Feng Shui To Sell Empty House

Feng shui can be a great tool to have when it comes to trying to increase the value of an empty house. Adding Feng Shui elements can bring in positive energy and potential buyers may find that attractive because they may see it as being beneficial to them.

A few specific examples of how Feng Shui can be used to increase the value of an empty house include adding plants for better grounding, using mirrors to create more depth, and hanging artwork with meaningful words or metaphors.

Incorporating plants into an empty space will bring a sense of life, grounding, and also introduce vibrant colors into a room. There are plenty of styles of indoor plants that won’t require much maintenance and still light up a room such as succulents or small palms to place around water fountains or air diffusers.

Standing these types of plants in corners of the room is helpful for creating positive energy flow around the area and bringing balance between yin and yang.

Mirrors are another fantastic tool for creating more depth throughout an empty house by multiplying existing features for viewers perspectives when they view the property. For example placing mirrors on either side of a fireplace mantle adds dimension while capturing natural lighting within the same space without making it feel too crowded when buyers come through.

This has been proven to add magic touches and visual interest which will help make the property stand out from others on the market without overdoing it with too many design pieces in order too look cluttered.

Using meaningful artwork that has symbolism behind it can also spark viewers’ imaginations which is another great way to boost appeal while showing messages about qualities they may want their future home to hold such as positivity, peace, love, or family togetherness depending on what’s ideal for each individual buyer’s goals.

While artwork such as paintings, calligraphy, photography art etc are popular choices for this purpose traditional wall hangings like dream catchers or Kanji phrases that express those desired qualities can also be utilized while saving money on overpriced artwork pieces at the same time.

Add a Tips Section

When selling an empty house, applying Feng Shui principles can be an effective solution to help pick up the pace of sale. Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese philosophy that promotes harmony and balance between the environment and occupants, by capitalizing on the flow of chi (energy) within an area. When applied correctly, practicing Feng Shui can help attract prospective buyers.

Here are some tips and advice for quickly and easily implementing Feng Shui principles in your home to sell it faster:

  • Start with a plan. Before you start making changes to the home’s design, take time to plan out what you want to do. Don’t make rash decisions as you go – take your time and ensure everything is thought out from start to finish.
  • Clean and organize every room of the house. Make sure that cabinets, closets, drawers, and other storage areas are organized neatly. Remove clutter or items that dilute the energy of a space such as outdated furniture or objects.
  • Don’t forget about natural elements. Adding water features like small ponds with koi carp or solar-powered fountains can make a huge difference for potential buyers. Landscaping with vibrant plants is sure to give off positive vibes and make it easier for buyers to connect with your spaces.
  • Be mindful when choosing decoration colors. Bright colors such as yellow, green, or orange have been known to boost energy levels while calming blue tones have powerful relaxing effects. To protect against negative energies choose warmer colors which will ward off any bad vibes.
  • Play up natural light source throughout the home. Open windows often so allow light can come in naturally during showings. Make sure each room has good lighting; this will create inviting atmosphere that prospective buyers will not be able to resist.
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Expand on True Qi

True qi is a powerful energy force that exists in our environment and can be used to create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers of a home. Feng shui is the practice of balancing energy in a space to achieve harmony, balance and greater health and wellbeing. The power of true qi is said to bring positive energy to any space it enters. By utilizing this powerful force, a seller can positively influence the experience of prospective buyers during viewings.

When attempting to sell an empty house, incorporating the power of true qi into the space will create an inviting atmosphere. It’s important to note that each room should have good feng shui as well as individual pieces arranged in a harmonious way.

Having an open floor plan with furniture strategically placed and arranged creates visual interest that appeals to prospective buyers. This allows them to envision how they would set up their new home according to their own preference and style without feeling restricted by what already exists in the home.

Incorporating other elements such as scent and music can also help draw people into the area with its welcoming vibes. Scented candles can emit aromas that invoke feelings of comfort, joy, and relaxation while melodious sounds playing softly in the background will add further layers for potential buyers to settle into the environment when viewing your house – making it easier for them to envision themselves living there.

Ultimately, anything that brings positive feelings within any given space helps attract potential buyers towards a sale resulting from a successful viewing.

Incorporate Pictures

One of the most effective ways to use feng shui to sell an empty house is to create a balance in the home. Balance is achieved by having positive and negative energy that are both present and balanced. This can be done by adding colors, furniture, plants or any other features that will create a sense of harmony in the home.


The house must always be kept clean and clutter-free. Clutter drains energy and creates chaos, which means it’s important for potential buyers to feel comfortable in order to increase the likelihood of making an offer on the property. Cleaning should be done regularly and thoroughly, as this will bring a fresh feeling into the space that buyers will react positively to.

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Set Mood

  • When selling a house it is important to create a space that buyers can “imagine” themselves living in.
  • Pay attention to how natural light enters each room, adjust curtains or blinds if necessary.
  • Light scented candles or open windows when possible for additional air flow.
  • Include towels and rugs with calming colors such as blues or greens.
  • Add artwork or photography elements in neutral tones.

Add a Final Advice

Using Feng Shui to sell an empty house is a great way to improve the sale rate. This ancient Chinese geomantic practice seeks to harmonize the chi within a space by utilizing different items and colors.

Traditional feng shui strategies involve bringing in certain items that bring in positive energy such as plants, rocks, and sculptures; decluttering to open up the flow of chi; creating vibrant doorways with colors; hanging wind chimes; and pointing chandeliers or lamps in the right direction. These strategies will help make a house more attractive for potential buyers.

In addition to traditional feng shui practices, those looking to use these principles when selling an empty house should also areas like artwork that adds beauty or even symbolic meaning to the space. Art can be used to signify peace and prosperity, calming elements for meditative rooms or energizing images for communal spaces.

Rugs should also be brought in which add both texture and coziness during showings, creating emotional comfort for potential buyers. Mirrors can also be utilized, although they should be placed correctly so as not to bring forth negative energy while doorways are being used as entryways.

When first beginning on their journey with feng shui and selling an empty home it is important to keep things simple while still adhering to traditional principles. When deciding which particular items would always look nice it’s important to consider color matching with fixtures like furniture and carpets so colors don’t clash too harshly as well as taking care not overwhelm smaller living spaces with too many items.

Wicker baskets can also work nicely when storing away unsightly necessary items making sure cleaners, additional pieces of furniture or anything else occupying valuable space can still remain organized and out of sight (of buyers). Working closely with a feng shui master or consultant can additionally prove invaluable when starting out on this venture as they will provide direction, insight and valuable advice leading into selling the empty home successfully.

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