing all clutter from your home to make space for inward growth and prosperity.

By incorporating any number Feng Shui based cures for 2020 into one’s home decor scheme, this can potentially bring about success, good health affluence in one’s life despite challenges the current year may traverse upon them.

Interaction with the Five Elements

The Five Elements are the foundation of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasises the interconnectivity of all aspects of life. Feng Shui uses the Five Element theory to assess the energy flow in a living space and determines how it can be optimised to benefit residents. A fundamental concept of Feng Shui is that the energy or “chi” surrounding us is influenced by its environment, people, and activities present within it.

The Five Elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each element has its own qualities that exert influence on other elements. In order to benefit from their energies, one must understand which element relates to each area of one’s home or office. This will determine which cures should be used to activate certain areas according to their elemental representation. Fire cures are generally red in colour and symbolise wealth, joy and passion; earth cures can be yellow-brown or earthy coloured and represent fertility; metal cures could come in metallic objects such as coins or bells; water cures often include blue items such as mirrors with wavy lines; wood items represent growth and renewal—they could include anything from potted plants to wooden furniture pieces. By selecting right Feng Shui cures in accordance with different elements partaking in your home/office space, you can unlock various positive energetic pathways while minimising any negative consequences resulting from clashing elements.

Feng Shui to Conceive

Tips for Applying Cures

• Familiarize yourself with the different Feng Shui cures available and the role they can play in revamping your home or work environment. Familiarity with different cures will help you to determine which ones will be most suitable for your goals depending on various factors, such as element type, location, color, and symbolism

• Consider the cardinal directions of your home/environment as well as the location of key features. This is an amalgamation of Feng Shui principles that includes things such as locations of doors, windows, etc. and use this information to create balance using cures based on placement and orientation

• Use connection to connect specific areas of the surrounding area with natural elements. Objects that act like bridges between the outside world and inside the home can carry positive energy into a space. You can use wind chimes, crystals or other natural material to form these connections

• Introduce meaningful symbols throughout your spaces that focus on life balance, health and success. Examples include representations of Buddha’s eight auspicious signs or symbolic objects from feng shui such as bells that are designed to bring luck and happiness

• Be aware of yin-yang energies in certain areas and use appropriate support cures accordingly. Darker colors tend to recede energy while lighter colors tend to bring more energy in so use this knowledge when placing appropriate accent pieces

The Power of Visualization

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice focused on the harnessing of energy and its placement in one’s living space. 2020 is a year of new beginnings, so it is important to create a calming space where positive energy can be directed towards achieving your desired outcome for the year. Visualizing the outcome you hope to achieve with Feng Shui can help direct the flow of chi and manifest it into reality. For example, if your goal this year is to have a successful career, you can place desks or mirrors that symbolize accomplishments in the West corner of your home. The Power of Visualization is key here; you must be able to imagine and see what you desire to make change happen. Once these items are set up in their respective areas, take moments throughout the day to visualize success being generated in those areas. Manifestation takes time, but focusing your Feng Shui techniques on connecting with one’s purpose helps accelerate results!

How Do I Spell Feng Shui

Time for Reflection

Taking a time each day to reflect and connect with your Feng Shui practice is essential for any practitioner. This daily reflection can easily be woven into many activities such as meditation, journaling, or even just sitting in silence and breathing. During this time of contemplation one can focus on the current energy in the environment, draw attention to areas that need special attention, ask questions that will bring guidance and support, or just stay connected to their individual energy center.

A consistent practice of this type of reflection will bring clarity to goals and help manifest them. Each day reconnecting with your Feng Shui practice through a reflective session helps to bring an understanding of how the environment influences our emotions and attitudes. One will start see the connections between how their surroundings affect how they feel about themselves and external circumstances. With this process also comes insight about current patterns of behavior and decisions being made which may require some modification for improved outcomes.

By creating a consistent daily period for reflection practitioners become more aware and conscious of their actions which leads to powerful transformation towards achieving well-being in every aspect of life i.feng shui 2020 cures are put into place. Having clarity on what needs corrected allows focused action to be taken on each area while recognizing when it is important to simply stop and appreciate the present moment’s gifts as you move closer to reaching your highest potential.

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