Feng Shui Bedroom Relationship Corner

Feng Shui Bedroom Relationship Corner is a part of a Feng shui practice that refers to the placement of items and colors in certain locations in order to bring balance, harmony, and positive energy to a room. This corner gives importance to one’s physical and mental health, as well as encourages the growth of relationships between people. It is believed that this corner of the bedroom has the potential to evoke attraction and increase intimacy between partners.

Creating a Feng Shui bedroom with a relationship corner is simple yet effective way for couples to nurture their relationship. By placing items such as candles, artwork, or open books nearby each other on nightstands or dressers, couples can create an intimate connection with each other in their personal space.

This arrangement also invites positive energy into the space which could make partners feel more connected. Not only that but it is said that when two people are exposed to these symbolic elements each day it will help lead them further into understanding themselves better so they can be happier together.

Decorating this corner with colors such as pink or roses can bring passion into the relationship while using red accents for power and yellow or golden tones for optimism can make sure that couples continue enjoying their life together. It is also important to choose furniture pieces carefully in order to achieve balance in this special area of your bedroom; an unbalanced feel will reduce any positive effects you may have wanted.

It’s also important not to overcrowd the area as clutter has been known to block potential positive vibes from entering your home or relationship space. Adding plants such as bonsai trees or lucky bamboo plant is another great way of increasing harmonious vibes inside the atmosphere of your bedroom.

Mention Specific Symbols & Colors to Avoid

Black & Grey Colors –

Within the Feng Shui practice, the colors black and grey are never recommended when it comes to achieving harmony within the relationship corner. Symbolizing too much yin energy, or passive energy that can dissipate a sense of anger, these colors should best be avoided.

Sharp Angles & Objects

Also important to avoid for appropriate balance in relationship corners are sharp objects and corners. When placed in the corner, sharp angles signify excessive amounts of ‘sha chi’ or unpleasant energy which can lead to potential disputes between couples. Other items such as TVs, mirrors and exercise machines should also be removed from this area to actively prevent any distraction or interference with the couple’s time together.

Specific Symbols

In addition to avoiding certain colors and objects, special attention is paid to specific symbols that are believed to bring rifts between partners if placed in said corner. Among them include sharp weapons, military paraphernalia and cactus plants all of which symbolize extreme aggression and stifling energy potential for create negative vibes between partners at home.

Furthermore if there are any religious images such as Buddha figures it is imperative they also be absent from this space as they could potentially further create discrepancies between lovers as well.

Incorporate Practical Examples

The Feng Shui Bedroom Relationship Corner is a key element of the Traditional Chinese practice of Feng Shui. In this aspect, it is believed that bringing certain items into your bedroom and placing them in a specific corner can drive harmony between couples or help new romances blossom. So how can you use this corner to get those vibes going?

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First and foremost, careful consideration must be placed on the location of the relationship corner. The traditional Chinese practice dictates that the southwest area of a bedroom should be designated for this purpose.

If it’s not possible to create such a corner there due to lack of physical space, a bedside table can be used instead. This same principle applies no matter what type of living space one has available; relationship corners can easily be adapted for apartments, houses, or other dwellings.

Element Arrangement

In terms of what elements can be placed in the relationship corner; traditionally symbols expressing love and success are ideal choices such as Yin-Yang charms or mandalas (Tibetan Buddhist symbols). It’s also popular to incorporate roses, which represent passion and fertility, along with items which promote good luck such as blue or red elephants and coins associated with wealth and opportunity.

But more than anything else, it should contain things which express heartfelt sentiment; pictures together as a couple, cherished letters or mementos from special occasions all have an important role in maximising the impact of this sacred space.

Light Enhancement

One final point worth noting is that lights play an extremely crucial role in optimising this special area so it’s essential candles are lit within reason; either scented candles or crystal LED lamps for example. Make sure they’re not too overpowering but just enough to serenade the couple into romance mode whilst producing ample amounts positive energy within the vicinity itself.

