Feng Shui Birth Chart

Introduction to Feng Shui Birth Chart

The purpose of a Feng Shui Birth Chart is to understand the cosmic energy and Qi of an individual, located in different positions in their living environment. This type of chart uses Chinese astrology combined with traditional aspects of Chinese philosophy to help individuals assess the environmental feng shui of the house or location that they choose to reside in.

Feng shui involves understanding how the elements outside one’s home can affect inner harmony and balance. A person’s birth chart helps plot out their relationship with their environment. The energies from their birth date are used as symbols to represent and harness the elements around them, positively influencing various aspects of their life including career, wealth, and relationships.

The ancient Chinese believed that celestial bodies such as stars, planets, and comets held special power over people’s lives based off certain astronomical alignments. This concept known as Chinese ABCs (Ancient Beliefs & Customs) is seen in Feng Shui Birth Charts which use these movements to create a dynamite image that symbolizes correlations between 8 directions and 24 different characteristics associated with them. Additionally, this chart incorporates five elements including metal, fire, water, wood, and earth; each playing a part in defining someone’s perfect place on Earth.

Understanding the Components of a Feng Shui Birth Chart

A Feng Shui birth chart, also known as the Chinese astrological chart or Ba Zi, works to give an individual insight into their character, potential and major life events. The birth chart is divided into four sections, known as pillars – the day pillar, month pillar, year pillar and hour pillar.

The day pillar gives insights into how someone sees the world and reacts to different behaviors. This can reveal a lot about a person’s communication style, interpersonal skills and what behavior they find rewarding.

The month pillar provides information about a person’s child-like mind; it looks at the course of their life journey and reveals what drives them. It points out how each individual processes mental action plans with regard to goals they want to achieve in their lifetime.

The year pillar looks at physical actions as opposed to mental which was revealed by the month pillar. This shows something of a person’s profession and is usually more obvious than the more hidden elements revealed in other parts of the chart.

Finally, there’s the hour pillar which makes up for any lack of knowledge found through the other three pillars but also projects forward so offers a glimpse into possible outcomes for important stages and years throughout someone’s life– such as getting married or buying property. By looking closely at all four components of a feng shui birth chart one can gain insight and understanding into every aspect of an individual’s life path

Calculating Your Feng Shui Birth Chart

1. Time of Birth: To calculate your time of birth, you must first consult a reliable source, such as an official government record or approved birth certificate. Obtain the exact time and time zone at which you were born. Record this information for use in calculating the feng shui birth chart.

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2. Year of Birth: To calculate your year of birth, add all four digits from the date you were born together and reduce it to a single digit number by adding the figures together again until you reach a single digit result. This is your Feng Shui Personal Year Number (for example, if you were born in 1988, 1+9+8+8 = 26; 2+6 = 8).

3. Month of Birth: To calculate the month of birth, look up the corresponding Chinese birth months according to the Western calendar. Your feng shui birth chart will provide luck direction-a sense of where “ auspicious” energy can be receivedfrom and inwardly directed to – which might be impacted depending on which monthof your Chinese lunar calendar month coincides with your birthday (Example: Western Calendar Month & Date – August 23rd Chinese Lunar Calendar Month & Date – July 10th).

4. Day of Birth: To calculate for this element, simply refer to any almanac and/or online calculation tool available in order determine what day it was in Beijing when you were born (Example: if you are from New York City andborn on June 5th 1993 but Beijing time is 12 hours ahead so June 6th would havebeen Beijing time).

Interpreting the Elements of a Feng Shui Birth Chart

The 8 trigrams of the Feng Shui birth chart define a set of symbols which are used to tell the story or discern patterns within a person’s life. These trigrams each have unique meaning and create representations that are connected to different aspects on one’s life.

The first 7 trigrams, known as the Primary Trigrams, represent: Heaven (Qian), Fire (Li), Wind/Wood (Xun), Water (Kan), Mountain (Gen), and Earth (Kun). The 8th trigram is linked to metal and is referred to as Zheng. Each of these elements symbolize specific traits or qualities both within the physical world, such as with elements of nature, and also in terms of one’s life events or decisions. As an example, the Qian is associated with gifts, talents, ambition and drive while Kan is attributed to transformation, new cycles or directions in life. Li promotes leadership skills while Xun relates to networking capabilities.

Within a feng shui birth chart, each trigram will be interpreted based upon how it relates and interacts with other factors present in the chart that creates different affirmations or connections related to a person’s destiny. An experienced astrologer or feng shui specialist can look at an individual’s birth chart to gain insight on their destiny or purpose which lies ahead of them so they may adjust their current behaviours accordingly to make better life decisions for optimal success and fulfilment.

Benefits of Using a Feng Shui Birth Chart

The Feng Shui Birth Chart, or Feng Shui Ba-Zhia, is an ancient Chinese philosophy tool used to assess the energies present in a person’s birth date. It relies on the principles of Yin and Yang, along with other elements and time energy. This chart helps identify whether a new beginning should be welcomed or if caution must be taken regarding any decisions made during this particular time pattern.

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This chart can provide clarity when making decisions, as well as insights into future events related to relationship, business and health decisions. It can also provide balance to ensure harmony in life. For example, if someone’s birth chart describes them as too impulsive or overly active, it will remind them to achieve balance by taking some down-time from their hectic schedule every once in a while. Additionally, the chart can predict potential good luck and bad luck for several years ahead so one can be prepared for certain circumstances.

Another benefit of using a feng shui birth chart is its ability to shed light on compatibility between people when it comes to relationships; those that share favorable Fate combinations are most suitable for each other. The combination of two people’s charts can provide better insight into why two individuals clash even if they love each other deeply since these interactions depend heavily on luck and timing generated by their respective birth dates.


The Feng Shui Birth Chart is a powerful tool for seeing into the life of an individual in a very unique way. It is based on the ancient practice of feng shui, which seeks to create harmony between man and his environment. By studying the elements within one’s birth chart, insight can be gained into their strengths, weaknesses, personality traits and destiny. One’s spiritual calling and purpose, as well as potential relationships in both business and love can also be seen.

To gain the most benefit from your Feng Shui Birth Chart you should begin by studying all five elements represented within it: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Examine how these elements are balanced with each other, take note of any imbalances that may exist and use this understanding to adjust your outlook or actions accordingly.

This information can also help you choose specific colors or objects to introduce into your environment that encourage balance. Different items inside the home carry differing vibrations so it’s important to choose items that resonate with you and your energy levels. When placed carefully in specific areas of the home these items have a powerful effect on consequences for both good and bad luck.

For deeper study of the subject consider seeking out professional advice from a feng shui master or peruse various books specifically about the topic.. Practicing meditation regularly can also help achieve harmony with your surroundings and invite realms of possibilities in everyday life. The key take away points is that the power of feng shui is real; if utilized correctly it profound effects on an individual’s life experience must not be underestimated!

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