Feng Shui Outdoor Water Fountain Placement

Feng Shui Outdoor Water Fountain Placement

Whether for its calming sounds or for adding to the aesthetics of one’s outdoor home, a water fountain is an ideal decorative addition to enhance the Feng Shui of one’s outdoor space. Placement is the key when it comes to creating a balanced environment, so here are a few Feng Shui tips to remember when it comes to outdoor water fountain placement:

Location Matters

When placing a fountain in the outdoor space, assess the surrounding areas. Avoid placing the fountain directly in front of the home, as this would channel the water flow inward. Additionally, be aware of placement angles and corners, as they are a cause for energy stagnation in Feng Shui terms. Moreover, any other placement than the main entrances of the home should be positioned away from the home, as this would help release the energy outward, according to Gong style of Feng Shui.

Type of Fountain Matters

When selecting a fountain, remember the following:

  • Wall fountains should be placed in the West, Southeast or North directions.
  • Tabletop fountains should be placed in the center, East or South direction.
  • An outdoor pond should be placed in the North or East direction.

Furthermore, be mindful of the size of the fountain; make sure your outdoor space is proportional to the size of the fountain you choose.

Unblocking Chi Pathways

For Feng Shui, it is important to be aware of the proper placement of the fountain because any disruption to the Chi pathways should be avoided. The circles forming the chi energy are generally unblocked if the fountain is placed at least 5 feet away from the walkway or patio.

The Elements of Feng Shui

When placing a water fountain in one’s outdoor home, the following elements should be taken into account:

  • Metal: Stimulates clarity, decision-making and interaction.
  • Earth: Invokes stability, solid grounding, and family.
  • Water: Promotes balance, well-being, and emotional stability.
  • Wood: Produces freshness, new beginnings, and clarity.
  • Fire: Enhances enthusiasm, desire, and transformation.

Adding a water fountain to one’s outdoor home is a great way to create a more balanced, tranquil and peaceful energy in one’s space. When it comes to placement, the main guideline to follow is to aim for balance and proportionality, by combining the principles of Feng Shui with the practical needs of an outdoor space.

With just a few simple tips and some consideration of Feng Shui principles, it is possible to create a relaxed, calming and beautiful outdoor space with a water fountain.

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