Include Additional Elements

Sound: A relaxing sound in the relationship corner is a must. It can be as simple as setting up a speaker to play a romantic playlist or light jazz music. The sounds should be calming and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to help keep the energy in the room balanced and harmonious.

Smell: Candles, incense, essential oils and other aromatherapy products are perfect for creating a pleasant aroma in the bedroom’s relationship corner. Choose fragrances that promote a sense of relaxation such as lavender or cinnamon or find combinations that bring both partners together like sandalwood and rose.

Touch: Soft bedding, pillows and throws are all great choices for adding texture to your bedroom’s relationship corner. A fuzzy blanket in soothing earth-tones can create an inviting atmosphere perfect for cuddling up with your loved one and basking in quality time spent together.

  • Relaxing sounds
  • Aromatic candles, incense etc
  • Soft bedding & Pillows

Include Financial Considerations

Creating a Feng Shui Bedroom Relationship Corner is an essential part to bringing balance and harmony into the room and relationship. It can be a relatively simple but profoundly effective way to bring positive energy into any bedroom. The cost of creating such a corner can vary depending on the style, size, and quality of the items chosen. In most cases however, it does not need to be overly expensive in order to get a good energy.

One of the main considerations when creating such a corner is to budget for it appropriately. Although prices can be kept low by purchasing quality second-hand items that fit the theme, there may still be occasions where you might want to invest in some top-of-the-range products or unique artwork pieces which can make all the difference in achieving the desired atmosphere in your room.

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For instance, rather than purchasing mass produced Chinese zodiac art frames, you could source one-off options from local artisans or seek out more unique items from sellers in antique stores or even eBay. This allows for more cost conscious decisions by making sure that each piece offers something special and adds an individual note as part of its curious charm.

Another important item you will want to consider when budgeting your space is lighting. Opting for safe and warm LED lighting instead of candles can help you create an inviting environment without having to worry about safety related issues or having candles burning during bedtime activities like reading and relaxation exercises which can interfere with sleep patterns and cause disruption for long term relationship health.

We also recommend getting block out blinds or curtains so sunlight doesn’t disturb your sleep during day time hours – especially if you are sensitive to light.

Add Graphics or Visuals

The concept of Feng Shui (literally “wind-water”) is an ancient Chinese belief that is believed to bring balance and harmony to the home environment. As such, it can have a powerful effect on both the energy within a relationship and its overall state.

According to this belief, the bedroom should be a sanctuary for both emotional and physical wellbeing in order for partners to re-connect with one another after having been apart for some time. This is why people often highlight the Feng Shui Bedroom Relationship Corner as being of utmost importance when designing a space that encourages deep feelings of connectedness between two individuals who wish to cultivate a loving relationship.

At its core, Feng Shui provides advice about how organizing and arranging various items and materials in your bedroom can help create positive energy in the space and promote feelings of wellbeing and security. When it comes to designing a corner that specifically focuses on relationship development, there are several things you’ll want to take into consideration.

For starters, it’s important to ensure that the bed is placed in a manner that allows both partners to sleep close together without overt crowding each other out. Additionally, if possible try to use natural elements such as wood or wind chime symbols bring positive vibrations into the area which can also be enhanced by incense surrounding the space.

Finally, artwork or photographs depicting images related to love or relationships should also be placed within this energized psychological area of your bedroom – these could include everything from quotes detailing affectionate sentiments or pictures of meaningful visits taken together over time. Such items can help draw attention toward moments of intimacy shared between two people and help them maintain perspectives allowing them to reimagine moments when stresses are felt.

By adhering to these concepts outlined in FengShui design principles it will enable you and your partner with more opportunities for creating fruitful conversations fostering bonding activities together thus encouraging relationship growth which ultimately creates greater peace of mind leading toward balanced contentment residing within both parties hearts – wherever they may find themselves located.

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