Feng Shui Picture Frames In Bedroom

Introduction to Feng Shui Picture Frames

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that focuses on the proper arrangement of furniture and other features in a room in order to bring balance, harmony, and positive energy. While most people are familiar with the idea of arranging furniture, a Feng Shui picture frame is part of this overall practice, as it can be used to create a certain look and feel in your bedroom.

When choosing a Feng Shui picture frame for your bedroom, there are a few principles to keep in mind. It’s important to select one that will bring out the natural colors within the room including the walls and bedding. Additionally, look for frames that orient towards the South direction of your bed ” this element corresponds to creativity and new projects throughout the day. It’s also recommended to choose a frame that showcases families or other important people in your life as these often attract positive energy. Finally, before placing any artwork or photos within your frame make sure it is free from dust or scratches which can also decrease harmonious energy levels.

Benefits of Using Feng Shui Picture Frames in the Bedroom

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that seeks to balance the energies in a space. This can be highly beneficial for those seeking a positive bedroom makeover and want to find inner peace and harmony. One way of creating this balance is by using Feng Shui Picture Frames in the bedroom.

Feng Shui Picture Frames add beauty, enhance positive energy flow, regulate the chi, and even bring powerful symbols into the environment. They act as conduits by drawing in great life force energy to invigorate the room. The frames can also create meaningful focal points which help to create feelings of well-being and good fortune within a room. Plus, when you look at them each day, they will remind you of what you cherish or aspire to achieve which creates an affirmation effect for your dreams allowing for more peace and contentment with yourself and your surroundings during moments of relaxation or meditation.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Feng Shui Picture Frames can protect you from negative forces as well such as psychic attacks or unwanted astral entities by acting as ‘shields’ from external harm within your space. They also have properties that help dissolve energy blockages while nourishing vexations and dispersing unsettling atmospheres with their protective elements

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Lastly, it’s said that proper placement of Feng Shui Picture Frames helps promote relaxation and sound sleep since this enhances proper circulation of energies throughout the entire room. In turn, maintaining a positive mental state which increases productivity during waking hours!

The Types of Feng Shui Picture Frames

Feng Shui picture frames can be used in the home to improve the harmony and balance of energy within. Adding pictures to a room contributes to the décor, making it feel more complete and serene, but selecting the right frame for each picture is essential for achieving the desired effect. To ensure that a Feng Shui picture frame enhances rather than detracts from the overall space ” harmonious balance must be achieved.

Wooden picture frames offer a warm, natural look that complements many home designs, while aluminum or steel frames are often without frills and match minimalist decor. For a touch of artistry, wicker and rattan frames bring texture to a room while maintaining an air of relaxation. Meanwhile, brass or copper frames bring an element of luxury and shine to any layout. Selecting different frames in varying shapes and sizes lends visual interest; however, contrasting tones often work better for smaller spaces.

In addition to materials chosen, it’s important to pick frames with softer edges over hard-lined angles as well as rounded corners over sharp angles ” both thought to promote accentuating feelings of comfort throughout the bedroom or living area. Color is equally significant when selecting Feng Shui picture frames; vivid hues add vibrancy while neutral tones help create subtlety and serenity in any space. Together, these elements work in tandem for creating an environment optimized for wellbeing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Feng Shui Picture Frame for Your Bedroom

Orientation: The position of the picture frame relative to your bed is important. Ideally, it should be placed facing away from the foot of the bed. This will help ensure relaxation and tranquility in the space. If a wall space restricts where you can position the picture frame, try orienting it in between two objects such as two nightstands or lamps for a more balanced feng shui energy.

Size: Choose a picture frame that has a size proportional to the size of your bedroom and bed. Oversized frames may add too much energy to an already confined space, while small frames may make the room seem less intimate.

Color: When selecting a frame color, use contrasting shades as they are believed to bring luck into your life according to Feng Shui practitioners. For example, pairing dark with light colors such as black and white can be beneficial. Additionally, incorporating Earth tones will help foster feelings of stability within the environment. Selecting bright colors could have negative connotations depending on what type of symbolism they hold in other cultures, so avoid those if possible.

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Common Mistakes When Using Feng Shui Picture Frames

Using too much of one element can disrupt the balance of a Feng Shui bedroom. Too many frames displaying water elements like paintings of a lake or ocean scenes, or more than one frame with pictures of people, means there is not enough balance from the other elements. Placing frames in wrong areas can weaken their power. The frames should be placed in locations that create an appropriate flow and distribution of energy. For example, the bedroom corner by the door should contain calming images such as flowers, peaceful landscapes or spiritual symbols.

Using materials for frames that do not fit the energy of the room – gold does not generally have good luck associated with it and is best avoided in Feng Shui rooms as well as plastic frames which cannot create any positive chi flow. Instead use wooden frames to bring in natural wood energy; simple frame designs are most desirable but colorful or ornate picture frames may be okay if they match the color scheme and atmosphere of the space.


Feng Shui picture frames in the bedroom can bring balance and harmony to a space. The best type of picture frame for bedroom feng shui are those featuring natural elements such as plants, animals, or landscape scenes. Whatever design you choose, keep in mind that everything should be kept simple and clutter-free. Additionally, make sure to hang the frames at eye level.

In conclusion, using feng shui picture frames can create a peaceful atmosphere and promote good energy flow in any bedroom. It is important to select the right frame style and size as well as where it is hung in order to maximize its impact on the overall environment of the room. To learn more about how to implement feng shui principles in your bedroom, please refer to online resources or consult a professional consultant.

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