Feng Shui Water Fountain Placement Inside House

The Benefits of Feng Shui Water Fountain Placement

Feng Shui is a centuries old Chinese practice that promotes balance and harmony in the home. By using specific elements such as water fountains, wind chimes, crystal balls and plants, it is believed that positive energy, or Chi, can be increased in the home, leading to a sense of well-being and good fortune.

The most beneficial location for placing a water fountain inside the home is in the entryway, as this area is thought to affect the energy entering the home. Water fountains can also be beneficial in other areas of the home; however, the most significant benefits are realized when placed in the entryway.

Creating a Positive Energy Flow with Water

Feng Shui practitioners believe that water has the ability to attract positive energy, which is why it is so prominently featured in the ancient practice. When water is positioned in the entryway, it is thought to double the home’s already present energy. This positive energy is said to follow a certain path throughout the home and bring with it equal parts of prosperity, good fortune, and love.

Placement Considerations

When placing a water fountain in the entryway, there are certain positioning factors that must be considered. For Feng Shui purposes, the fountain should be positioned away from the entrance door and as close to the center of the entryway as possible. It should lead to the center of the room, with clear and unobstructed pathways leading to it.

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The water fountain should also be placed low enough to the ground that the water can run unimpeded. Be sure to choose a fountain that is simple and elegant and has sharp but not jagged edges. Additionally, when selecting a water fountain, be sure to choose one that has the ability to be turned off when not in use — this will help to ensure a balanced energy flow in the home.

The Benefits of Invoking Positive Chi

Some of the benefits of incorporating a water fountain into the entryway of your home according to Feng Shui guidelines, include:

  • A sense of peace and serenity within the home
  • Wealth and good fortune
  • Attract positive relationships
  • Promote love and harmony within the home

Incorporating a water fountain in the entryway of your home helps to ensure that these benefits will be realized.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that works to create balance and promote positive chi within a space. By incorporating a water fountain in the entryway of the home, practitioners suggest that a double chi will be realized, bringing with it potential wealth, good fortune, positive relationships, and love.

Given the right positioning factors, a water fountain placed in the entryway of the home is said to foster a positive chi, leading to a peaceful and prosperous environment which can be enjoyed by all.

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