Feng Shui Plants For East Facing Front Door

Feng Shui Plants for an East Facing Front Door

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of using techniques to bring positive energy and luck to your home. Through placements of objects and decorations – such as plants – in certain areas, good vibes can manifest in a single space. If your front door faces East, certain plants can bring prosperity and well-being.


Rudraksha trees are powerful lightning-like symbols of luck in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The seeds of the Rudraksha tree are said to bring wisdom and riches. A plant placed in the front of an East facing door can bring many positives forces to you and your family.

Peepal Tree

Also known as the sacred fig tree, the Peepal tree is a holy symbol of the Hindus. Worshipped by many, this tree is said to bring happiness, prosperity, and inner peace. Similar to the Rudraksha tree, it’s believed to bring energy to any space it’s placed in. Positioning one near an East facing front door can invoke luck, good health, and harmony.

Lucky Bamboo

The good luck charm known as Lucky Bamboo is said to bring balance and fortune. Growing upwards and rarely needing to be replaced, this low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing plant is ideal for an East facing door because of how easy to care for it is.

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Aloe Vera

The money plant of Aloe Vera is known to bring positive energy to any space – including near an East facing door. Aloe Vera is a good luck charm, seen as an indication of good fortune. This miracle herb can also purify the air and turn negative energy into positive!

There are many plants that can be placed near an East facing front door for luck, prosperity, and balance. By adding any of these four Feng Shui plants, you can bring positivity and good vibes to your home.

What plants are suitable for a north-facing front door according to feng shui principles?

1. Juniper

2. Rosemary

3. Ivy

4. Azalea

5. Lavender

6. Chrysanthemum

7. Lily of the Valley

8. Spider Plant

9. Aloe Vera

10. English Primrose

What types of plants should be avoided in a north-facing front door according to feng shui principles?

Feng shui principles recommend avoiding cacti, prickly plants, and any other sharp-edged plants near the front door of a north-facing home. Also, plants with strong fragrances should be avoided near the entrance, as strong smells can be distracting and unappealing for guests. Plants like bamboo, plumeria, lucky bamboo, orchids, jasmine, and areca palms are considered ideal north-facing Feng Shui front-door plants.

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